Why Wont My Maytag Dryer Start? 5 Interesting Reasons!

Are you wondering why wont my Maytag dryer start?  Well, wonder no more. A defective dryer door latch, operational issues, a dryer not getting power, a broken dryer switch, and a burnt thermal fuse are the significant causes of not working or starting the Maytag dryer. 

If any of these components are not working correctly, your Maytag dryer will be unable to run. That’s why it’s essential to check all these dryer parts to fix this issue. Yes, my friend, it’s all true about it. So if you are interested in this topic and want to learn more, you must read this article at the end. 

why wont my Maytag dryer start

Below we have mentioned all the possible reasons and the remedy to fix this issue. For complete understanding, pay full attention to this post to make it easy for you to fix all these causes so that your dryer works properly.  Let’s have a deep look at why the won’t Maytag dryer started! 


Why Wont Your Maytag Dryer Start?

It’s an awful experience when you put the clothes in a dryer and feel that your dryer won’t run. Well, stop thinking more; why wont my Maytag dryer start? Below we have mentioned step-by-step details that will assist you in solving this problem. Let’s begin!


#1. The dryer is not getting power

Checking the Maytag dryer’s power supply is a smart way to get started if it won’t turn on. Even a gas-heated dryer requires energy to run its engine and other operations. This is how to evaluate power dynamics: Keep in mind that the wire is firmly connected to the socket. Disconnect the dryer and connect to another one to check the socket. If the gadget does not power on, the socket could be defective and will need to be tested more.  Are there any tripped breakers or blown fuses? Inspect the circuit breaker board in your home.

Rebuild all burnt fuses or restore all blown breakers. Please remember that all-electric dryers require fuses or two breakers to operate. Check whether the dryer is connected to the wall through a cable. These cables cannot properly carry the power needed for a dryer, resulting in scorching and the inability to operate the machine. Don’t ever connect the dryer and any other heavy device using an extension cable.


#2. Damaged dryer door latch

Another reason for not working on your Maytag dryer is a broken door latch. Suppose the dryer door is not shut and fastened. Provide the door with a bit of press to ensure the latch contacts, even though it looks closed. When this occurs, you will typically detect a slight pop. Examine any clothes that could prevent the door from shutting if the latch isn’t engaging. When there are no more obstructions, and the latch is not engaged, the latch might be damaged. An expert must fix a malfunctioning latch. While shutting and unlocking the dryer door, must use caution. If you bang it closed, the latch system will be damaged throughout time, and the machine will not run.


#3. Blown thermal fuse

A thermal fuse of a Maytag dryer is indeed a safety mechanism that blows if indeed the dryer is about to overheat, thereby shutting off all functioning. If you noticed that your dryer would not run after a few hits and a digital test shows no consistency, the fuse would either be burnt or malfunctioning. These fuses cannot be fixed in either situation and need to be changed. A broken thermal fuse necessitates a dryer exhaust examination even though you do not even fear scorching. Sticky stuff,  dryer sheets, or debris clogging a duct can hinder circulation and cause scorching. You may also be interested to know when a dryer fuse blows.


#4. Faulty Maytag dryer switch button

Another leading cause of not starting your Maytag dryer is a faulty switch button. There is a start button on the top of your Maytag dryer; it activates the start switch whenever you press this button, prompting the dryer motor to run correctly. If you hear no sound, your dryer switch button is damaged on pressing the start button. You can also check the continuity of the dryer switch button on the multimeter; on testing the switch, if the needle doesn’t show any movement, you just need to replace your damaged dryer switch button. 


#5. Issues with dryer operations

When some rounds and dryer functionalities are activated, they do not allow an instant beginning. The dryer will not start immediately if the wrinkle reduction method is enabled. Likewise, the Control Lock option disables all electrical capabilities, making it impossible to run the dryer. For a quick start, keep in mind that the Control Lock indicator is turned down and that you’ve chosen the timed or dry cycles. By doing this, you can fix this issue. 


It’s A Wrap!

We’re glad to hear you’ve figured out why wont my Maytag dryer start. We’ve listed all of the causes of this problem above, and by carefully studying all of them, you can solve all of them at home without hiring a professional. Read related articles; know how to test dryer motor and how long does dryer takes to dry clothes. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us to the end!

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