What To Give Your Husband For 20th Wedding Anniversary

If you’re unsure about what to give your husband for 20th wedding anniversary, here are some ideas based on the traditional symbol for this marriage milestone. We will also share some date ideas you can do to celebrate your 20 years of marriage besides finding a gift for him. 

Then, after a year, you can refer to what is the 21st wedding anniversary. You’ll also find some gift ideas in it to commemorate more than two decades of being married to your spouse.  

what to give your husband for 20th wedding anniversary


What Gift To Give Your Husband For 20th Wedding Anniversary?

Consider the following gifts to give your husband on your 20th wedding anniversary. They are based on the traditional and modern symbols of this marriage milestone but remember that you shouldn’t be limited to these items alone. 

A thoughtful and sentimental gift based on your husband’s likes and hobbies will be sweeter, especially on a significant marriage milestone. Therefore, you can have a moment to sit down and remember if there is any item that your spouse has been mentioning wanting to buy for some time. 


Traditional wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

  • China display
  • China set
  • Personalized china mug
  • China champagne bucket


Modern wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

  • Platinum pen
  • Platinum bowl
  • Platinum necklace
  • Personalized platinum ring
  • Platinum album
  • Mini platinum sculpture
  • Platinum bottle stopper


What Is The Symbol For 20 Years Of Marriage?


Traditional 20th wedding anniversary symbol 

The traditional symbol of the 20th wedding ceremony is china, which is why it is also the traditional gift given to commemorate 20 years of marriage. Therefore, you can provide china sets or displays to your husband and wife to symbolize the delicate but beautiful marriage you shared for two decades.

China, also known as porcelain, has many symbolic meanings. But in general, it wishes good fortune and longevity, which are always welcomed in any marriage for the upcoming years. 


Modern 20th wedding anniversary symbol 

However, did you know that the 20th wedding anniversary also has a modern symbol? If you don’t think porcelain would make a fitting gift for your significant other, consider an item made from platinum. 

Platinum is suitable for wedding anniversaries because of its strength, purity, and rarity, which are all qualities that anyone would want in a loving relationship. Platinum items are even known to last long, so you’re being practical with the anniversary gift. 

Did you give your partner a platinum wedding ring upgrade as a gift? Here is how to clean wedding rings at home since the guide tackles cleaning platinum jewelry. 


Where To Go For Your 20th Wedding Anniversary?

Since the traditional symbols for 20 years of marriage are porcelain and platinum, it can be hard to plan where to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary with them as inspiration. Instead, go to a romantic getaway with your husband for something more intimate. 

Two decades of being married are enough to know your partner well and the activities they’ll enjoy. Perhaps you and your spouse have also been wanting to try a certain hobby, place, or even a restaurant for quite some time. 

Your 20th wedding anniversary is the perfect time to do something you’ve been meaning to try! But of course, if you are limited with time and budget, you can always have a simple dinner and reminisce your beautiful moments together. 


How To Celebrate The 20th Wedding Anniversary


Get a wedding ring upgrade

The 20th wedding anniversary is perfect for upgrading your wedding rings. You can even consider platinum bands because platinum is this anniversary’s modern symbol. 

If not, you can also get anniversary rings. It’s a trend nowadays to buy other rings to wear as a symbol of the marriage milestone. 


Renew your vows

While vow renewals are more prevalent during famous milestone anniversaries like the 25th or 50th, your 20th wedding anniversary can also be the time to do them. It’s always sweet to reaffirm your commitment to each other, and perhaps you can do something grander after five years. 

Vow renewals are also quite symbolic since you and your partner have grown over the years. You can modify your vows according to the personal changes you’ve gone through but use your original vows as inspiration to notice your growths. 


Recreate the ceremony

You can also recreate your wedding on your 20th wedding anniversary. Perhaps you can have friends and family at your original wedding location. 

You can also have a time travel-inspired celebration. For example, why not serve the foods you had at your wedding reception?


Have a wedding anniversary party

Emerald green and white are the colors of the 20th wedding anniversary. This makes them your potential theme if you’re having a 20th wedding anniversary party. 

You can also decorate with titanium or china to make the event more traditional. Then, invite your closest friends and family and have games or presentations. 


Are 20 Years Of Marriage Special?

The 20th wedding anniversary is special because noways, couples don’t even last over eight years. Therefore, don’t let this day go by without celebrating it with your husband or wife.



And that’s it! We just found out what to give your husband for 20th wedding anniversary, which can be china or titanium-inspire gifts.

However, you don’t need to use the symbols as gift inspiration. Instead, feel free to give your husband something more thoughtful, such as an item you know he wants to have. 

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