How To Find Airbnb For Wedding Plus Planning Tips

It’s very easy to learn how to find Airbnb for wedding because you only need to use the search tab, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Nowadays, it’s common for couples to find different wedding venues on Airbnb because of the convenience. 

You can also continue reading below to plan a classy Airbnb wedding, so you don’t need to research multiple guides. And if you are on a budget, we recommend that you also read how to plan a destination wedding on a small budget for more tips. 

how to find airbnb for wedding


How To Find An Airbnb For Wedding: How To Search For An Airbnb Wedding

  1. Open Airbnb’s official website on your browser to find the best potential venues for your perfect Airbnb wedding 
  2. Decide on a specific country, state, or city where you want to have your wedding with your partner
  3. Enter your presumed wedding location and date on Airbnb’s search bar; if you’re having a weeklong wedding, put in the correct check-in and check-out dates for you and your guests
  4. Make sure you already have a definitive guest number and put it on the guests’ box of the search bar; intimate weddings are best suited for Airbnb weddings because of the small guest count
  5. You should also tick “suitable for events” under amenities to narrow your search to ideal places for planning wedding venues
  6. Filter as needed and you should come up with potential places for your wedding using Airbnb 


How To Find A Wedding Venue On Airbnb

  1. Before anything else, decide on a specific place where you want to hold your wedding
  2. Make sure that your wedding venue fits your wedding budget
  3. Talk with your partner to ensure that both of you are pleased with the wedding location
  4. Use the search bar on Airbnb’s website and fill the necessary boxes
  5. Make a list of two to three places, but don’t book one yet
  6. Contact the hosts of each listing and talk to them about having your wedding in their place
  7. Clarify the potential fees, requirements, and other potential queries with the Airbnb listing host regarding having a wedding in their place
  8. Some listings may provide wedding services, which will be more convenient for wedding planning
  9. Some hosts may act as the wedding planner, vendor, or even the officiant, especially if they often have weddings
  10. Discuss to the prospective wedding venue host the number of guests you’ll have on their property for your wedding day
  11. Before booking, you must already know the potential seating plan, where the wedding vendors will go, accessibility, travel, and accommodation needs for your chosen location
  12. Know the regulations in your chosen wedding venue
  13. Book the wedding and make sure to update your guests using the wedding website as needed

Read what to include in a destination wedding invitation to ensure that your guests will get the complete information after you book the Airbnb wedding venue. 


How much is an Airbnb wedding venue?

The expenses for having an Airbnb wedding venue will depend on the place, type of wedding, number of guests, and other potential costs that you’ll cover. For example, some couples may also shoulder the travel and accommodation of their guests, or you might be booking a sizeable location to accommodate your long guest list. 

This is why it’s essential to ask the Airbnb host all the fees you’ll pay to avoid misunderstandings when it comes to paying. To avoid fees, you also want to know the potential regulations you must abide by when having your wedding in their location.


How Do I Use Airbnb As A Wedding Venue?

  1. Check the size, aesthetics, and regulations of the Airbnb listing to see if it’s appropriate for the wedding
  2. Ask the host if you can have an event in their place
  3. Make sure to discuss the decorations, vendors, and other wedding essentials that will also arrive to the venue
  4. Consider asking the host for recommendations of catering, music, and decoration rentals since it will save you money to find local wedding vendors
  5. If possible, opt for listings that are usually booked for weddings as the host will already be prepared for a wedding
  6. Clarify if the Airbnb listing can also accommodate your wedding guests and not just the place for the wedding venue to save on costs


Tips For Planning An Unforgettable Airbnb Wedding

  • Consider choosing Airbnb rental properties that are specifically listed for weddings; otherwise, verify with the host if they allow events on their property
  • Try incorporating a few more properties close to your Airbnb wedding venue to maximize the destination wedding 
  • Make sure that the place you’ll book matches the wedding theme and size you’re having 
  • Do not go over your wedding budget
  • Have a plan for the transport and accommodation in the location
  • Ask the host for rentals and vendor recommendations in the area


Do People Have Weddings At Airbnb?

Using Airbnb is ideal for elopements and micro weddings since they don’t have many guests. It is also convenient for couples since the listings are readily available without going through different sites. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to find Airbnb for wedding using the search bar and putting your dates and guest number. 

We hope you can also apply the planning tips we’ve discussed to ensure that you save on effort and costs. Always clarify everything you need to know with the listing host, especially if they didn’t specify their place for events. 

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