Annaldo Leather Swivel Chair and Ottoman

Annaldo leather swivel chair and ottoman is a furniture set that will be perfect for any modern living space. This design has black faux leather upholstery with contrasting stitching to accentuate the look of this set. The annaldo comes in three different colours, so you have plenty of options when it comes time to find your perfect match!


Annaldo Leather Swivel Chair and Ottoman

What is Annaldo Leather Swivel Chair?

Annaldo Leather Swivel Chair and Ottoman is a contemporary styled chair that features an upholstery of faux leather with contrasting stitching. This set also comes in three different colours to suit your specific needs!

The annaldo swivel chair has two wooden armrests which are not only sturdy but well-built, as they have nicely padded cushions that will make you more comfortable when sitting for long periods of time. The annaldo ottoman features the same type of style upholstery on its seat cushion along with soft padding so it’s perfect for comfort!


Features of Annaldo Leather Swivel Chair  and Ottoman

This annaldo leather swivel chair and ottoman have black faux leather upholstery with contrasting stitching that accentuates the look of this set. The annaldo comes in three different colours so you have plenty of options when it comes time to find your perfect match!

Two wooden armrests are not only sturdy and well-built but also nicely padded.

There’s a swivel mechanism on the annaldo chair which is sure to make your life easier when it comes time for you to get up or down! The annaldo ottoman features an extra thick cushion with soft padding for maximum comfort.


What Makes Annaldo Different than Other Chairs?

The annaldo differs from other chairs because this one offers a swivelling mechanism at the base of the chair that will allow you to move in any direction. This swivel mechanism is also lockable so you can’t accidentally fall off at an angle while trying to read or work on your laptop!

This annaldo leather chair and ottoman set offer all of this as well as a sleek, stylish design with contrasting stitching providing added flair. You don’t have to worry about dings if it’s bumped because annaldo has a metal frame for stability mixed with soft padding throughout the wooden armrests for comfort!


Can I make a swivel chair stationary?

No, annaldo leather swivel chairs are not designed to be stationary. If you need a chair that can’t move or rotate on its own base, annaldo also has fixed back vinyl and bonded leather chairs available for purchase.


How to Care For Annaldo Leather Swivel Chair and Ottoman

Annaldo Leather Swivel Chair and Ottoman are made from annaldo’s top-quality leather, which has been specially tanned to resist moisture. Annaldo recommends that you clean your annaldo swivel chair with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner periodically as needed.

Annaldo does not recommend water of any kind for cleaning the chairs, since this can cause stains on the surfaces! If you would like more specific instructions on how to care for annaldo products in general, please visit our blog at


How do I assemble my Annado Leather Swivel Chair and Ottoman?

The Assembly of annaldo leather swivel chair and ottoman is pretty straightforward. To start, you need to remove the annaldo chair and ottoman from its box by cutting or tearing through the plastic package with scissors or a knife.

Remove any packaging materials that are still attached to your annaldo swivel chair, then unscrew all of the parts; these should come apart easily because there was no adhesive used in their assembly. Then simply screw everything back together according to the directions included in this post!


How do you replace a chair base?

The base of a swivel chair is the component that connects to your floor. The most common style of base on a swivel chair is a type called “sledge” and they’re held in place with four screws or bolts.

Step 1. You’ll need to remove these before you can take the old one off and install the new one, which will usually come with its own installation kit.

Step 2. Place some masking tape over any areas where you don’t want paint from dried spills seeping through onto other surfaces. The tape also helps protect against scratches when installing hardware like brackets or casters for wheels on furniture pieces such as chairs or dressers.

Step 3. Remove all attachments (screws, wire clips) holding the old base to the chair frame.

Step 4. Place a bead of silicone adhesive on the seat and underside of the new swivel base, then align onto place with marks lined up. Press down firmly for 30 minutes to set in place.

Step 5. Put thing screws or bolts back into the four holes (or whatever number is needed) and use a ratchet wrench to tighten until snug but not overly tight so that they don’t get stripped out during installation. Remember: Loose enough so it will rotate easily, too loose could mean you’ll be working against yourself trying to turn it!

Step 6. Use pliers if necessary when tightening any screws or bolts holding the bottom plate/legs together as this can help prevent stripping by applying pressure from the opposite side of the wrench.

Put back down on a flat surface, with something under it so you don’t scratch up your flooring! You can now use the swivel chair as desired.


How do you make a swivel chair taller?

You can adjust the height of this chair with its gas spring. For added comfort, you may also want to consider adding a lumbar support cushion.


How much does a swivel chair cost?

A quality swivel desk is typically priced at $300-$400, depending on the features and materials that are included in it. However, for those looking for less expensive options, there are many chairs available on Amazon or eBay which will work just as well!

Just make sure they come from trustworthy sellers so your order doesn’t get delayed when delivering items like these!


Are mesh office chairs better?

Mesh chairs usually have a solid mesh back that is not as flexible and doesn’t offer the same level of comfort. However, they are often more affordable than swivel chair options because their steel frames don’t need to be reinforced for strength!


Will this fit Under my Desk?

This model measures 18 inches high from floor to seat (including the gas spring), 15 inches deep, and 27 inches wide in both directions – so it should work just fine with most desks on the market today.

Just make sure there’s at least 12-inches clearance between your legs when seated before placing an order. If you’re looking for a smaller size, check out our other popular office solutions.

The height of these models range anywhere from 14 inches to 25.25 inches high, the depth ranges from 22.75″ to 27″, and they all measure roughly 19″ in width when extended out into their full-length position.


How do you Increase the Height of a Wooden Chair?

If you need to up the height of your chair, we recommend adding a cushion insert or stacking some books underneath it. Keep in mind that sitting too high can be just as bad for your back because it forces you into an unnatural slouching position which is difficult to maintain over time and will eventually cause damage.

If you’re going to stack items under the chair so it reaches the desired seated height, try to stagger them so they provide more support than one large column on its own (see photo below). You’ll want to rock gently from side to side while testing out each option before making a final decision.


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