Why Is My Window Air Conditioner Leaking? 7 Surprising Reasons!

Today, we are going to ponder on the question, “why is my window air conditioner leaking?  There are about seven possible reasons that explain this phenomenon, and we’re going to tackle each of them.

Hearing leaks inside your unit or water flowing down your walls will surely make you panic.

why is my window air conditioner leaking

And we would think that there is something wrong with your AC.  We are confident that we could resolve your issue, but first, you must determine what is causing it. So, this article will provide you all the knowledge you need to know about your window air conditioner.  Read on!


Reasons That Explains Why Window Air Conditioner Leaking

If you’re some who owns a window AC, you will notice that your unit leaks water on the outer side. So, that’s common, and you don’t need to panic. But it would be best if you still had it fixed.

You can call in a professional to have your AC checked and fixed. However, with the aid of this instruction, you can do it yourself. So, we have gathered some of the most common reasons behind your question, “why is my window air conditioner leaking?”  And here they are:


Reason #1. The condensation drain is blocked

The majority of individuals believe that we can efficiently address this reason. Note that our AC removes moisture from the air in our room. And this would result in water through the process of condensation.

More moisture means more water in the condensation pan.

There is a condensation drain in our unit, which connects the drain line and the pan. So, when it’s clogged with dirt and other particles, the water won’t flow. And the pan will eventually become full, and it would spill, resulting in leakage.


Reason #2. Your AC is low in refrigerant or Freon

This reason causes more leakage than other reasons mentioned. But among all of them, this situation is the most dangerous to fix. If your unit is low in Freon, you can observe your condenser and pipes covered in frost. Or there’s a pool of water on the floor beneath your AC.

Because the refrigerant coil is generally situated in the front portion of your unit, it leaks on the interior side.

Freon should technically last about 20 or more years. But if the passages are broken, the amount of refrigerant will decrease. If you plan on recharging your unit with Freon, we suggest that you let a professional perform the procedure for safety measures.


Reason #3. Cables or other electrical components are damaged

Leakage is the most common result if there are any broken components inside your AC.  When the passages or cables where your Freon runs are torn, the chemical might leak from the equipment. A broken or clogged drainage system would also result in spillage.


Reason #4. There’s a hole in the condensation pan

Similar to the previous reason, a broken condensation pan would result in moderate or severe leakage.  This pan holds the water from the moisture absorbed in the indoor air.

If the pan is not placed correctly or a hole or dent in it, water will most likely leak through it. The worst part is it would flow through other electrical components and might cause further damage.

You might ask, “why would there be a hole in my pan.” Well, if your unit is about ten years old, its exposure to water might cause it to rust.  Or it was punctured when you installed it.


Reason #5. Frozen condenser coils and pipes

This reason evolved from the second reason, which is your air conditioner being low in refrigerant.  A low quantity of Freon would result in frozen coils and pipes. Again, it shows the freezing and melting process.

This freezing situation is the most common effect when you don’t have enough Freon.  Once you’ve observed leakage, then the ice particles might have melted.

This situation can also result from dirt accumulation in your filter. The filthy particles would prevent the hot air from your room to enter the refrigerant coil. Poor airflow would cause the refrigerant cables to freeze as well as the evaporator coils.  After some time, they would usually melt and cause water leakage.


Reason #6. Defective condensation pump

This situation is usually common for window ACs placed near the ground surface. And these types mostly have condensate pumps. These pumps are responsible for draining the water in the condensation pan. Some air conditioners use them rather than drain lines. It pumps the water to the surface. So, if it’s not functioning well, the pan will be loaded and eventually spill.  That would explain the leakage from this cause.


Reason #7. Improper installation

This reason rarely happens since professionals and technicians certainly know what to do to install window ACs properly. However, there might be a few problems if you attached them yourself or someone in your household that lacks experience with this equipment.

If you have observed leakage after installing or relocating your window AC, you should redo the process. You should consult a professional if there’s no difference after redoing the installation. For example, there might be problems inside the unit.


It’s A Wrap

And that concludes the article, “why is my window air conditioner leaking?”  There are several ways to fix this problem, but you should know the cause first. With this, it would be easier for you and your technician to develop a solution.  We hope you will find a way to solve your problem soon!

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