Reliable 3-Step Guide On How To Fix Water Damaged Earphone Mic

A correct process with the right equipment is the main factor to consider if you wonder how to fix water damaged earphone mic. We cannot deny that earphones and microphones are essential in our everyday life.

We cannot live without these two things because they are considered our life saviors, mainly when important meetings suddenly occur. Of course, we always prefer that our earphones and microphones are always in good condition.

how to fix water damaged earphone mic

However, what if these two were significantly affected by an unexpected circumstance such as being exposed to water. Do you have any idea or clues on how to resolve this?

If you do not know what you should do, this article is really for you. Continue reading this article as we show you the correct procedure for your water damaged earphone mic.


Steps On Fixing Water Damaged Earphone Mic

Having a water damaged earphone mic might be considered a hassle to people who always depend on this item almost every day. Of course, we cannot just sit back and do nothing when our earphone mic is exposed to water.

We have to do something reliable before it gets worse. Believe it or not, there is a right procedure that can help us figure out problems like this.

Go on and continue reading this portion to be aware of what you can do to fix your earphone mic.


Step #1. Remove the cover

If exposure to water has damaged your earphone mic, the first thing you need to do is remove everything that covers it. Remember that it is the most appropriate way to dry the microphone.

Removing the cover can also help you identify the parts being affected and where you should focus. If you do not remove it, you will just let your microphone absorb the water, leading to a serious problem and severe damage.

In cases where the whole earphone was affected, you can also remove everything that covers the earphone. This includes removing any tip sleeves and disassembling the parts of an earphone.


Step #2. Rub it using a soft towel

You have to use a soft towel to dry the microphone and its parts. Remember to gently rub and wipe the internal components using a soft towel.

Gently wiping it can help you save your earphone mic as the soft towel cannot contribute to the possible damage to the microphone. The soft towel can actually absorb the present water in the earphone and microphone.


Step #3. Dry it using a rice

In this matter, you can actually choose between drying the earphone’s mic at room temperature, or you will use rice to dry them. Rice is actually helpful and a good idea in drying water damaged items. 

You can grab a bowl of uncooked rice, put it in a container, and store your earphone mic inside together with its components for at least 48 hours to see its effectiveness. Please take note that this rice procedure is a must as it can help you remove all moisture caused by its exposure to water. 


Important Things To Remember

If you are having a problem and keep experiencing an inconvenience with your earphone mic, you need to remind yourself of the things to do and not. You can help yourself with this matter by reminding yourself of the simple things you have to consider.

Now, let’s move on and find out for yourself these things!


Reminder #1. Do not operate it

Once your earphone mic has exposure to water, it is not advisable to use it immediately to check its condition. It is best to consider doing the correct procedure to guarantee that you can save your earphone mic.

Remember that your earphone mic has electronics that provide electric circuits once they have power. Expect that your earphone mic will lead to severe damage when this happens.

However, if you are curious about water damaged electronics, you can check out why are electronics damaged by water for more helpful details.


Reminder #2. Do not use a hair dry

Using a hairdryer is also not recommended when your earphone and earphone mic has water exposure. The heat coming from the hairdryer will only lead to a harmful reaction causing the internal parts to be damaged, especially when it is too hot.


Reminder #3. Do not wait and waste time

When your earphone mic has water exposure, you need to act as soon as possible. Please do not wait for hours, minutes, or even a second before doing something about it.

Remember that when you waste your time, you are also wasting the chance to save it from any damage that may happen. It is always best to be responsible by acting immediately rather than do nothing about it.

If you are curious about other water damaged items, you can try learning how to back up water damaged phone for more detailed information.



Upon reading the information provided in this article, you should know how to fix water damaged earphone mic when unexpected circumstances happen. Through this article, you had a chance to identify the procedures and the factors to consider.

Being exposed to water does not mean that you have to look for a new earphone mic that you can use. Despite throwing it, you can do something about it.

You just have to guarantee that you will follow the whole procedure to ensure effectiveness. It is also better to remind yourself of the things to do and not, as it is a helpful guide when you are in the process.

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