How Heavy Is A Queen Mattress? 6 Popular Materials!

How heavy is a queen mattress? A queen mattress could weigh from a hundred to a hundred and eighty pounds depending on the materials used.

When buying a mattress, we often overlook important details like how much the bed could carry or how much it weighs.

How heavy is a queen mattress

Nowadays, we enjoy free shipping and discounts for delivery when we buy one online. That means we don’t have to pay for freight delivery.

Nevertheless, never forget to check on your mattress’s weight as it will cause you some trouble if you have.


How Heavy A Queen Mattress Is

Queen-sized beds are the most popular mattress size sold in the market. It measures a ten by ten feet dimension.

It is often used and is perfect if you are sleeping alone or sleeping with your partner.

It may look small for couples, but it will give you a nice cozy and roomy feeling and space to move around freely.

Here is the commonly used material for a mattress:


Material #1. Futon

Futons (check on Amazon) are usually heavy because it is pretty packed inside. It could weigh between thirty-five to seventy-five pounds.

Materials used as filling in futons could also add up to its overall weight—materials like memory foam, cotton, fiberfill, or a combination of any.

In my opinion, Japanese futons are the best. It’s not that heavy, and it is comfortable to sleep in, especially during cold nights.


Material #2. Air mattress

As its name suggests, an air mattress is the lightest out of all the bed mattress on this list.

It could only weigh from five to fifteen pounds. This type of mattress is perfect for guest rooms or outdoor activities.

Air mattress is also easy to carry anywhere. You can deflate it and fold then you are ready to go.


Material #3. Innerspring

An innerspring mattress could weigh almost like an adult. It ranges from a hundred pounds or so.

The spring inside the mattress makes it heavy.

Although coils in the mattress could give the bouncy feeling you want.


Material #4. Memory Foam

Memory foam weighs almost the same as innerspring. It can be as heavy as a hundred and ten pounds.

The density of the foam also differs depending on the model. Low-density memory foam can weigh lighter than futons.


Material #5. Hybrid

A hybrid mattress could weigh about a hundred and twenty pounds. Compared to memory foam, a hybrid mattress is heavier.

And the weight could shift depending on the size and shape of the mattress’s components.

Why is it heavier than memory foam? It is because hybrid foams have a high-density foam base while memory foam has little inner springs inside.


Material #6. Latex mattress

Out of all the mattress materials here on this list, the Latex mattress weighs the heaviest.

It weighs about a hundred and fifty pounds.

Even though the latex mattress is a good material because of its natural breathability, you can’t hide it because it is compact. It tends to be heavier than the other types.

A latex mattress can be thick and firm; it can sometimes spell trouble, especially when moving them from one place to another.


Factors Affected By Mattress Weight

How much does the mattress weigh could trigger some factors also to rise proportionally? How heavy is a queen mattress? Here are some of it:



When we are ordering online, we tend to enjoy free shipping nowadays, although we should familiarize ourselves with the shipping weight.

Shipping weight is different than the mattress weight. A queen-sized bed can weigh around seventy-five pounds when compressed in a box to give you an idea.

So it is sometimes better to buy lighter mattresses than heavy ones because the heavier the mattress is, the more challenging it is to deliver.



As much as you want a comfortable heavy mattress, you can’t deny the fact that the heavier your mattress gets, the higher the price also increases.

The larger or heavier your bed gets, it means that lots of materials are inside as fill.

So your mattress should be priced accordingly.

Did you notice the pricing between queen-sized and King-sized mattresses? It is because size is also a determining factor in pricing.



If you want a bigger bed, you should consider the receiving. Will you be lifting it alone, or you want some help? Or can you regularly clean your mattress?

If the answer to those questions is yes, you might have to think more about the effort required to acquire a heavy mattress.

We can’t rely on help every time, especially when we move in or out of the apartments. If assistance is not around, are you ready to move the mattress all by yourself?


Why go for a lighter mattress?

Doctors and specialists say that the mattress should contact the body more to lessen the stress that your body feels when lying down.

A softer surface will let more of your body contact the mattress because it will provide you with pressure point relief.

Another advantage of choosing light and a soft mattress is it can be moveable. You can roll, fold or pack it in without having a hard time.

Shipping issues and costs won’t be a problem too. A lightweight or lighter mattress favors those who have average frames.


Why go for a heavier mattress?

Bulky mattresses don’t necessarily mean that they are firm. Thick mattresses can also be softer than what you expected.

Some people often want a firm mattress so expect one to be heavier especially hybrid types of mattress.

If you weigh heavy, a heavy mattress will suit you. It’s more durable, and you won’t have to worry about sinking or falling off the edge when you sleep.



How heavy is a queen mattress? The mattress weight can differ depending on the materials used.

If you have an average frame or prefer a softer mattress, go for those mattresses made from lightweight materials.

On the other hand, if you have a heavy or large frame, a heavy mattress is perfect for you.