How to fix Base Tighter on Wooden Swivel Chair

Many things can go wrong with a wooden swivel chair. You may find that the base is loose, the seat is wobbly or even the armrests are broken.

However, there are some quick fixes for these problems that don’t require you to buy an entirely new chair!

Wooden Swivel Chair


Steps on How to Tighten the Base on Wooden Swivel Chair

Step 1. Remove the chair seat by undoing the screws on each side of it.

Step 2. Locate the base and loosen or tighten all of its bolts until you get to a point where the chair is sturdy enough that there are no more creaks when leaned back, even if rotated from front to back

Step 3. Put your seat back in place.

Step 4. Sit and lean back in your chair to test how secure it is. You may need to adjust the bolts again if you find that there are creaks or looseness when sitting up straight.

Step 5. If all else fails, dismantle the whole base by removing screws from underneath where they connect with a raised protrusion on each side of the bottom of the chair.


How do you remove a swivel base from a chair?

First, put a towel on the floor. Place your chair upside down over it and make sure any bolts or screws are sticking out of the bottom. Once you get all four bolts or screws in place, use pliers to unscrew them one by one.

You may need an extra person to help hold up the chair while you do this! The base should now come off – if not, try loosening some of the lower ones first before trying again with those at higher levels until they come loose enough for you to remove them.


How do I fix swivel chairs that have no feet?

If the chairs are missing feet, and you can’t find any replacements, try placing those items on the chair to give it a bit of support. You might be able to use books or heavy boxes for this!

If there are no options as such available, stack up enough pillows at one end of the base so that they form a sort of makeshift footstool to prop it up securely. This should make your swivel chair safe again!


How do I fix my Office Chair?

Some common problems with office chairs include screws coming loose from their threads which may need tightening or taping down using duct tape; legs becoming uneven due to wear and tear (which may require some sanding); wheel bearings becoming loose or broken, and chair backrests coming undone from their bolts.


Cleaning of Swivel Office Chairs

Cleaning your office chair

If you’re looking to clean your office chair, it’s best to do so every few months to maintain a healthy environment for yourself. This will also help prevent any built-up bacteria that can become problematic when the air quality is poor.

Check how often different types of chairs need cleaning by checking with their manufacturer on how they should be handled – as some may not require regular washing at all!

Washing Your Chair: Cleaning Office Chairs

Two methods are generally used when trying to wash an office chair: spot-cleaning (or ‘dry’ washing) and full-washing (‘wet’ washing).

Spot-cleaning is a quick and easy way to handle stains. Simply mix up some warm water in a bucket, add some liquid soap (or dishwashing detergent), then use your sponge to scrub the stool of the chair until it’s clean. Rinse with cold water and allow dry for at least one hour before using again.

Wet cleaning

Wet cleaning involves taking off armrests or any other removable parts that will make the process easier – like how you would take apart an Ikea desk so you can put it back together later!

Fill your sink halfway full with lukewarm water, add about two cups of white vinegar, then submerge all pieces fully under the surface without getting them wet on their top or bottom.

Leave to soak for at least an hour, then scrub with a sponge and rinse thoroughly under the tap (or use your hose).

Sponge Cleaning

Sponge Cleaning is when you wipe down all surfaces of the chair gently with soap water and a dry cloth or towel after placing it in warm soapy water – this can be done weekly if needed!


Dishwasher-friendly: Place armrests on the top rack of the dishwasher without getting wet, add detergent like how you would any other items. Wash on a “warm” cycle using only water and air drying afterwards as prescribed by the manufacturer’s instructions.


How do you stabilize a swivel chair?

Step 1. Tighten the bolts of the base to create a snug fit as if it’s on eggs. You can also use washers or another bolt in between two existing ones.

Step 2. Put your seat back in place and sit up straight to test how stable it is when you try turning from front to back. Adjust bolts again until it is snug to the wooden seat when sitting up.

Step 3. If all else fails, dismantle the whole base by removing screws from underneath where they connect with a raised protrusion on each side of the bottom of the chair.

Step 4. You can also use washers or another bolt in between two existing ones for more stability and tighter fit if you do not have enough space within your current bolts. This will ensure that it does not loosen over time as you are turning back and forth in your swivel chair.

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