6 Excellent Candle Snuffers for Healthy Candles

Candle snuffers are small tools used to extinguish the flame of candles. It is often confused with candle extinguishers, but these two devices are different in their use and effect.

Candle extinguishers may break the glass jars where candles are made, hazardous. On the other hand, candle snuffers will put out the fire without damaging or risk to the surroundings.

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6 Best Candle Snuffers for Healthy Candles


Cup-Style Candle Snuffer

The two arms of this snuffer are shaped like a cup and serve to extinguish the flame by going around it. The metal blades come together to put out the fire, but they don’t have to touch the wick for this to happen.

There is also no lint or black debris that falls on the table after using this candle snuffer. However, despite its design, there is still some risk involved. If the user isn’t careful enough, they may still end up burning their fingers on the fiery hot wick.


Metal Candle Snuffers

This type of candle snuffer looks like tweezers and uses a small plate that you push down until the flames are extinguished. The metal blades will not combust because their edges are cool. With that, you can put them back in the drawer after using them.

It is also straightforward to clean since there are no crevices where wax or dirt will hide. Despite this convenience, there are still some safety issues. One should always keep those in mind when extinguishing candles with fire.


Wood Candle Snuffer

If you want a device that combines safety and style, try this candle snuffer made of wood. A hinged spring automatically closes the snuffer when your hand is away from it.

It will help if you prevent any accidents from occurring while extinguishing the flame. This snuffer has rounded ends which help keep the candle wax from dripping and makIn addition, the mess. The spring is not made of metal, which will never heat up and burn your fingers.


Crystal Candle Snuffer

Made with durable materials, this candle snuffer promises long-lasting use for up to 15 years. It has an angled head along with a strong brass handle so your hands are at least three inches away from the flames as you extinguish them.

This device comes in different colors, green, blue, or clear. You can also choose one that has Swarovski crystals embedded on the base.

However, just like other devices with blades coming together to put out candles, there is still some risk involved when using this product. This is because accidents may happen if users aren’t careful enough.


Electric Candle Snuffer

This electric candle snuffer is the safest candle extinguisher to use because it automatically shuts off after each strike. It also has a sleek, modern design that looks great on dining tables and bookcases.

There are two buttons available at the base of this device that lets you choose between high or low modes. However, there are reports that the lid does not fit properly over the top when it’s time to store it away.

Additionally, customers have noted that it only works effectively if candles are placed within an inch of each other.


Electric Candle Holder

This electric candle holder is more than just a snuffer because, as its name suggests, you can leave the candles on as you extinguish them. The device is designed with a metal basket. This holds your candle steady as it melts. However, there are safety risks associated with the lighted wick.

You can program this automatic candle snuffer to extinguish after one minute or 12 hours. This saves you time and energy since you won’t have to manually put out each flame.


How to Use a Candle Snuffer

Using candle snuffers is simple. Hold the handle and dip it into wax collected on top of the jar until the wick goes out completely. Remember not to touch hot wax so you would not get burned accidentally.

If you want your candles lit again, heat the metal rod with a lighter or match before cupping your hand around it. This way, the air from your breath will blow out the flame. If you want to avoid wax stains on your hand, wrap a cloth around it as you do this.


What are the Benefits of Using a Candle Snuffer

As mentioned before, candle snuffers present a lot of benefits. Aside from extinguishing candles easily without causing accidents and damages, they also prevent fire hazards.

Moreover, they eliminate smoke emissions and help maintain clean air in your house. Also if you have small children at home, it is safer to use candle snuffers than just blowing off the flame with an open window because chances are they might get burned accidentally by touching or grabbing the hot wick.

Candle snuffers come in different designs and shapes that match your taste. Therefore, you can choose anyone that would complement your home decor. Aside from practicality, these devices also serve as home accessories to beautify your surroundings.



Candle snuffers are very helpful when it comes to putting down your candles. They are easy to use, will not cause accidents, and they present so many options available in the market today, choosing one can be overwhelming. Check out our site for more candle articles.

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