Why Is My Samsung Fridge Not Making Ice? 5 Surprising Issues!

Does your ice tray always seem empty and asked, “why is my Samsung fridge not making ice?” There are about five reasons behind this situation. This article will guide you on what regions of your fridge you will check and examine first. And if a particular component works just fine, then there are still other causes to unveil.

You’re probably here because you’re about to get a handful of ice cubes to make your drink refreshing, but there’s nothing on the tray. This situation should be understandable if your fridge doesn’t have an ice maker and you need to fill in the ice mold manually.

Unfortunately, your Samsung fridge has a water and ice dispenser, and there’s possibly a problem for this to happen.

But don’t worry because we’ll guide you through possible issues s that you can check and see any slight differences. So, why are we still waiting? Let’s solve this problem and figure out how to fix it.


Why Is Your Samsung Fridge Not Making Ice

We shouldn’t conclude something is wrong just because it isn’t working well. We might embarrass ourselves if we call a professional technician and find out that we didn’t turn on the ice maker. So, we gathered all of the possible components that might have issues that affected your ice maker. And these could address your question, “why is my Samsung fridge not making ice?”


Concern #1. The ice maker button is off

The control board should be the first item you check. You can see here the various settings, as well as the temperature for the fridge and freezer. It also includes the controls for the ice maker. You can check the manual for its symbol.

Most Samsung refrigerators have more specific controls. Instead of just pressing the ice button to turn on and off, you have the options: crushed, cubed, and no ice. So, recall if what ice type you input in the fridge.


Concern #2. The water filter needs changing

Since you’re already examining the control board, you might want to check if the filter symbol turned red. If yes, then you’re fridge is not making ice because the water filter needs changing. You can also determine if this is the issue when there’s no water coming out of your dispenser.

Don’t wait any further and directly replace the filter. It might be full of dirt, or it’s starting to lose its function. The filter looks like a canister tube, and you can remove the old filter from the unit and replace it with a new clean one. In a Samsung fridge, the filter is usually near the fresh food crisper.


Concern #3. Water supply valve

If you have the ice maker’s correct setting, we’ll proceed to the next one. Since modern refrigerators with dispensers give you water and ice supply automatically, it also needs a water source to operate. And to make it more convenient for you, there should be a valve to control the water flow because if there’s none, you might risk flooding your home and increase the water bill.

Check if the valve is on. If you don’t know which direction you should turn, you can try the trial and error method. Twist it 90 degrees to one side and check if there’s water flow. If none, then you can turn it back and check if there’s a difference. If both directions don’t provide you with a good water flow, you should contact a plumber or the water supply company.


Concern #4. Water pressure

This issue is next in line if you have sufficient water flow in one direction of the valve. Even though the water is flowing, you should also consider the pressure level. If it’s not strong enough, it could not travel to elevating pipes.

And we can also associate this issue with the valve. If the valve is not fully on, the pressure will be low. So, you might want to try switching it to full 90 degrees. Or there could still be other factors that affect the pressure level, which we’ll discuss soon.


Concern #5. Clogged water line

If you have poor water flow, there might be an object stuck to the waterline. And this blocks the water from flowing. When you’re about to check this issue, you might want to adjust the valve to turn it off or lower the pressure. Turning it off will prevent any severe damage to your unit and home. The water line might tear or burst if it flows at high pressure and the object entirely blocks it from passing through. To examine this, you can feel the exposed pipes and check if there’s something hard.

If the object is near the pipe connector, you can simply disconnect it and reach for the item. Or use the high-pressure water to force the object out of the tube. However, if it’s hard to approach, you can put pressure on its side and push it out the opening. Or call a plumber to have it checked.



And those are the possible concerns that could answer your question, “why is my Samsung fridge not making ice?” If none of these suggestions fix your ice maker, it’s time to call your manufacturing company or someone certified to fix home appliances. We hope we addressed the issue you brought up.

Let’s hope that you’ll identify the cause and have it addressed asap. You can turn the ice maker off in the meantime to prevent further damage. Check why is your air conditioner not working for more helpful guides. All the best!

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