Why Isn’t My Hot Water Heater Working? 7 Best Reasons!

Why isn’t my hot water heater working? You may have asked yourself this question and understood that it’s because the water gets boiling, the water does not get hot, the device is leaking, noisy, and the pilot lights go out as always, as this is indeed an upsetting scenario.

When you’re ready to go on a hot shower, the warm water does not kick in. The first instinct is to try anything that will keep it going again. To slow down as many of the issues are not complicated and dangerous. Even DIY fixes are enough to troubleshoot the water heater problem. So, read on further.

Why isn't my hot water heater working


Why Isn’t Your Hot Water Heater Working?

So, why isn’t my hot water heater working? Here are the following reasons:


#1. Water does not get hot

This is a terrible problem why your water heater is not working, wherein the hot water flow is the same as cold water or lukewarm water. Moreover, the incorrect thermostat setting or the faulty thermocouple in the gas water heater is blamed. One more thing, the water heater has no power, or the pilot light has already gone out. The best thing to do is adjust the thermostat as necessary. Check the supply of power if this does not help solve the problem.


#2. Water gets boiling

A jostled or purposely reset thermostat gives out an even hotter water flow. That’s when you must adjust the thermostat to a more moderate setting to produce hot water. Forty-nine degrees Celsius is the just recommendation for the avoidance of scalding.


#3. Water heater leaking

A water heater that leaks are one reason why you should go in a panic. Take some time to check the leakage and where it comes, as the leaks next to the top of the heater may mean a valve problem. The thing is, it does not need a significant repair. But then, the leak in the water heater base gets more serious. The presence of a qualified plumber is good to replace the TPR or drain valve. The water heater that leaks from below require the attention of a plumber. Or else, installing a new water heater is the next on your priority.


#4. Damage in the pressure relief valve

Most water heaters come with a pressure relief valve that discharges pressure in the water tank after it gets high. When the valve above the device starts to leak, purchasing a new one is recommended. The removal and replacement of a pressure relief valve do not guarantee a complicated process.


#5. Low hot water supply

Why isn’t your hot water heater working? A crack in a dip tube may be the reason why your water heater does not work correctly. The tube engineering pushes cold water into the water tank base. When the hole starts forming inside the dip tube, the cold water supply begins to release next to the middle or top of the tank. The result is the cold water above the tank continues to the showers and faucets in the house. The problem can only be resolved only after the replacement of the dip tube. Calling a recommended technician for assistance is helpful to make the installation an easy one.


#6. Damage or loosening in the in-line valve

The water leakage above the system can quickly resolve if the problem is a loose or damaged in-line valve. The common problem is with the loosened in-line valve. This handle is on top of the tank engineered to process the activation or deactivation. The best thing is to solve the problem by securing the nut holding the in-line valve or ball in the location. The moment the leak gets severe after tightening, a visit to the hardware store is the next thing to buy a new in-line valve. You may also want to read about temperature and pressure relief valve.


#7. The water heater does not have a gas supply

The gas supply level is apparent why the water heater is not working. That is why you must evaluate the gas supply correctly if there is not enough hot water. The gas supply turns off without you knowing it, or the switch-off button has a defect. That is why you must switch the gas to a “pilot mode” and remove the cover around the burner and pilot light.


#8. Flooded compartment

A flooded compartment may mean the water already found its way into it. The water causes the device to malfunction after it reaches the thermostat.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn the answers to the question, “why isn’t my hot water heater working?” The reasons are endless as the device does not have a gas supply, a flooded compartment, damaged or loosening in the in-line valve, low hot water supply, and many more. The moment you notice any of these causes, take the time to know and fix it. Seek help from a friend or neighbor to help you improve it. Or, if things get too complicated, seek help from a professional plumber. It’s always the right thing to do to get the water heater back to working.

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