What Are The Different Types Of Wedding Dresses

If you want to know what are the different types of wedding dresses, familiarize yourself with the wedding dress silhouettes and styles popular among brides. We will also help you discover what gown you may like for your wedding day. 

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What Are The Different Types Of Wedding Dresses


What Are The Different Types Of Wedding Dresses: Best Wedding Dress Styles



The classic look that most brides will imagine is the ballgown when it comes to bridal dresses. Its voluminous skirt can easily make anyone feel like royalty, and it’s perfect for extravagant weddings. 

There are different styles of ballgowns, and they also easily flatter most body types. Just make sure that you practice walking it with your bridal shoes to feel comfortable down the aisle. 

You can also read what goes under the wedding dress to make it poofy. If you want extra drama and volume, the proper undergarments can help you achieve them. 


A-line silhouette

If you want a wedding dress with a flaring skirt but not as dramatic as a classic wedding ball gown, you can consider an A-line wedding dress. Its skirt still has some volume, but it’s not as thick and heavy. 

An A-line wedding dress is incredibly flattering for a plus-size bride because the fitted bodice and flaring skirt create an illusion of hourglass shape. You will also be hiding the tummy or hip areas. 

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Trumpet wedding dress

You can consider a trumpet wedding dress if you want to emphasize your natural body shape. This gorgeous dress silhouette is fitted throughout, but the skirt flares towards the hem. 

This dress is perfect if you want it to be fitted from the top to your mid-hip, so it’s ideal for brides with an hourglass body shape. However, feel free to wear whatever wedding dress you find you’re most confident in, and you can always wear an undergarment to get a smoother silhouette. 

Here is what to wear under a wedding dress to know more. 


Mermaid silhouette

A similar wedding dress style you can wear as an alternative to a trumpet wedding dress is the mermaid wedding dress. This is also perfect for brides with an hourglass body type, but you can always talk to your seamstress for specific modifications and make the gown flattering for you. 

The difference between the mermaid wedding dress and the trumpet wedding dress is that the skirt starts below the knee on the mermaid wedding dress. Therefore, the shape is more dramatic than the trumpet dress that flares at the thigh.


Sheath wedding dress

Petite brides can consider the fitted silhouette of the sheath wedding dress. In addition, the shape of this dress can help elongate your figure. 

The simple straight silhouette is also very modern and graceful for contemporary weddings. However, try a sheath wedding dress if you want a simple but classy dress. 


Two-piece wedding dress

Nowadays, more and more brides want an out-of-the-box style. This paves the way for a style of wedding dress that comes in a set. 

It looks like a dress when worn, but they are a combination of a top and skirt. This is an interesting look, especially for a modern wedding.

And if you don’t like dresses or skirt styles, here is what to wear to a wedding, not a dress.


What Is The Most Popular Wedding Dress Style?

While there are different wedding dresses, the most popular or timeless bridal dresses are ball gowns and A-line dresses.

It can be because they define the romantic or royal bridal look with the fitted bodice and flaring or voluminous skirt. And most brides tend to love white silk or lace dresses as these are the most popular styles chosen. 


Who are the top bridal designers?

The top wedding dress designers include Monique Lhuillier, Watters, Claire Pettibone, and Anna Campbell, to name a few. 


What is the highest price for a wedding dress?

The world’s most expensive wedding dress is a $15 million bejeweled dress made from diamonds and precious stones. It took 800 hours to finish, and it was designed by the Egyptian designer Hany El Behairy.


What Are The Different Bridal Styles?



A traditional bridal style is a classic look. You can think of it as a white wedding dress without much detail, but you’ll find lace, silk, and accessories like pearls. 



The romantic bridal look is feminine and soft. The dress is usually flowy in light colors and floral details, while the silhouette can be A-line or mermaid. 



Carefree brides love a boho bridal style. Natural elements are incorporated into the look, and there are no specific rules to follow for this style. 



A modern bridal style is a definition of sophisticated. Think of a sleek wedding dress made from satin or crepe, and the accessories are dainty and cool.



And that’s it! To recap what are the different types of wedding dresses, they are ballgown, A-line, trumpet, mermaid, sheath, and two-piece.

Feel free to pick any bridal gown style or silhouette you feel most confident in. However, keep an open mind for the recommendations of what would flatter you best.

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