Why Wont My Gas Patio Heater Stay Lit? 3 Surprising Reasons!

Why wont my gas patio heater stay lit? It’s because of many factors like blizzards, windy weather, and downpour.

That is why you must keep it away from damaging weather and clean it occasionally to help it stay functional and lit up.

Why wont my gas patio heater stay lit

Nonetheless, it’s good that you can follow steps to get it back repaired and working. Cold weather can make social gatherings outdoors unappealing and uncomfortable. That’s why a gas patio heater seems to offer warmth in the indoor living areas. There is much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Why Your Gas Patio Heater Won’t Stay Lit

Below are specific reasons and solutions as to why wont my gas patio heater stay lit:


#1. Dirt that builds up in the pilot

The pilot light does not stay lit with dust, debris, and dirt on and in the pilot. Dirt, spider webs, and debris accumulate around it. The trash and dirt clog the holes and prevent the gas from flowing in the pilot orifice. The thing is, you cannot light the device up. This problem is to unscrew the emitter grid to remove the screws with a screwdriver. Pull the emitter grid out, move it aside and see it next to the burner side. Make use of an air compressor to blow the debris and spiderweb away. Test it after you clean the heater’s pilot. Please wait until it works and the gas patio heater stays lit.


#2. Loose connection in the pilot assembly and gas valve

The patio heater does not stay lit because of a loose connection in the pilot assembly and gas valve. When it gets faulty, the gas does not flow correctly in the pilot. The improper flow of gas in the pilot prevents it from staying lit up. The solution is to disassemble its access to internal components. Utilize a Phillips head screwdriver that removes the screws and pulls out an emitter grid. Check the pilot and gas valve connection. Repair it if it gets leaked or damaged so the device will work again.


#3. Poor thermocouple

A poor thermocouple is why the gas patio heater does not turn on correctly. It gets at fault because of dirt that accumulates in the thermocouple, electrical connection that gets faulty, and thermocouple that gets damaged. The solution is to disassemble the heater’s unit and clean or replace the thermocouple. Utilize a screwdriver to pull the screws out in an emitter grid. Unscrew more screws to move the box away from a wind guard. Unscrew the units also to remove the wind guard. Steel wool is helpful to remove the gunk from the thermocouple. Test the heater after and replace the gas patio thermocouple if it does not work yet.


Issues With Your Gas Patio Heater

Here are three more issues to encounter with the gas patio heater other than why won’t my gas patio heater stay lit.


#1. The pilot that does not light up

The pilot does not light up correctly because the cylinder valve does not stay close. Next, the pilot tube gets more debris and dirt accumulating alongside the defective igniter. These are issues that demand attention to get fixed. So, ensure the cylinder valve stays open. Check out the box for possible clogging and clean the tube for any possible debris and dirt. Remove the spider webs, dust, and dirt. Check out the condition of the igniter as well. Replace it if it becomes problematic. Turn the knob to a pilot position after.


#2. A burner that does not light up properly

Clogged orifice, low gas pressure, and improper control knob setting are the culprits why the burner does not light up properly. Check the device to allow it to light up. Low pressure demands cylinder replacement after. If dirt accumulates in the orifices, it lit up the burner and cleaned it with an air compressor. Set the proper control dial to its own position. You may also want to read about propane heater safety tips.


#3. The carbon does build-up

Clean the gas patio heater, or film or dirt will accumulate in the burner screen and reflector and use soapy water, including a microfiber cloth that cleans it thoroughly.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn the answers to why wont my gas patio heater stay lit? The best solution is always to clean the device that helps prevent dust, dirt, and debris as they nest around the burner and the pilot. Operate the machine for years to keep the patio toasty and warm, as this is the return as you follow the maintenance tips. Failure in lighting up the patio heater exactly gives the opposite.

Follow the steps to troubleshoot the gas patio heater, as mentioned. Better yet, hire professional help when it doesn’t turn on correctly, as this is even if you follow the guidelines already that are as provided. So, it’s up to you to perform your duties or remain worried with a gas patio heater that does not stay lit! Since it can be solved easily, do hurry and resolve it. Click on these links to read related articles; know why wont my heater turn on and how to clean a wall heater.

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