Why Is My Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating? 7 Surprising Reasons!

If you are finding damp or slightly moist clothes in your dryer you must be wondering why is my whirlpool dryer not heating? You don’t need to worry. There can be a few issues with your dryer that is causing it to heat slowly or not heat at all.  

Whirlpool is famous for its good quality electrical appliances. These appliances like a dryer, refrigerator and washing machine have good reviews among the users. Typically, the dryer can last for ten or twelve years. When your dryer has minor issues like not heating, you must look for ways to repair it instead of replacing it. 

why is my whirlpool dryer not heating

The dryer is the essential appliance of any household. It saves time and space. If the dryer fails to perform its job, you might be questioning its worth. Usually, the dryer has issues due to poor maintenance. Deep cleaning and replacement of worn-out parts are essential to make your dryer last for a longer period. 


Reasons For Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating 

All the causes given below will answer your question: why is my whirlpool dryer not heating?


Cause #1. Blown thermal fuse 

The most common cause of dryer, not heating is the blown thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is the essential component of the dryer. It is a safety component that prevents the dryer from becoming too hot. The thermal fuse is placed on the heating element of the dryer. 

The heating source in an electrical dryer is the blower housing and, in the gas dryer, it is a burner. The thermal fuse must have a continuous electrical channel for it to function. When the fuse is blown the electrical path is broken. The disturbance in the electrical path causes the fuse to overheat as there is no continuous current. You can check the thermal fuse with the millimeter. A blown thermal fuse indicates the clogged vent of the dryer. Before repairing or replacing the thermal fuse clean the dryer vent as well. Here is how to bypass a thermal fuse on an electric dryer.


Cause #2. Broken circuit breaker 

Most dryers need two circuit breakers to run. When one breaker is broken the other one will continue to work. Whenever there is a blown circuit breaker, it will not get enough current to function. To fix this issue simply switch on and off the circuit breaker.


Cause #3. Poor gas connection 

There must be a continuous gas supply to the dryer for it to operate. Before running your dryer, ensure that it has a proper gas connection. You may want to know why does my dryer smell like gas and how to disconnect a gas dryer


Cause #4. Damaged solenoid coils 

The gas whirlpool dryer has two or more gas solenoid coils. The gas valve solenoids open the gas valve ports to enable gas to enter into the burner’s unit. The dryer will not heat if the gas valve solenoids are damaged. Examine the ignitor to find out the damaged solenoids. If the ignitor fails to ignite the gas and goes on and off, it confirms the damaged solenoids. It is recommended to replace the damaged solenoids. 


Cause #5. Faulty ignitor  

The whirlpool dryer might not heat due to a faulty ignitor. The ignitor ignites the gas in the burner using heat. When the ignitor fails to work, the gas will not ignite and, your dryer will not operate. To check the ignitor, use a millimeter. If the ignitor is damaged, replace it. 


Cause #6. Clog lint trap

Another common cause of the whirlpool dryer, not heating is a clogged lint trap. When the dryer is not heating or heating slowly and, you are finding damp clothes at the end of the cycle, it is recommended to clean the lint trap. When the lint clogs in the lint trap, the moisture is trapped inside the dryer. Therefore, the dryer takes a long time to dry the clothes. 

It is essential to clean the lint trap at least once a month because the lint can clog the other parts of the dryer. Lint is flammable and can cause a fire. Therefore, cleaning the lint trap is necessary. Pull out the lint trap and clean it using soap and water.  


Cause #7. Clog vent 

The lint can also clog the vent hose of the dryer. It is recommended to clean the vent at least once in four months. The blocked vent pipe leads to trapping moisture and no ventilation in the dryer. This causes the dryer to take a long time than usual to dry the clothes.   

To clean the vent, pull it out from the exhaust hood. Use a vacuum to clean the vent and the exhaust hood. To clear away all the debris and lint from the vent, you will have to clean it again using a brush.   

Use a stiff brush that is in the vent cleaning kit. Connect the brush to the power drill. Slowly push the end of the brush into the vent. Slide the brush deep into the vent. Ensure that you clean the vent thoroughly so that there is no lint clog left. 


It’s A Wrap! 

At this point, you should know the answer to why is my whirlpool dryer not heating. Before fixing the issue, you must identify the cause. If you cannot fix the heating problem with the dryer, call a professional. Remember that proper maintenance is necessary to operate the dryer.

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