Color Curtains For Gray Walls and White Trim: 12 Ideas

What color curtains for gray walls and white trim? If you have a room that has both of these things, then this article is for you! We will discuss what colors to use in your window treatments so that they coordinate well with your home’s decor.


Color Curtains For Gray Walls and White Trim

Curtain Color Ideas For Gray Walls and White Trim

Classic White curtains

These curtains have a timeless look to them and are versatile in that they will match anything. If you already have the white trim, then classic white is what you should go for with your curtain color as well. They won’t clash or overpower any other colors that may be present in the room so if this appeals to your design taste, then this is a good option to go for.

Light Gray curtains

Gray has been seen as the new neutral color in home decor and light gray will not overpower white trim either so if you like this look, then these are worth looking into. The only thing that may be an issue with these colors would be that they have less of a classic look than the traditional white.

Dark Gray curtains

If you’re looking for something more modern, then dark gray is your color of choice. It will make that white trim pop and the space feel larger because it creates depth in an otherwise flat room. The only downside to this option would be if there are many windows in the room.

Navy Blue curtains

This shade has been seen as the new neutral and it’s a more masculine color than light gray. It will also really make that white trim pop but we don’t recommend this option for those who have kids because blue is typically harder to keep clean.

Oatmeal curtains

Oatmeal is a good option if you’re looking for something in between light gray and dark gray. It has enough depth to make your space look more traditional but it’s not too stark. This would be the perfect color choice for those who want white trim without wanting it to overpower the room design.

Dusty Rose curtains

A dusty rose color is a nice option if you want to go with something on the feminine side of neutral. It’s softer than navy blue but it still has enough contrast that your room won’t feel washed out and empty. This one would look good in a girls’ room or even an office space where somebody wants to create more of a home office feel without going with the feminine design.

Dark Gray curtains

This color is a good option if you want to go for something more masculine and daring. It will contrast well with white trim but it’s not too dark that your space feels oppressive or cold. This would look great in an office where somebody wants to create a man cave-type feel.

Burgundy curtains

This color is more of the romantic option and it’s perfect if you want to make your room look elegant without going too girly or feminine. It will contrast perfectly with white trim but proceed with caution because this one could be too pinky for certain people who are looking for a more masculine design.

Light Brown curtains

This color is the least risky option because it’s not too dark and it doesn’t make your room feel feminine or girly, but this one will contrast less with white trim than the other colors. This would be perfect if you want something that feels inviting without taking away from the masculine feel.

Dark Brown curtains

This color will contrast well with white trim but it does come with the risk of making your room seem too dark or depressing, especially if you’re trying to create a man cave-type feeling in your space. This one is not for everybody who wants that kind of inviting and cozy design because this one is going to contrast with the white trim a lot.

Yellow curtains

This color is great for rooms that need some brightness and it will contrast well with white trim. This one would be perfect if you want to have a bright energetic feel in your space but at the same time, this color can also come across as childish so make sure that’s what you’re going for before choosing yellow curtains.


Medium Blue and White Striped curtain

This one will go great with any color for the walls and if you’re looking to have a simple but classy look, this is your best choice. It would also be perfect to let in a lot of light while still being able to see through it so that you can enjoy what’s outside as well

Chalky Blue curtains

This one would be perfect for a mix of white and blue or if you’re looking to have more privacy in the room.

Neutral Stripes curtains

This is a good choice if you want to create an elegant and sophisticated feel in your room.