Why Is My Whirlpool Dryer Squeaking? 5 Interesting Reasons!

Are you worried about why is my whirlpool dryer squeaking? This sound might be irritating, but there was no need to be concerned if your dryer is still functioning correctly. 

The cause is frequently unbalanced dryer legs and loose screws, which must be secured or fixed. Part failures such as a worn-out drum roller broken drive belt, on the other hand, may necessitate replacing.

why is my whirlpool dryer squeaking

Use these troubleshooting techniques to figure out how to fix a noisy dryer. When using your whirlpool dryer, it is possible that it can start to squeak. If this is the case, you must perform a few measures to resolve the problem. Minor difficulties are most likely to blame for the loudness. Have you heard squeaking from your Whirlpool dryer? It might be due to uneven dryer legs or unsecured screws. Learn how to solve it and keep it from happening again. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Why Is Whirlpool Dryer Squeaking?

Whenever a dryer squeaks, most people think the noise comes from inside the machine. In reality, the cause of a squeak is almost often external, enabling minor repairs straightforwardly. Here’s why is my whirlpool dryer squeaking; let’s dig into all the reasons one by one:


#1. Loosen screws 

Loose screws vibrating and scraping against the drum might make a Whirlpool dryer squeak. Retighten any loose screws in that region with a wrench. If the dryer is still squeaking,  look for any pieces rubbing together. Keep in mind no cables or belts are pressing with the interior of the machine or drum.


#2. The door felt seal is loose

A creaky door is frequently the source of the whirlpool dryer’s squeak. Whenever the door slides over the period, it may collide with metal pieces within the dryer, resulting in noise. The issue is that slight motions produce loud noises, which might irritate many users. After some days, try to grease the hinges; this reduces the rattling of the dryer. Many dryer doors used to make squeaky sounds as either closed or opened. Because of this, there must usually be a few bits of felt seal in the dryer door pocket to keep the door from sliding against the gaskets and generating those awful noises.

However, those felt bits break down over time and therefore become flat.  You’ll need to replace the felt on the dryer door when you notice it’s getting worn out. Start by cutting all-around corners of the door with a box cutter or razor blade, then prying out the rest using a pry bar. To prepare the dryer door for new felt, eliminate any residual adhesive and polish the surface using fine-grit sandpaper. Replace the felt with high-heat glue, let 1 minute for it to cure, then apply the felt other half. You can get rid of squeaking sounds from your whirlpool dryer. 


#3. Unbalanced dryer

The squeaking of your Whirlpool dryer indicates that your dryer’s legs are unbalanced, producing lots of friction and emitting a persistent noise. This can happen when the floor under the dryer isn’t flat, or the legs aren’t securely fastened to the floor. This sound indicates that one or more dryer legs are unequal, implying that the dryer will move as it functions. Monitor the level of the dryer with a balancing tool to repair this. To help minimize noise, set the leveling bolts on your Whirlpool dryer legs. Ensure that all four legs are equally spaced on the ground.


#4. Worn-out belt

Now let us assume you notice squeaking from your dryer’s top. This is most likely due to an issue with the whirlpool dryer belt. If the dryer makes a squeaking noise, the case is still most certainly the dryer belt. The drum is rotated by the belt wrapping around it. If it malfunctions or breaks out, this could disrupt the dryer’s operation, put extra pressure on the engine, and affect the efficiency of energy. It’s better to upgrade the dryer belt if it is old or broken. When the belt wears down and gets loose, it might injure the engine, resulting in a squeaky noise. You may also be interested to know about dryer tips don’t ignore a noisy dryer.


#5. Worn dryer idler pulley 

There are two typical sources of squeaking emanating from near the dryer’s floor. It could be a problem with the idler pulley or the motor. A dryer’s idler pulley is a small, circular disc made of metal connected to the belt.   It’s time to oil it if your dryer is squeaking. Squeaky noises can also be heard coming from the motor. The dryer’s Idler pulleys move the dryer drum belt and keep it tight. A damaged or worn idler pulley could be causing a squeaking or scraping noise in the dryer. The idler pulley could also grow tight patches, causing squeaks and perhaps worsening the damage to other elements of your whirlpool dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that we have given you the answer to why is my whirlpool dryer squeaking, and you understand all the reasons we’ve described above. If you know all these reasons, you can fix this problem at home without hiring a professional. Click on these links to read related articles; know what amp breaker for dryer and how to remove a gas dryer. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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