How To Decorate Round Tables For A Wedding: 2 Best Tips

Learn how to decorate round tables for a wedding by considering two styling tips. First, we will guide you with colors and edges to make your wedding tables look more bridal but still functional. 

But more than knowing the centerpieces and setting up each circular wedding table, you will also find ways to arrange round tables at the venue. Round tables are perfect for intimate groupings of guests, so you must know how to set them. 

how to decorate round tables for a wedding

But what if you’re using rectangular wedding tables? Feel free to browse our blog and read guides like how to set up long tables for a wedding reception!


How To Decorate Round Tables For A Wedding


Tip #1. Don’t be afraid of colors on decorations

Because you want to limit the number of decorations on each round table, you need to select the best color combinations to make each setting pop up. It’s best to leave enough space around the table, so the guests can still comfortably have their meal. 

Now, what decor to use in the middle of the round tables? The secret is playing with color and pattern combinations

For example, use a classic white tablecloth but introduce colors on the cutlery and textures on the floral arrangement, so each round table looks classy and bridal. Metals and muted patterns are also fantastic on plain and neutral colors without the risk of looking tacky. 


Tip #2. Introduce edges on round wedding tables

Besides combining colors and textures on the wedding table centerpieces for each round table, a decorating tip that is especially helpful for round wedding reception tables is to use edges. 

What does it mean to add edges to a round table? Instead of using circular plates or centerpieces, you’ll choose rectangular or square elements. 

This creates a contemporary look rather than making the reception similar to the visuals of a restaurant. However, please keep proportionality in mind to avoid a messy look. 


How Do You Dress A Round Table For A Wedding?

Will you be having a round table wedding reception? Consider these tips to style each table setting and create a gorgeous arrangement as if you’ve hired a professional wedding decorator!

  • Combine two different-colored table covers where the top layer is shorter
  • Use one floral centerpiece and add your wedding favors in the middle
  • Arrange the dinnerware in a classic and formal manner
  • Read how to fold napkins for a wedding to add aesthetics to each round table
  • Use a single centerpiece on each round table
  • Place the round tables under the trees or ceiling where you’ll hang lights or garlands
  • Combine greenery and candles as a wedding table centerpiece for an affordable way to decorate each round tables
  • Play with seats to put on the round tables


What Do You Put On A Round Wedding Table?

  • Table cover or leave the table bare if it’s made of wood
  • A centerpiece or two
  • Place card or table number
  • Wedding menu
  • Wedding favor
  • Dinnerware
  • A wine bottle or breadbasket; depending on the wedding catering setup


Do You Put A Runner On A Round Table?

A classic way to decorate wedding tables is by using a runner. And with round tables, you don’t need a unique table runner as it won’t need to be round. 

You’ll still use the classic long and narrow table runner on a round table to add texture and variety to your setting. Furthermore, if it’s a banquet round table setup, it would be a fantastic idea also to use a table runner to create a sense of unity in the space. 

Then, place your centerpiece in the middle and continue setting the rest of the table elements as usual. You can also ensure that whichever dinnerware lands over the table runner will look symmetrical with the one parallel to it for a classy style. 


What Shape Placemats Go On A Round Table?

The best placemats for round tables at a wedding are round placemats. However, remember to introduce sharpness to each table setting, so your plates, for example, should be square. 

You can also use wedge placements if you need to fill more space. Ultimately, each place setting shouldn’t overlap with another, so select the right-size placemats. 


How To Arrange Round Wedding Tables

  • Mix round tables with rectangular tables
  • Have the round tables in rows with the head table in front
  • Leave the venue center empty with round tables at the side
  • Group round tables by threes in V-shape
  • Arrange the round tables into a single banquet 


How Do You Set Up A Round Table For A Wedding?

  • Arrange the forks, plate, knives, and spoons from left to right with the glasses off-right at the top of the plate; alternatively, arrange the dinner knife and soup spoon on the right side of the plate and the forks on the left
  • Put the napkin under the forks or on the plate itself
  • Put the dessert spoon and fork under the dinner plate
  • The bread plate and butter knife should be above the forks
  • The white wine glass and water glass should be below the red wine glass in a triangular manner



And that’s it! We just learned how to decorate round tables for a wedding by combining colors, textures, and patterns, and introducing corners and edges. 

We hope our sample place settings also help you arrange each table for your wedding reception. Let us know below if you have other questions. 

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