How To Decorate Wedding Aisle: 4 Beautiful Ways

If you want to know how to decorate wedding aisle, here are four beautiful ways to make the wedding ceremony processional and the venue even more memorable. More than aesthetics, it’s essential to dress up your aisle for functionality, especially in specific wedding venues. 

And speaking of weddings and knowing how to decorate an aisle, a considered essential is the aisle runner. If your ceremony venue doesn’t provide one, you can read about where to buy wedding aisle runners

how to decorate wedding aisle


How To Decorate Wedding Aisle: Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas


  • Fabrics and runners

A classic aisle decor that was always considered essential for aisles in any wedding is the aisle runner. From the name itself, it is a long fabric that you’ll “run” through the aisle path. 

The aisle runner also ensures that the bride’s train won’t get caught as she walks during the wedding processional. And if it’s an outdoor venue, it can make the ground more comfortable, especially for those wearing heels who need to walk down the aisle. 

Another fabric that is also used as wedding aisle decor is tulle or any lightweight material that can be tied into a bow. Usually, they are hung or tied along the church pews for added aesthetics. 

If you’re having a church wedding, you may be interested to learn how to make wedding pew bows


  • Floral wedding aisle decor

Flowers can be considered the ultimate traditional wedding decor because of their versatility and the classic bridal look they provide. But more than decorating your tables and arch with flowers and greenery, you can also put the floral arrangements along the ceremony aisle. 

You can add the flowers with the fabrics or use them to line the sides for a classy but romantic vibe. It doesn’t matter if it’s an outdoor venue or not because flowers will look suitable for any wedding theme and venue. 

Alternatively, you can also use petals on the aisle itself instead of an aisle runner to create a noticeable path. 


  • Light decorations for the ceremony aisle

If you have an evening outdoor wedding ceremony, you can consider lights for decorating your wedding aisle. An easy decor would be string lights that you’ll hang along with the chairs beside the aisle. 

You can also use lanterns or candles to light up the path, depending on the restrictions and safety hazards of the venue. If you’re feeling extra creative, mason jars with lights will look fantastic for a rustic wedding aisle. 

Or, if it’s an indoor wedding venue, you can use the ceiling and hang lights over the aisle. Just make sure to discuss the electrical arrangements with the venue early on. 


  • Focal point for the  wedding ceremony

The final technique to decorate the ceremony aisle is to create a focal point at the end. More than the aisle decor on the aisle itself or at the side of the wedding ceremony aisle, the venue will only look fitting for a wedding if there’s a noticeable focal point at the end of the path. 

It can be the altar, a gazebo, or the wedding arch, wherever the couple will exchange their vows. Remember to decorate this focal point similar to how you decorated the aisle. 

Consider going to the other end of the aisle to see how the focal point looks with the decorated aisle. Talk with your decorator or get feedback from the venue coordinator. 


Do You Need Wedding Aisle Decorations?

Much like decorating the altar or front of the venue where the couple will have their ceremony, never overlook the aisle itself. It will look out of place if everything else has an element or decor while the aisle remains bare.

You might also have a specific wedding theme in mind, and you need to hide the flooring of the aisle because it doesn’t match. But of course, you have to check with the venue if there are restrictions regarding decorating the aisle. 

They might also provide the aisle runner or other decors you can place along the aisle. And ultimately, make sure that whatever items you’ll use to decorate the aisle won’t be obstructive or dangerous to the wedding processional before the ceremony. 


When Should The Aisle Runner Be Put Down?

The aisle runner should be secured in place before the wedding ceremony. Who lays down the aisle runner?

It can be your decorator, venue coordinator, or any two individuals to ensure that it’s laid down smoothly and securely. You can prepare the aisle on the morning of the wedding or the night before to avoid time issues. 


Do I Need Aisle Markers?

Aisle markers are not mandatory when it comes to decorating a wedding ceremony. However, they will help tie up the overall look of the venue, especially when you also decorate the aisle. 

It won’t also look like you just left a random space in the middle of the chairs. For example, some popular aisle markers are flowers, garlands, or even fabrics hung along with the chairs by the aisle. 



And that’s it! To recap how to decorate wedding aisle, you can use fabrics such as aisle runners and markets, flowers, lights, and of course, assign a focal point at the end of the path such as a decorated gazebo or arch.

In general, have a theme apparent with your wedding and use the fitting elements for your aisle. Then, clarify with the venue if they have rules you must follow.

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