How To Leave Your Wedding Reception: Best Send-Offs

There are 9 best ways how to leave your wedding reception in style. This list is composed of wedding exit ideas where the bride and groom can leave in a vehicle or exit the wedding reception in photo-worthy backdrops. 

Speaking of which, you may want to know what to toss when the couple leaves the reception. Here are what to throw at a wedding for ideas. 

how to leave your wedding reception


Creative Ways On How To Leave Your Wedding Reception


  • Car

A classic wedding exit is with a getaway car where you’re leaving in your chosen vehicle. You can even go with your wedding party so that it can be something as grand as a limousine. 

Otherwise, vintage weddings can have the couple exit the wedding venue in vintage Rolls-Royces and other vehicles that fit the aesthetic. Additionally, using a car is always fantastic for wedding photos and videography. 


  • Boat

Since nautical weddings are becoming more popular these days, a fitting way to leave your wedding reception is in a boat. Of course, it can also be a yacht or any water vehicle that fits your wedding aesthetics. 

For a simple boat wedding exit, the bride and groom can row away in a boat decorated with flowers. A fantastic photo idea is to do this during sunset. 


  • Carriage

Many wedding receptions offer wedding exit packages. For example, if you want a country or rustic wedding, why not consider leaving the venue in a horse-drawn carriage? 

A typical horse-drawn carriage wedding package includes arriving at the ceremony in the carriage, photos, dressed driver and footman, and the exit after. Or, if you and your partner love horseback riding, you’ll indeed be exiting in style riding the horses yourselves. 


  • Motorcycle

Some couples have met from shared hobbies. For example, if you and your partner are riders, you can consider leaving the venues on motorcycles. 

You can also ride while sharing one motorcycle or a scooter. These motors will make badass and sexy photos if you want.


  • Bike

A more romantic way to exit the wedding venue is by riding bikes. Boho weddings are perfect for this wedding send-off. 

You can even decorate the bikes with flowers. Consider having the wedding party on bikes as well, and they’ll ring their bells as you leave the reception. 


  • Sled

Winter weddings are still popular even though winter is not the peak wedding season. Outdoor-loving couples can even have weddings in ski resorts. 

Therefore, you might as well utilize a sled for your wedding exit. If timed perfectly, why not consider going through the northern regions and experiencing the aurora borealis? 


  • Throwing traditions

Leaving your wedding reception is not limited to riding a car, motor, or horse. Instead, the couple can simply be greeted by the guests at the door by throwing rice, candy, or petals. 

But of course, you have to ask the reception about their rules regarding what to throw. For example, opt for biodegradable confetti instead of actual confetti.  


  • Sparklers

A classic way to leave the wedding venue is to have the guests in line with sparklers greeting you. But because of the fire hazard, you must check with the venue regarding their rules. 

For added safety and peace of mind, read how to light sparklers at a wedding


  • Firework display

One of the best ways to end an outdoor wedding is by having a fireworks display as the couple exit the venue. But of course, prepare a budget between $2,000 to $5,000 if you want this grand way of leaving the wedding reception. 


What Is A Good Time To End A Wedding Reception?

Most wedding receptions end at 10 pm, but it will depend on when you start. Some weddings are intentionally held in the evening so that you can finish the reception before midnight. 

But in general, you should allocate half an hour for everyone to finish their drinks before ending the wedding reception. You also want to consider the day of the week you’re having the wedding to allow guests to rest. 

For example, it’s ideal for weddings to be held on a Friday or Saturday so the guests can rest on Sunday before returning to their responsibilities next week. So if your wedding is on a weekday or Sunday, then plan on ending it earlier than 10 pm. 


What Is It Called When The Bride And Groom Leave The Reception?

It is called the wedding send-off or exit when the newlyweds leave the reception. After the last song or dance, everyone will usher the bride and groom off. 

Traditionally, they will ride a car or whatever suits the theme and venue. However, they can also exit with guests holding sparklers or after a firework display. 

And once you leave the venue, you may want to know what to do on your wedding night


How Does The Wedding Party Leave The Ceremony?

The wedding party leaves the wedding ceremony on the recessional. There is a planned order like in the processional, but it can be modified to how the couple would like it. 



And that’s it! To recap how to leave your wedding reception, you can go the traditional route of riding a car, boat, or even a carriage, motorcycle, bike, or sled. 

However, it can also be as simple as having guests throw rice and other traditional tosses or align them with sparklers or book a firework display. Overall, you can get as creative as possible with your send-off as long as it fits your budget, theme, and venue restrictions. 

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