How Big Is A King Size Pillow? Facts That You Should Know!

You might be familiar with the sizes of a pillow, but have you thought of how big is a king size pillow?

It wouldn’t be a good night’s sleep without a pillow. People use the said bedding to support their head and neck as they sleep. So, when we wake up, we feel refreshed.

how big is a king size pillow

Pillow sizes vary based on the size of your bed. But in some cases, people choose the pillow size to fit their preference.

Regardless, the standard size is commonly used for pillows. Let’s find out!


How Big A King Size Pillow Is

So, how big is a king size pillow? King pillows are the largest among American-sized pillows, making it a perfect display on a king-sized bed. It measures 20″ x36″, which is quite big, big enough for your shoulders to fit.

That is why most people would place a standard-sized pillow on it, serving as a lift for a higher loft.

The size of a king-sized pillow can be bothersome for some people, especially for those who move a lot in their sleep; hyperlordosis may occur, pushing their head forward and potentially, their spine too.

And if you sleep on your side, your head will be pushed towards the ceiling, giving your neck an awkward posture.

So, the extra length and height might be unnecessary if you’re looking for a pillow to sleep on because King sized pillows are usually used as decoration.

But don’t get me wrong, as some people still choose big pillows because they find them comfortable.

Therefore, choosing a pillow size still depends on you.


When Are King-Sized Pillows Best?

Like how we are different from each other, pillow sizes vary to accommodate every person’s need. You see, some people want their pillows to be bigger, while others prefer them small.

Others love their pillows having more stuffing, while some are alright with few feathers. Some want firm while others wish softer pillows; everyone has their take when finding the perfect pillow for them.

After all, pillows are there for us to improve our sleep quality. So, you must know what you want when shopping for pillows.

Nevertheless, king-sized pillows might be uncomfortable for others, but some people find them comfortable and supportive.


#1. Side sleepers

Side sleepers need a thicker pillow to support their neck and fill the gap beneath their head and neck.

Personally, side sleeping is comfortable, especially for my back, which makes sense because sleeping on your side actually promotes spinal alignment, reducing pressure points on the body such as on hips and shoulders.

King-sized pillows would be a good option; just choose a less thick pillow, depending on your preference.


#2. People with broad shoulders

Same as side sleepers, people with broader shoulders need thick pillows to give space between the neck and shoulders.

Moreover, the king size pillow is long, having more room for your shoulder to rest on, or maybe hug it, because that’s what I do when I’m sleeping.

Anyways, that is why thickness is essential for them because your comfort will most likely depend on it, and choosing the right one will help you prevent neck and back pains.


#3. For decoration

If you’re looking for a pillow to make your king-size bed luxurious, then a king-sized pillow is the answer.

From what you have noticed, if you check in to a hotel, you will notice that the rooms always have a king-size pillow. It makes the bed more presentable and comfy, making you want to sleep after you just arrive.


The Best Material For A King Size Pillow

Are you wondering what materials you can opt for your king-sized pillow?


Memory foam

A familiar material used for mattresses, cushions, and pillows. No doubt that people opt for this kind of material for their beddings because it’s very comfortable.

Memory foam consists of large open cells that change shape as your body lay on it. This type of support is what you want your king size pillow to be to give you enough support when you sleep.

Moreover, memory foams have different firmness levels; I suggest you find a pillow that is not too soft to retain the firmness you want to achieve.


Buckwheat hulls

The unique pillow material will make someone with a broad shoulder happy. Not only is it soft, but buckwheat hulls will also allow you to have multiple pillows in one!

Putting the said material will let you manipulate your pillow’s shape; however, you want, you can change the position of the hulls to your liking, giving you the support you need as you sleep.


It’s A Wrap

The reason why pillows come in different shapes and sizes is to let people choose freely and accommodate their personal preferences.

However, know your sleeping style and habits to make sure that the pillow you will be purchasing is suitable for you.

Because if you purchase a pillow based on your bed size, then expect neck and back pains the day after.

Thank you for reading this article, how big is a king size pillow. Have a great day!