What Can I Put On Candle Holders Besides Candles

So you have a collection of candle holders, they look wonderful with a candle blazing in them. You’re probably thinking about what else they might be used for? So, what can I put on candle holders besides candles?

We conducted a thorough study and came up with some excellent solutions. When it comes to reusing candle holders, the choices are endless, both aesthetic and functional. Many objects may be put in or on taper candle holders, pillar candle holders, vintage jar candles, or a mix of the three.

candle holders besides candles

Using candle holders is vital whether you want to use candles to beautify and light your area. It can also add a pleasant feel to your living room. Votive candle holders, as the name implies, are used to carry candles for a variety of reasons. 

Candles may be harmful and a hazard if they are not supported by a base and are left unattended. There are several important applications for glass candle holders that should not be overlooked. We’ve compiled a list of crucial factors to assist you to appreciate the significance of utilizing pillar candle holders. 


What Can I Put On Candle Holders Besides Candles


Greenery And Flowers

Flowers and greenery are timeless. There are several ways to incorporate them into candle holders, particularly votive candle holders or empty jar candles. Vines, leaves, and flowers may be put in translucent candle holders to create a whimsical look. 

Greenery and flowers can also be positioned such that they protrude through the entrance. This is especially useful if the candle holder is translucent. You may make little bouquets and place them in candle holders. 

Although artificial greenery and flowers will last longer, many glass candle holders may also be used as vases for fresh-cut flowers. Column or taper candle holders are great for this. Simply follow these simple instructions to construct plant planters out of leftover candle holders.



  • Taper or pillar candle holders.
  • Flower pots
  • Adhesive
  • Spray paint 



Your candle holder and flower pot should be cleaned and dried. Place the flower pot in the candle holder and secure it with adhesive. Allow at least 24 hours for it to dry.

Choose a color to paint the candle holder and pot. The finished pots are then filled with fake or live plants. They might also be used to keep tiny trinkets or supplies organized.


Bowls Or Dishes

Wondering what can I put on candle holders besides candles? Try to use it as bowls or dishes! This process will need several stages, but the ultimate result will be well worth it! Bowls or plates may be simply connected to candle holders to create beautiful serving decorations. Taper or pillar candle holders, as well as empty jar candles, can be used.



  • Candleholder with a taper or pillar shape.
  • A candle in a bowl, plate, or empty container. Jar candles with lids make excellent ornamental storage!
  • Adhesive
  • A decorative knob is optional.


If you want to repaint the candle holder but do not want to paint the dish, now is the time to do it. Give it a couple of coats and let it dry completely before moving on to the next stage. Check that both the candle holder and the dish are clean and dry.

Apply adhesive to the rim of the candle holder and place your dish on top. Allow at least 24 hours for it to dry. This is optional, you may now add a beautiful knob to the top of a jar candle with a lid.


Orbs and Balls for Decoration

Using beautiful balls to breathe new life into your candle holder is one of the greatest and easiest ideas we have for you. These look fantastic with pillar or taper candle holders and are suitable for any event. Balls made of cotton, jute rope, glass, fabric, and a variety of other materials, such as this boxwood leaf ball, are available.

They are frequently adorned with various themes for different festivals or seasons. It can be cranberries for Christmas or flowers for spring. Simply place one on top of your candle holder to create a gorgeous piece of décor.


How Do You Arrange Candlesticks?

It is an uncommon candlestick that may be used alone; most candlesticks benefit from the companionship of others. To make an eye-catching centerpiece, group candlesticks of various heights and patterns together. Candlesticks can also be spaced apart while maintaining a fairly constant spacing.


Can I put candlesticks on the bookshelf?

Yes, you can! But resist the urge to light them! Place burning candles in an open area away from any combustible things. The flame of a candle generates a startling amount of heat. 

As a result, a distance of three feet should always be maintained between a flame and the ceiling or the top of a shelf. But don’t let this ruin your pleasure! Flameless candles will help you create that one-of-a-kind environment while being safe.


Conclusion on What Can I Put on Candle Holders Besides Candles

So, what can I put on candle holders besides candles? Whatever sort of candle holder you have, you now know it can do more than simply hold candles. Candleholders come in more varieties than we could have imagined, ranging from plants to flowery orbs.

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