How To Decorate Candle Holders For Wedding: 2 Ways

There are two ways you can learn how to decorate candle holders for wedding. Candle holders are perfect to make your wedding centerpieces safe and also more aesthetically pleasing. 

Decorating them doesn’t even have to be time-consuming or expensive. And speaking of using a candle for a wedding, you may also be interested in lanterns. 

how to decorate candle holders for wedding

Here is how to decorate a lantern for a wedding if you also like this decor. 


DIY Wedding Decorations: How To Decorate Candle Holders For Wedding


Method 1. Use paint for decorating candle holders

Most holders are easy to paint, so their original color won’t matter. They can still match the other wedding decorations, so your wedding venue has a singular theme. 

Try these options to make your candle holders for the wedding classier, looking like any other type of wedding decor. However, please select the proper type of paint according to the holder material, whether it’s a plastic candle holder or a glass candle holder. 

  • Set newspaper outdoors for painting the candle holders
  • Prepare a bucket of paint and dip the candle holder in it if you’re out of time
  • You can also use spray paint to recolor each candle holder quickly
  • Create stencils from tape so you can remove them after painting and have each holder with a design 
  • Cover the candle holders in one type of paint color, then allow them to dry; afterward, you can hand paint the design on each holder, whichever suits the wedding venue or theme
  • Combine paint and glitter; half of the candle holder can be painted, then use glue on the other half or just the border so you can dip it in glitter
  • If you’re decorating candle holders that are meant to be the wedding favors, you can use chalkboard paint and give each guest a set of chalk so they can design them personally 
  • Alternatively, there are paint pens that you can use to write the guest names on the candle holders per table


Method 2. Decorate candle holders with stick-ons

If you think painting your wedding candle holders would be too messy or time-consuming, you can stick each decoration instead. You can purchase many readily available decals, washi tape, or even stick-on crystals, so it should be easy to find a type that matches the wedding decor theme you have in mind. 

For weddings, it can be the initials of the bride and groom, hearts, lovebirds, or any other wedding symbol. If the decals seem tacky for your taste, you can even print photos of your choice on tissue paper. 

To print photos on tissue paper, attach the latter to printer paper. Then, coat each candle holder with clear glue and stick your photo decor to it.

  • Make sure to wipe each candle holder first so that the stick-on will adhere more effectively
  • The candle holders should be dry before you decorate
  • If needed, reinforce each decal or rhinestone with glue for added security
  • Do not go overboard when you decorate candle holders
  • Make sure no material can reach the inside of the holder for the safety of the lighted candle 
  • Have a cohesive theme among the candle holders you’ll use for decoration
  • Know the size of each wedding candle holder, especially when printing photo decors for each 


How Do You Dress Up Candle Holders?

Here are some creative ways to decorate candle holders for the wedding if painting or sticking decals on them still don’t fit your desired wedding aesthetics. 

  • Fill each candle holder with different colored sand before standing the candle in the middle
  • Fill each candle holder with lavender for the smell and aesthetics of your wedding decorations
  • Fill each candle holder with different types of seeds and nuts for fall weddings
  • Wrap each candle holder in the translucent paper but secure the excess paper at the top, so it doesn’t touch the flame
  • Wrap each candle holder in dried leaves or pressed flowers
  • Wrap each candle holder in lace ribbon
  • Dot melted candle wax onto candle holders


What Do You Put On Top Of Candle Holders?

Besides candles, you can put other items inside candle holders for decorating your wedding. Try these things for a unique wedding decorating style:

  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Glass balls
  • Cloths
  • Cotton balls
  • Rope or twine
  • Candies
  • Herbs
  • Seeds
  • Glitter
  • Sand

Consider learning how to display wedding favors because they can also be your wedding centerpieces. 


How Do You Make A Floating Candle Centerpiece For A Wedding?


Style #1. 

  1. Fill a fishbowl with water
  2. Put the candles in the center
  3. Decorate the water with flower stems and buds
  4. Place this fishbowl in the center of the wedding table and place shorter candle holders and other wedding elements around it


Style #2. 

  • Prepare different vases with a single similar characteristic
  • Fill multiple vases with water 
  • Leave some vases empty
  • Put candles on vases with water and flower stems on the empty ones
  • Decorate each wedding table with these groups of vases



Was this tutorial fun? To recap how to decorate candle holders for wedding, you can use paint or stick-on designs. 

You can even experiment and cover or fill each holder with decorative items suitable for the wedding theme. But of course, keep safety in mind so your decors won’t touch the flame when the candles are lit. 

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