Helpful 3-Step Guide On How To Fix Water Damaged Monitor

Water is not a friend to your computer and can cause severe damage. Here’s a guide on how to fix water damaged monitor in just three simple steps!

Your computer’s screen or any LCD can be ruined by water damage. It is why you should act immediately if you notice any sign of water or moisture present on your computer’s monitor.

how to fix water damaged monitor

As this article proceeds, we will talk about how you can identify water damage. This will help you have a better chance of recovering your screen’s normal function.

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Signs Of Computer Screen Water Damage

Any computer suffering from water damage will eventually get worse over time. It is why you must recognize these signs of water damage as soon as possible.


1. Physical changes

The easiest to notice signs of water damage are those that are visible to the eye. If you suspect your screen of having water damage, unplug your computer immediately to avoid a short circuit.

Then, conduct a visual inspection and examine the screen for any sign of the presence of moisture. You can also open the case and see if there are any signs of moisture, corrosion, or discoloration.

Specific components of a computer turn to a shade of green when exposed to liquids like water. If you notice such signs, chances are your screen has water damage.


2. Booting problems

It is a very good sign if your screen does not have booting problems and displays the alarming blue screen of death. If it does, it is best that you take your computer to professionals, so they can repair it properly and salvage your monitor.


3. Screen malfunction

Water can cause serious malfunctions to your computer screen. It can cause it to flicker, dim, fail to display color correctly, or worst, end up completely broken.

If a professional cannot repair your screen, you are left with no choice but to purchase a new one to replace your water-damaged monitor.


3 Steps To Fixing Your Water Damaged Monitor


Step #1. Prepare your computer

After you detect that there is moisture in your computer, specifically in the monitor or LCD screen, unplug it immediately and shut down. Once you have turned the power off, remove the battery along with all the cords connected to the monitor display.

Grab a paper towel and blot the screen to absorb as much moisture as possible from the exterior. Then, place the computer next to a fan to allow evaporation as you prepare for the next step.


Step #2. Get rid of water and moisture on your computer screen

This step is a bit traditional, and people often make a joke out of it. However, this rule of thumb actually helps.

Grab a large amount of rice and pour it into a storage bucket, bin, or any dry plastic container that is large enough to take your computer and rice in. Fill half of the container with rice, place the entire computer or the monitor inside, and proceed to adding more rice until completely covered, then seal the bin. 

As much as possible, choose the least expensive rice you can get as the type does not matter. Rice can create an ultra-dry environment for your monitor and absorbs water.

Rice will sip away the moisture and completely dry out your LCD screen. This hack works for most electronic devices entered by water.

Leave the monitor in the rice for a whole day. Afterward, pull the screen out and brush away any residue from the rice using a soft cloth to avoid damaging the screen’s surface.


Step #3. Test your screen

Expectedly, the rice will dry out your computer screen along with any LCD water display issue. After getting out and cleaning the screen from the rice-filled bin, you can now replace the cords or battery and reconnect it to power.

Turn your computer on to test the screen. Watch out for any flickering or any odd behavior, indicating that there is still the presence of moisture.

If unfortunately, the problem persists, you can return the computer back to the rice bin for several days. If it still doesn’t work, call for professional help to recover your screen from water damage.

Aside from rice, you can also use kitty litter or silica gel packets. Both alternatives will work and dry the moisture out of electronic devices.

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It is undoubtedly a hassle to have your computer and other electronic devices wet with water. Although it usually happens, especially in offices or in your home, where you can accidentally spill your favorite drinks.

You are lucky enough to come across this guide on how to fix water damaged monitor. You can now turn a professional repair into a DIY project.

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