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The Commercial Greenhouse is your final destination for commercial farming and is built to bring you a profit. Procuring this greenhouse, you got the tool to serve for many years if you maintain it properly. It’s a most sophisticated greenhouse you can find on the market, depending on the options set in your order. Setting it up correctly, you don’t need to go any further.

As year-round objects, they enable plants to be grown in any season regardless of the weather conditions. Covering the cultivation with film protects the plants from heavy rain, devastating damage from hail, strong wind gusts, ground frost, and low temperatures. A tightly stretched film creates a microclimate in the greenhouse and reduces heat loss. During the day and night changes, the thermally insulating film keeps the temperature in the film tunnel constant and prevents temperature fluctuations. The plants are constantly protected from cold and frost. They also always have optimal conditions and excellent development potential.

It protects your seedling when the ambient temperature fluctuates. Regardless of what outdoor temperature is, you can grow your product if you have heaters inside the greenhouse. The greenhouse conserves the heat and allows the soil to stay hydrated. It also protects and protects your garden from the pests and animals. It also tempers weeds to grow in your garden. There are many benefits in return to the price you pay. The vents can be equipped with the nets to prevent insects from getting into your greenhouse. We also offer special pads that can trap those.  

Here you can grow any vegetables, berries, and fruits, the sky is the limit. 

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The elements and all components of the film greenhouses for agriculture are hot-dip galvanized. That means they are corrosion resistant. Well-thought-out and modern technological solutions enable the production of a solid film greenhouse in modular design and its adaptation to the planned extension’s needs. The project contains many components that enable the object to be designed according to customer specifications to meet the requirements of the growing plants. The construction of the greenhouse for agriculture is compatible with supporting systems for plant breeding such as heating, ventilation, nebulizer, irrigation, and many other manuals and automatic systems.

Film for commercial greenhouses

The durable UV10 film is reinforced in the manufacturing process. The use of special plastics enables the production of greenhouse films that let 95% of the sunlight through, have an anti-condensation effect, and are very strong. The film’s thermal insulation properties lead to the creation of favorable conditions in the film greenhouse for plants in every phase of their development. The “stored” heat favors the growth of plants, the development of flowers and fruits. Equipping the film greenhouse with side ventilation or gable flaps enables the property’s temperature to be regulated.

Gable and side ventilation in the membrane greenhouse for agriculture

The ventilation of greenhouses for agriculture is one of the most important factors influencing plant breeding. Controlling the temperature and humidity enables these parameters to be adapted to the needs of the plants. The demands placed on modern agriculture mean that every influencing factor is important.

Film greenhouse for professional use – the modular structure

Every square meter of the acreage in commercial cultivation under film must be determined for plant breeding. Well-thought-out solutions allow full use of the covered area. The maintenance work in the film greenhouse can be carried out in comfortable conditions that are independent of the weather. You can choose the opening system and the type of entrance and choose between casement and sliding doors. This enables the use of the area on the sidewalls of the film greenhouse, easier access, and adjustment of the width to the transport and storage requirements.

Undercover, the growing season of crops can be extended to a maximum. The professional film greenhouses ensure the plants have a suitable microclimate and neutralize an unfavorable influence of weather conditions such as low temperatures, strong wind, rain, snow, and hail. The offer also includes film greenhouses with a double-sided ventilation system that enables temperature regulation. The multi-aisled professional film greenhouses are available in a Gothic or semicircular form, depending on requirements and application. They are ideal for large-scale cultivation and make optimal use of an area.

The robust construction

All tubular elements in the construction are fully hot-dip galvanized. Single film UV5 and UV10 or double film is offered as covering. Polycarbonate sheets, insect protection systems, or shadow nets are also available. The film greenhouses have professional film mounting systems. As equipment for the membrane greenhouse, ventilation systems can be controlled manually or automatically and rotating, and impact anchors are available. We work with companies that offer irrigation systems, gutter systems, automatic climate control/monitoring, and heaters. There is also the possibility to produce other sizes of film greenhouses on customer request.

The frame of the greenhouse is constructed of 1.5” hot-dip galvanized tubes of 2mm thickness. It protects your investment from rust. This assembly secures the sturdy construction and allows the bolted connection of the elements. Some unique TEEs and Corner TEEs reinforce the connections. 

This structure has a convenient hinged mounted door that allows easy maintenance of the greenhouse. 

These greenhouses might come with the following features that you need to specify upon the procurement of the greenhouse’s desirable size:

  1. Anchors set that secures your structure in place.
  2. Additional film clamp set;
  3. Insect screens and pad traps;
  4. Knobs and locks;
  5. Handles that allow making your greenhouse portable and relocating it from place to place; 
  6. Irrigation system (“Netafim”) 
  7. the best on the market) with water filtration and suspension brackets;
  8. Mechanical Ventilation system;
  9. Gas or electric heaters;
  10. Humidifiers;
  11. Evaporative coolers;
  12. Dehumidifiers;
  13. Air Conditioners;
  14. We have automated control systems;
  15. Side vents;
  16. Gable walls;
  17. Ventilation Flaps;
  18. 8mm Polycarbonate;
  19. Sliding doors;
  20. Aluminum stripes for film mount.


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