Why Is Planning A Wedding So Stressful: How To Handle

If you find yourself wondering why is planning a wedding so stressful, three things cause it. Identifying these wedding planning stress triggers will help you understand the cause and navigate and handle the pressure much more effectively.

We will also share tips on avoiding and overcoming the stress and pressure that most couples experience during wedding planning. And for those who find themselves limited with time, you can read how to plan a wedding in 3 months.  

why is planning a wedding so stressful


Why Is Planning A Wedding So Stressful: The 3 Triggers Of Wedding Planning Stress


Commitment leading to the wedding day

Weddings are undoubtedly a commitment, much like the marriage itself. And with any responsibility in life, it’s expected to feel pressured and stressed while anticipating and preparing for it. 

One of the root causes of wedding planning stress is the commitment that starts a year before the wedding day itself. Remember that wedding planning should start one year before your chosen wedding date, and this duration can cause couples to imagine scenarios that can stress them out. 

It would be best if you dedicated time to finding the perfect venue, vendors, wedding theme, wedding outfits, and even finalizing the guest list. The fact that you’ll need to prepare and plan for one thing after another can feel overwhelming, and you’ll think that there’s no looking back now since you started and accomplished other wedding needs. 


Budget and things to get for the wedding 

Besides the commitment, the budget for the wedding can cause stress for the couple. The budget is the first thing set when wedding planning because it dictates the wedding’s capacity and limitations. 

If you often find yourself compromising, replacing, or leaving something you’d like for the wedding because of the budget limitation, you will feel stressed out since you’re not getting what you imagined to have. This is why some couples opt to hire a wedding planner, so this professional will do the budgeting for them. 

You might find your wedding budget getting smaller and smaller while you still haven’t booked or bought some wedding essentials. It might also cause friction between you and your partner, especially if one person feels the compromises on their side are plenty more than the other. 

Here is how to pay for a wedding to alleviate some budgeting stress. 


Expectations to make on weddings 

Whenever you’re feeling stressed, and it’s causing a lot of misunderstandings and arguments between you and your partner, take a step back and reevaluate why you’re feeling that way. Wedding planning is also exciting, which means your feelings are high. 

You have probably imagined a wedding, which led to expectations. But as reality sets in where you must consider your partner, the wedding budget, and other wedding elements, you’re not getting your expectations. 

This will, of course, lead to stress and worries because you’re not getting what you want. You might also feel disappointed with yourself, and things seem out of control to get your desired outcome. 


What Is The Most Stressful Part Of Wedding Planning?



The wedding budget can be very stressful, and some would argue that it’s the most stressful and leading cause of wedding planning anxiety and other negative emotions. After all, the budget dictates what you can get for your wedding. 

If you already set a dream wedding in your head, this leads to expectations. And as your wedding budget gets consumed by different things throughout the wedding planning process, you can feel stressed because it seems like you won’t have enough. 


Guest list

Another stressful part of wedding planning is the guest list. For example, you might have a big family, but your budget and preference are suitable for an intimate wedding with under 50 guests.

Understandably, it will feel stressful to communicate this desire to relatives expecting to be invited. Finally, a source of irritability regarding the guest list is when some people do not respond quickly or if they assume they can bring a plus-one without asking. 

Read how to have a small wedding with a big family to tackle one of the most common sources of wedding stress. 


How To Deal With Wedding Planning Stress?

  • Remember that life is not going out of its way not to give you what you want
  • Always take a step back and reevaluate the situation before making any decision
  • When arguing with your partner, do not raise your voice and instead communicate why you feel that way and remain open-minded to your partner’s response
  • Dedicate some quiet days or date nights for relaxation
  • Make sure that both your needs are met to avoid having one person feel neglected with their wedding preferences
  • Set a wedding budget and stick to it no matter what happens
  • Remember your wins throughout the planning process
  • Be firm with your choices, especially when people are giving unsolicited opinions or advice



And that’s it! The reason why is planning a wedding so stressful comes from three factors: commitment, budget, and expectations during wedding planning. 

The guest list is another potential stress trigger because you don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings but still set your boundaries. We hope our tips above can help you; let us know how you handle wedding stress below.

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