8 Fall Season Candles to Make

The fall season is one of the most awaited times of the year.  This season is perfect for gatherings with friends and family because it is not too hot or cold outside. And what better way of greeting your guests than offering them fall season candles.

You can make candles yourself! As they say, why buy one when you can make it? Besides offering wonderful scents around your house during fall, you can also give them as gifts during Thanksgiving or Christmas. It will definitely warm up the hearts of both young and old alike with its sweet smell of autumn leaves.

fall season candles


How to Make Fall Season Candles


What You Need:

  • Glass jar or tin can
  • Wick (to fit your container, cut down if needed)
  • 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder  (not essential, but highly recommended) *optional*
  • Your scent oil of your choice



  1. Prepare your glass jar or tin can by cleaning thoroughly with soap and warm water. Let it dry before you place the wick inside. You may need to cut down the wick if it is too long for the container you are using.

2 . Mix together your cinnamon powder and apple-scented oil in a small bowl then pour into the container. Make sure that the wick is straight up and not touching anything at all because this will affect how well it burns and how fast it melts your candle! Some people like their apples and cinnamon scent to be really strong, but if you find that its smell is taking over too much of your home, lessen the amount of oil you put in.

  1. Leave your container with its wick for a day or two for it to completely dry up and meltdown the oils before lighting your candle! If your container has a lid, keep it on as much as possible to prevent dust from getting inside.


8 Best Fall Season Candles You Should Make

If you are in the mood to make candles for the fall season, you are in luck. We have got you covered with the best kind of candles that will make your home smell like it is autumn all year long. Here are 8 fall season candles to try out this coming October!


1) Apples & Cinnamon Candle

You can never go wrong with this classic scent for the fall season. It has a clean and fresh apple scent which you will love smelling at home any time of the day or night. You will feel like biting into an apple every time you light up this candle!


2) Spiced Pumpkin Candle

These pumpkin-scented fall season candles will make anyone who smells it feel like they are at home during the fall season. It has a very rich and spicy fragrance that can also be used as an air freshener! You will surely enjoy this all year round because even if summer comes around, you can still use this as some sort of air purifier around your house.


3.) Forest Candle

Another one of the classic fall season candles is the scent of a forest. This has a very soothing earthy smell to it that will make you feel like you are in the middle of a tranquil forest with fresh leaves and clean water all around you. If you love camping out during the fall season, then this is one item that should be on your shopping list!


4) Firewood Fall Season Candle

Lastly, the scent of a fireplace. This has that familiar smell that will remind you of the crackling sound of your burning firewood. You don’t need to light up your fireplace or stove in order to get this candle’s amazing fragrance because it smells like the real deal! It is perfect for when you feel like snuggling under a blanket and reading a great book with a hot mug of tea on your side and this scented candle in front of you.


5) Pumpkin Pie Candle

As indicated by its name, this candle smells like the yummy scent of a freshly baked pumpkin pie! This has a very sweet and spicy smell that will make you want to lick your hands when you light it up. Who said candles can’t make you hungry?


6) Fruits & Berries Candle

This is one of our personal favorites because we love fruit-scented candles as fall season candles! This has a combination of different fruits in it which makes it have a very unique and natural fragrance. It also does not have an artificial or chemical scent so you know that this comes from real fruits. The best part about this candle is that even if you don’t add any other spices, it already smells so good on its own!


7) Caramel Crunch Candle

Talk about sweets! If you love anything that has to do with caramel, then this candle is perfect for you. It has a hint of chocolate and vanilla which balances it out well. Even if your home smells like pumpkin pie or apples and cinnamon, this will make sure that your home still smells like dessert.


8) Tis the Season Candle

This is one candle that will remind you of summer no matter what time of year it is because it has the scent of everyone’s favorite fruit – watermelon! Its ripe fruity fragrance can be spread out easily throughout your home without any issues because its smell is not too strong nor too light. This makes “Tis the Season” our number 1 pick for this year’s fall season candles!

To find great fragrances for your home during the autumn season, look no further than your favorite grocery store or local craft store. There are a lot of options out there that will suit your different preferences and help you make the most of the cool weather with some amazing scents. We hope that this article helped you discover many new smells from our 8 best candles to make for fall! Happy candle hunting!

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