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Zinus Mattress How Long To Expand Plus Best Tips

The answer to the question of Zinus mattress how long to expand is up to 3 days. It would be best to familiarize yourself with the duration you have to expect for your bed to finish expanding or inflating. This way, you’ll know when to check if your mattress has issues or damages that are different from its proper form. 

Like memory foam mattresses, you’ll only get the most of your Zinus bed after it finishes expanding. After all, Zinus introduces different types that also use memory foam as their primary material. We’ll talk more about these popular beds below.


Zinus Mattress How Long To Expand

How Long Does It Take For A Zinus Mattress To Expand?

If your Zinus mattress has just arrived, it can take 72 hours to finish expanding. Waiting for this period will help you experience your bed’s actual height and dimensions, but the company also said it should be sufficient to use your mattress the first night. Much like with other beds, using your Zinus mattress will hasten the decompression. 

But what if you can’t take it out of the box yet? Perhaps you’re busy with moving and unpacking, so you can’t immediately remove the Zinus mattress from its package. Ideally, you take it out as soon as possible, but it should be sufficient to keep it boxed for a week from the date it was delivered. 

How long should you wait for your mattress to finish decompressing? Zinus recommends sleeping on your bed throughout the first 48 to 73-hour period. However, you can contact their customer service if the mattress hasn’t reached its expected thickness after a week for your warranty claim.


What is a Zinus mattress?

Perhaps you’re wondering why it takes time for a Zinus mattress to expand. The reason is that it uses memory foam, which has layers that are compressed during shipping. Most memory foam beds also use this opportunity to finish off-gassing, so the user no longer smells the odor from chemicals. 

But speaking of which, you should know that Zinus mattresses use BioFoam with green tea extract, charcoal, and castor seed oil to keep the material fresh. The foam itself is even CertiPUR-US-certified, so you know that it’s safe for the health. Furthermore, Zinus is tested and has met the requirements for 1633-Federal flammability and 16 CFR Part 1632.  

You should feel confident that your bed has no formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, heavy metals, and flame retardants. But what about its longevity? According to the company, you can extend your mattress’s lifespan by rotating it but never flip it because it’s not compatible with the bed’s structure. 


How Can I Make My Mattress Expand Faster?


Take it out and use it

Three days can be a long time to wait for a mattress to reach its proper form. However, you can do several practices to shorten this period, and you might be able to decompress your bed after 48 hours. For example,  you want to unbox it within 72 hours of its arrival to help it expand quicker. 

Doing so will also help you get the most of the 100-night sleep trial from Zinus. Once you take it out, you can sleep on it the first night to open the air pockets.  


Make it warm

Some users even walk or roll on their Zinus mattress, and it should be safe. Will temperature help the material decompress? Zinus mattresses are responsive to temperature, so your body heat will help it expand even faster. 

You can also keep the room warm or use a steamer to target specific parts of your mattress. The edges and corners may take time to grow, and using a steamer to concentrate in these areas should hasten the full expansion of your bed. Overall, waiting is worth it if you’re getting a comfortable and supportive sleep, but these tips should make decompression faster. 


Do I Really Have To Wait 48 Hours For Memory Foam?

Most manufacturers don’t have specific restrictions that mention users shouldn’t sleep on their memory foam mattress if it hasn’t finished expanding or decompressing. You can roll or lie on your bed on the first day, and it shouldn’t slow down its expansion. However, there are some drawbacks you can expect. 



For one, most memory foam mattresses will off-gas, especially out of the box. You must ventilate your new memory foam mattress outside to help the chemical odor dissipate. While these fumes are not dangerous, some people may be more sensitive to off-gassing. 


Underwhelming sleep experience

It’s worth it to wait for your memory foam to finish expanding because using it before means you won’t get the intended structure. The bed may not be as conforming, and some parts may be uneven. If your posture is not ideal during sleep, you can wake up with body pain. 

Overall, the decision to wait for two days before using your memory foam mattress is up to you. As you have just read with Zinus, rolling and sleeping on their new bed will even help it decompress quicker. Just be mindful of what to expect with most memory foam products.



Zinus mattresses are one of the most common memory foam products. But do you know what to expect with Zinus mattress how long to expand? The company mentioned that it can take 48 to 72 hours, but you can sleep on it throughout this period. 

