How To Incorporate Dog Into Wedding: 5 Cutest Ways

If you have no idea how to incorporate dog into wedding, consider these five cute and attention-grabbing ways to have your pet on your big day. Many couples are dog lovers, and it’s a trend nowadays to include them in the wedding. 

But if you can’t bring your dog to the wedding venue, we’ve also listed some sentimental ways to honor him on your wedding day. And if you don’t have a theme yet, read what kind of wedding should I have

how to incorporate dog into wedding


How Can I Incorporate My Dog Into My Wedding?


Include him in the processional with escort

A cute and easy way to incorporate dogs into your wedding is to have them in the processional. Some couples have a pack and not just one dog, so it will be a fun idea to have them walk down the aisle. 

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen can escort each dog, and you can even have them stand at the front. There are many places where you can find dog outfits to give your best pooches the complete bridal experience. 

Just make sure to talk with the wedding coordinator regarding this plan. It would also be best to have people who like dogs escort them to ensure that no one will feel nervous and the dogs themselves won’t feel overwhelmed


Dog of honor/best dog

A fun way to incorporate your four-legged best friend into your wedding is to have them as the dog of honor or best dog. Yes, they are the pup versions of the human maid of honor or best man. 

You will still have these closest wedding party members in human form, but having your dog as the dog of honor or best dog can mean including them in wedding showers, preparations, and parties. 

You can dress your furry pal as well or have them wear flowers. Just assign someone responsible for them because wedding celebrations can get busy for the bride and groom. 


Dog ring bearer

Nowadays, a trend you’ll see is the bride or groom’s dog acting as their wedding ring bearer. You don’t need to worry about your furry buddy losing the wedding bands because you can attach them to the dog’s suit. 

If your dog is trained, he can also hold the basket with the rings to the aisle. But, of course, this task is only ideal if you know that he won’t get distracted. 

Consider training your dog before the big day and familiarizing him with the wedding venue. And speaking of ring bearers, you might be curious about who holds the rings at a wedding


Dog greeter on your wedding day

Why not have your dog greet the wedding guests like an usher or usherette? They can hold a lightweight sign or stand beside it at the wedding reception entrance. 

If your dog is trained to do so, he/she may also assist in guiding certain guests to their seats. Your dog can have a sign saying to follow him, especially if he loves the guests. 

For example, your dog might especially adore your parents, so why not train him to lead them to their seats at the venue? But of course, even just sitting or standing by the entrance is enough to bring a smile to your dog-loving guests. 


Include him in wedding photography

The final way to have your dog feel included on your wedding day is to have them in the photos. Some ceremonies might be formal, or the venues may prevent you from having your best pup in the ceremony.

Therefore, you can have your pet in the wedding photo sessions with the photographer. If you have a photo booth at the wedding reception, you can also dress your dog up and have him take photos with the guests. 

Just make sure your dog won’t feel stressed out, especially with the many guests around him. It’s possible to have someone take him home after the shoots so he can rest well.


How Do You Honor A Pet For A Wedding?

Here are some sentimental ways to include your pet in your wedding if they can’t be at the wedding venue. Your best pal might’ve also passed away, and you want to honor them on your special day. 

  • Include your pet in the wedding stationery (e.g., printed invites, custom stamps, etc.)
  • Add your pet’s photos around the venue (e.g., table numbers, signs, decors, centerpieces, etc.)
  • Mention your pet in your speech
  • Wear your pet’s photo on a locket or cuff links
  • Dedicate a seat with his leash
  • Include his items on bridal photoshoots
  • Include an animal charity in your wedding registry
  • Volunteer at an animal sanctuary as your wedding shower


Can My Dog Walk Me Down The Aisle?

The bride or groom can have their dog walk with them down the aisle. However, be realistic, especially if he’s a puppy without training. 

Rehearsals are needed, and the last thing you want is to get dragged or chase your dog down the aisle. Furthermore, some wedding ceremonies are very strict.



And that’s it! We just learned how to incorporate dog into wedding by having them as part of the processional, wedding party, ring bearer, venue greeter, or including them in the wedding photo sessions. 

If your dog can’t be physically there, you can also have their photos or leash around the venue, stationery, or accessories you’ll wear. Dog lovers have many creative ways to honor their best buddies, and we hope this list gives you some ideas. 

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