Why The Fridge Is Not Cold But The Freezer Is? 5 Best Explanations!

Are you curious and somehow worried about why the fridge is not cold but the freezer is? Well, that’s mostly the scenario between these two units. Yes, the freezer is always colder than the fridge because the goods stored here require different temperatures.

However, there are instances when your fridge isn’t operating, but your freezer is, although they’re both in the same unit. There are about five good explanations for why this situation happens.

It could be due to a broken electrical component or thermostat. Still, you have to take immediate action to prevent the food from spoiling. It’s sometimes a bummer when your soda is not refreshing, but your ice cream in the freezer is not melting. This situation will make you worried because there might be irreversible damage inside your fridge.

But don’t you worry because this article got your back. So, read on!


Why Your Fridge Is Not Cold But The Freezer Is?

The solution to a problem usually depends on the cause or how the situation occurred. So, first, we’re going to share the reasons we gathered on why the fridge is not cold but the freezer is. And we’ll figure out how to address the problem. Let’s start!


Reason #1. Defective evaporator fan

The fan is usually near the compressor and motor. And this component plays a tremendous role in cooling your fridge and providing the ideal temperature for your goods. It also assists the compressor in cooling the refrigerant. So, there will be a lot of issues when the fan malfunctions or gets stuck. Why would it stop working? Well, it might be coated in a thick layer of dirt, preventing the blades from rotating. Alternatively, the temperature in that location is lower than usual, and it is full of frost.

The most effective solution is to defrost your refrigerator. Or you can call a professional to have the fan cleaned and examined. You certainly don’t want to open the unit by yourself since it could result in severe damage.


Reason #2. The fridge door is left ajar

Your fridge door might be open the whole night, and you didn’t notice it. Meanwhile, the freezer is entirely closed, which is why the temperature is lower than the fridge. Note that leaving the fridge door open for too long will result in many serious issues such as broken components, food spoilage, and reduced fridge lifespan.

Make it a practice to check if the door is secured regularly to repair and avoid this. Also, you can examine the door seal if it’s working correctly. This seal serves as a boundary between the door and fridge unit, and it closes the gaps to prevent warm air from entering. If there are molds or dirt particles, you should replace the seal since this feature’s efficacy may be compromised.


Reason #3. A faulty temperature control board

This component is the one that you can see in the front door. It displays the current temperature of the fridge and freezer. And you can also see here the controls. If you love studying the nervous system, then think of this as the brain of your refrigerator. It can deliver information to the inner components and provide you what you need based on what you input on the board. However, if it’s broken, it can send false and mixed to the two compartments. And can also result in a functioning freezer but not a cooling fridge.

You can call a technician or the manufacturing brand for the maintenance. And whenever you buy a new fridge, don’t let children play with the board. Only press the buttons gently.


Reason #4. The thermistor fails to read the temperature correctly

The thermistor, also known as the temperature sensor, should send accurate readings to the board or engine to instantly address the problem. Have a professional examine this when there are evolving issues regarding the temperature of your fridge. Use a thermometer for the meantime and manually set the temperature on the board.


Reason #5. Frozen coils

This problem can usually evolve from a broken thermostat or door seal. The temperature in the interior components will keep getting lower and lower. As a result, frost and ice particles will cover the coils and fins.

So, these particles will prevent the air or refrigerant from passing through. In response, the fridge will only release a few amounts of cool air, and the food will not receive the needed temperature. This issue will lead to food spoilage.

If this seems to be the problem, let the fridge defrost for a couple of hours. And if it’s still not cooling, then it’s time to call the repair company. Have them examine the whole unit to identify the leading cause of the situation.


It’s A Wrap

And those are the possible reasons why the fridge is not cold but the freezer is? You don’t have to call the repair company immediately, but you shouldn’t fix the unit yourself. You can start by examining the fridge first and try the suggested methods above to fix it. We hope that you will resolve your issue as quickly as possible and that we have been of assistance.

If you have more problems with your home appliances, read why do pipes freeze on an air conditioner might help. Best of luck!

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