Does Hanging A Bike By The Wheel Damage It?

Does hanging a bike by the wheel damage it? Yes, it does. One of the known habits among cycling enthusiasts, even amongst the advanced cyclists, is hanging a bike by the wheel. Hanging the vehicle on its wheel may put much of the pressure of the bike’s rim, thus causing it to bend and damage when continuously done. 

As you know, even if the bike is not as complicated as the full-fledged car or automobile, each cycling gear and part is important. 

Is It OK To Hang A Bike By The Wheels?

Cycling provides a lot of health benefits for the cyclist. These include reducing risks to injury unlike other forms of exercises, utilizing and working on various muscle groups, a great way to build stamina and strength, and is a recommended HIIT workout. 

Biking is also a fun way to travel the slopes and experience the outdoors, compared with other physical workouts that confine you to the indoors. Aside from this, it is also very time-efficient, replacing your sedentary lifestyle with the active exercise you need. 

However, there are right and wrong ways to take care of the bicycles. Without this gear, cycling cannot be pursued. Thus, there are providers of cycling accessories in the market today that will offer materials to keep your bicycles in their ideal conditions. 

Is It OK To Hang A Bike By The Wheels?

Bicycle storage is just as important as adding and updating the cycling gear. This is part of maintenance and taking good care fo the bikes. However, there are things to consider to carry these outright. 

For instance, if you have a crowded garage space, what bike owners do is to put up a mounting hook on the wall where they hang their bicycles, thus saving up on the space. You cannot always simply leave the bike leaning against the wall by its maneuvers, and this is a common mistake among beginners. 

There are times cyclists hang the bicycles on the ceiling, and by the wheel. Does hanging a bike by the wheel damage it? 

Specialists are saying this is bad, but there are indirect risks associated when you hang your bicycle by the wheel. For one reason, it may place a lot of pressure on the bicycle’s rim. 

This pressure may also provide the risks and damage the bike over time. Through the months or years of using it, you see the differences each day when you hang the bike by the wheel upon storage. Unless you update the gear, the most affected areas are the hydraulic disc brakes. 

Hydraulic disc brakes are mechanisms that provide you with the stopping power and capability and very useful in muddy and wet road conditions. When the bike is stored upside down, on the other hand, the air travels to the caliper, causing the brakes to be squishy each other you ride until the air fills up its reservoir. 

But why do bike shops hang bikes like these when displayed? It is true, and while these stores hang them this way, many bike experts are saying this is not the right form. When there is too much pressure on the rim, it may bend and then, damage through time. 

It also puts stresses on the bike’s wheels as they support the entire frame’s weight. Doing it this way does not produce considerable and immediate damage, but doing this continuously may be counter-productive to the disc brakes since this drains the air as the bike is hanged vertically. 

Then, you may also hang the bike vertically, but do not do it from its wheel. Especially for bicycles with hydraulic disc brakes, this is not recommended. There are lesser damages among bicycles with standard rim brakes, but hanging these by the wheel still, isn’t recommended. 

Your bicycle also takes in pressure and stress more so if it is used for miles-long journeys. While hanging these bikes by the wheel does not provide any significant damage, it is important to take notice of what experts and specialists would say.

Is Hanging A Bike Upside Down Bad For It?

Yes, and not a good idea too. Hanging a bike upside down especially with the presence of hydraulic disc brakes can bring out serious issues including causing the air to get into the brake system, requiring bleeding upon each use. 

What does bike bleeding mean? It may sound like a very technical term, but this only means bleeding brakes on the bicycle takes away air bubbles from the brake lines, keeping the brakes more solid and functioning better. 

Some cyclists take this for granted since they know the considerable damage is not present, and perhaps they have the resources to purchase another bike. But, for those who need to conserve the use, these resources and guides are helpful.

When bikes are brought upside down, it may risk damage the saddle and hoods, two of the most important parts of the vehicle. Hanging the bike upside down may appear very unconventional and rebellious for many. Imagine seeing a friend’s bike hanging upside down when not in use. 

Dirt, water, or mud may also accumulate over its main contact points. According to cycling experts, the only time you hang the bike upside down is when there is a mechanical issue that needs to be repaired. For instance, fixing a flat tire. But to store it this way may doubt onlookers whether you are indeed taking care of your bicycles.

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