Why Isnt My Washer Spinning? 9 Surprising Reasons!

Why isnt my washer spinning?  There are many reasons why, and these may be due to some user-generated problems that you should address adequately. It could be due to belts that do not stretch, the carbon brushes that wear down, and electronic modules that cause it.

Indeed, it can be challenging if your washer won’t spin, especially if you needed it the most. How can you finish your laundry if that happens? I guess you may think of buying something new. But, I think it’s not practicable if you know how to fix it. 

Why isnt my washer spinning

Do not think that the root cause of the spinning problem is the control part. Better to read on further for you to know the things to do about it. It requires knowing where to search for the problems before correcting them with the washer. So, without further ado, let’s start!


Reasons Why The Washer Isn’t Spinning

Below are the reasons to consider why isnt my washer spinning:


#1. Balance direction

Balance direction is one common reason why the washer is not spinning, which often occurs every day if it is new and under warranty. It could be that the washer electronics detect some enormous load. And thus, it stops the spinning process. Keep in mind that the electronic controls are susceptible wherein there is some balance problem. That is when the machine stops the washing cycle. The right thing to do is to re-distribute the load before trying again.


#2. Blocked filters

Blocked filters are also among the causes of spinning problems along with draining. Clear the washer drain pump after you pull its filter out. But then, be extra careful as it may flood the washing room. Contact an engineer if you need some professional assistance. Do so to help solve the problem.


#3. Small coins or kids toys stuck

A washer that doesn’t drain also means to say it doesn’t spin. Find the reason for this problem as you dig deeper. Maybe, there are small coins or kids’ toys that get into the pump manifold. They are blocking the inlets or outlets where the draining issue occurs. Use a multimeter if the washer drain pump is working. Check the rotor if it is necessary.


#4. Faulty washer

Lots of problems can cause the washer not to spin other than the issues mentioned above. It’s up to you if you will resolve them on your own or call a professional. Contact a trained professional if you are unsure of what to do as he is trained in motor tachos, electronic control modules, pumps, capacitors, motors, and many more. Know that washers are not always the same. Thus, it is essential to diagnose the problem even if it is never easy.


#5. Motor trouble

A drive motor may put a spin cycle in trouble even if the washer agitation is acceptable. The spin mode of the engine burns out even if the agitation functions are working correctly. The best solution is to hire a professional for motor replacement.


#6. Defective lid switch

A defective lid switch is a problem with the top-loading washer. The lid switch signals the washer if the lid is not closed correctly. Now, if it stops its job and the washer does not spin, it means to say there is a problem which is a safety precaution to consider. Read where to buy lid switches for washers and where to buy lid switch for a Whirlpool washer.


#7. Unbalanced load

An unbalanced load is one cause why a washer is not spinning and if you clean heavy items like a pet bed, bath sheet, or comfort. Then, something is clumping into a sullen and big lump. But actually, an unbalanced load can bring about the opposite issue, like an ineffective cycle that doesn’t stop. You may be interested to know how to level a washer


#8. Motor coupler

Rubber and plastic materials are the reasons why motor couples tend to wear out. This motor couple is in the motor shaft and direct-drive transmission of the washer. The drains and water may cause the washer that does not to agitate or spin. You will hear a loud and buzzing sound soon as the washer motor is operating. Nevertheless, the coupler is expensive when replaced and costs around twenty dollars. Remove the drive motor and force the old coupler before you mount the new one.

Now, this requires you to open up the access panel, including the washer cabinet. Remove the drive motor and the drain pump as well. Then, put everything back exactly as it was a while ago. This is not a simple job as it may require repair technicians’ help. For one, it can be a challenging and dangerous job for a DIYer like you. Take note as well that electrical devices can hold an electric charge even if unplugged. Hire a professional that will replace the coupler if this is a problem with the washer. It may also be helpful to know LG washer making loud noise when spinning.


#9. Broken pump

The washer pump moves the water from the washer down the drain hose, where you fill the tub. When the water gets into the bend or loop of the drain hose due to the pump’s action, it continues down the drain. The pump that is the problem requires draining the machine before you replace the pump. A professional technician can replace the pump belt or pump after draining the tub.


It’s A Wrap!

Why isnt my washer spinning? The reasons mentioned above are for you to understand why. It would help to always rely on an experienced and trained appliance technician. You may also troubleshoot first hand before calling a repair technician. You may want to read this apartment sized washer and dryer buying guide

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