Usage and warmth should hasten the decompression as well. If it has been a week and your Zinus bed still hasn’t reached its intended thickness, you can contact their customer service. 


How To Test A Mattress

How To Test A Mattress? 4 Best Ways To Know

Suppose you’re unsure how to test a mattress, whether at the store or when browsing online; we have four practices to share! Remember that our beds are investments and we shouldn’t buy one without careful consideration. All of us deserve to get the most of our money, including the best sleep every night.

Are you curious about what to expect in this article? By the end of the reading, you’ll be familiar with what you should get and how you can test the bed according to your needs and wants. So without further ado, let us find you the best mattress!


How To Test A Mattress To Find The Best One


Know your needs and wants

Before you go to the store or browse through the internet for a bed, you have to be aware of your needs and wants. Let us start first with how you’ll know your needs in a mattress. For example, what is your sleeping position


Habits and body type

Those who sleep on their side should use a different mattress type than back sleepers and stomach sleepers. You also want to get the proper mattress for your body type to ensure that you stay well-supported throughout the night. Heavier individuals will sink quickly if they use a thinner mattress ideal for lighter people. 

Another question to ask yourself is if you have specific health conditions that must be addressed. Perhaps you need to sleep on a pressure-relieving material like memory foam. You might also be limited in mobility, so you’ll need a lower mattress to help you get in and out of bed easier. 


Size needed

Now that you know your physical health requirements, you need to consider your possible limitations in mattress sizes. For one, do you plan on sharing the bed with a spouse or family members? It should be spacious enough to be comfortable for everyone.

You also want to check the room size and if you plan on bringing the mattress for travel. Smaller rooms are better with a twin-size or full-size bed, and their dimensions are also comfortable enough to fit in the vehicle for travel. But if you have space and you won’t bring the mattress on camping and other trips, you’ll feel comfortable on a queen or even a king-size mattress. 


Personal preference

Finally, know your personal preferences in terms of comfort. This characteristic is different for every individual, so a mattress that feels comfortable to a particular user might not work for you. Some features to note are the bed’s firmness, thickness, and breathability. 



Once you have created a list of mattresses you might want to buy, you can compare them to find a clear winner. Find their common ground and how they differ, including the advantages of specific models over others. The manufacturer or retailer might also be offering something you’d like, including a better price or accessories included. 

If you are in the shop and don’t know what to ask the expert, you can start with the return policy, warranty, and sleep trial. These are all important when buying a mattress to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your purchase. You can also search for this information if you’re shopping online. 


Get physical

Since you can’t test the mattress physically if you’re shopping online, you can try to find reviews regarding these experiences. For example, a back sleeper can lie on the bed and check if there is no considerable gap between his lower back and the mattress, which means good support and lower risk of back pain. If you sleep on your side, you’ll check your spinal alignment as any curves can cause pressure over time. 

You can test the mattress as a stomach sleeper by checking for sagging when you lie in this position. You also want your shoulders not to be cramped. Remember that you must avoid very cushioned mattresses if you sleep on your stomach. 


Try snoozing

The final test you can do to the bed happens after you purchased it, and it is the sleep trial. Most brands offer returns if you’re not satisfied with your experience. Note if you feel well-rested and don’t develop muscle pain. 


What Are The Signs Of A Bad Mattress?

We all know that you must not buy the mattress if it has noticeable dents or lumps on the surface. There might also be damages on the mattress cover, or there is a pungent smell even though it looks clean. But more than a deformed structure or stinky odor, even the most expensive bed will become bad if you got the wrong one and it failed in the tests we discussed. 

If the retailer doesn’t offer reasonable return and warranty, it might also be a sign that they’re not confident with their product quality. More so, be on the lookout for their honesty regarding the mattress. If it happens to be used or has materials used, the bed should have the appropriate label to let the buyers know. 



Are you buying a new bed? In this article, we’ve taught you how to test a mattress to find the best one in the market. You have to know your needs and wants, compare, try it physically, and follow the sleep trial accordingly. 

Once the model passed these tests, you’ve hit the jackpot! If you want to know more tips, please let us know below. 


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