Hobby Greenhouse With Ventilation

The hobby greenhouse with vents is the upgrade from a simple hobby greenhouse, just a one-step towards the professional or commercial greenhouse. 

You might ask the question: What is the difference between the simple hobby greenhouse and one with the vents?

The answer is straightforward. 

The simple hobby greenhouse is dedicated mostly for the single vegetation; in other words, you can expect to get the crop once a year. Some could master their skills up and get up to two crops upon favorable weather conditions and a bit of luck.

A hobby greenhouse with vents is a multi-vegetation greenhouse, where you should expect your crop twice a year as a minimum and, maybe, three times if everything worked out as planned. 

This greenhouse has convenient doors with some lockable feature as an option. However, the main difference is the provision of the vents on the opposite walls that allow you to control the indoor temperature and humidity. The hobby greenhouses with the vents can accommodate the growing surface from 5 square meters to 40 square meters. 

This greenhouse allows you to grow bigger plants for your family; consequently, it provides some fruits and vegetables for your entire family.  

It protects your seedling when the ambient temperature fluctuates and can drop below sub-zero (not below -2 deg. C) level overnight. The greenhouse conserves the heat, allows the soil to stay hydrated. It also protects and protects your garden from the pests and animals. It also tempers weeds to grow in your garden. There are many benefits in return to the price you pay. The vents can be equipped with the nets to prevent insects from getting into your greenhouse. We also offer special pads that can trap those.  

This hobby greenhouse is very popular for the gardeners to cultivate a variety of berries, herbs, and veggies, twice a year, as a minimum. For instance, you can grow in there berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, and a broad spectrum of vegetables, such as tomatoes and cucumbers celeries and cabbage cauliflowers, kale, etc. Space is only the limit. However, you have full control over what fruits and vegetables you are going to put on the table for you and your family.

These greenhouses have doors on the hinges and isle that allow you to have full access to the plants to water and feed them. You can have the only door as there are vent openings dedicated to the proper ventilation.

By the way, you shouldn’t forget about the flowers. Here you can grow bigger flowers and a wider variety of them. They are colorful, fragrant, and very attractive. Your nose is purged (especially if it was plugged before), once you enter in there.

This greenhouse can also have proper natural draft ventilation if you open vents on the opposite walls. You can easily get rid of excessive built-up heat and humidity that impede the growth.

The hobby greenhouse enables an earlier start of the growing season and extends the vegetation period for plants. The greenhouse also protects the plants against unfavorable weather influences and blocks access to the plants for animals, pests, and insects, which protects cultivation from destruction. Various technical solutions help to control fertilization and irrigation. These options are sold separately upon clients’ requests. 

These options enable the creation of an optimal microclimate inside the film tunnel to develop the plants better. The use of these tools enables an earlier harvest of good quality. These greenhouses dedicated to hobby purposes also allow more comfortable use of pesticides, which protect the cultivation from the spread of dangerous diseases.

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Construction of hobby greenhouses

Garden tunnels are covered with UV2 or UV5 film, which you need to specify when deciding to procure the item. Both films are transparent, translucent and let about 95% of the sunlight through. The greenhouse film is attached to the frame with the robust plastic clips. As a manufacturer of film tunnels, Krosagro recommends digging the film’s excess along the film tunnel into the ground. This improves the stability of the object even more. We recommend removing the film for the winter, cleaning it and storing it in a dry place. Gardeners who choose not to remove the film for the winter must ensure that no snow remains on the film greenhouse. If the temperature fluctuates, the icing can damage the construction. The frame of the greenhouse is constructed of 1” hot-dip galvanized tubes of 1mm thickness. It protects your investment from rust. This assembly secures the sturdy construction and allows the bolted connection of the elements. Some unique TEEs and Elbows reinforce the connections. 

This structure has a convenient hinged mounted door that allows easy maintenance of the greenhouse. 

These greenhouses might come with the following features that you need to specify upon the procurement of the greenhouse’s desirable size:

  1. Anchors set that secures your structure in place.
  2. Additional film clamp set;
  3. Insect screens and pad traps;
  4. Knobs and locks;
  5. Handles that allow making your greenhouse portable and relocating it from place to place; 
  6. Irrigation system (“Netafim” the best on the market) with water filtration and suspension brackets;
  7. Mechanical Ventilation system;
  8. Gas or electric heaters;
  9. Humidifiers;
  10. Evaporative coolers;
  11. Dehumidifiers;
  12. Air Conditioners;
  13. We have automated control systems. 

Protection of cultivation in the hobby greenhouse

The film retains heat under the greenhouse that satisfies the “greenhouse effect” generated by the sun’s rays during the day. It keeps the soil warm as well as inside the greenhouse. That facilitates maintaining the correct temperature and humidity for the plants. A favorable microclimate is created under the greenhouse film, which promotes the development of the plants in their individual phases. Furthermore, a hobby greenhouse also protects the plants from the harmful effects of weather such as strong wind gusts, precipitations, or even slight sub-zero temperatures overnight. It also keeps pests and animals (especially when you have rabbits around) away. The construction is sturdy enough to move the structure from location to location. 

All this allows the gardener to mitigate the freeze-ups during the night, extend harvesting season, and make your harvest save.

The main structure of the hobby greenhouse is hot-deep galvanized that protects it from the rust and allows the extended use of it for many years.

The film can be easily used for 3- 5 years or even more and can be replaced when required.

This greenhouse is probably your best investment in family farming. 

 Should you be looking for the multi-seasonal cultivation in the commercial scale for the profit, then the Commercial Greenhouses could be your next upgrade.


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