Why Is My Puffy Mattress So Hot: Check 3 Factors

If you’re curious why is my Puffy mattress so hot, you have three reasons to check. This article will tackle how mattress construction influences its heat retention. Furthermore, we’ll explain how your body temperature and the room itself can make the mattress feel hotter than usual. 

Did you know what kind of mattress cover to use on a Puffy mattress as well? Consider familiarizing yourself with mattress accessories and bedding because they can also help with temperature regulation. 

why is my puffy mattress so hot


Is Puffy Mattress Hot?


Foam mattress construction

Puffy mattress uses memory foam, which is known for feeling hot compared to other materials. But before you feel disappointed, please expect that Puffy already planned to solve this common issue with memory foam. The second and third layers of the Puffy mattress are designed to prevent heat retention. 

You can expect to get a breathable and cool sleeping surface because the second layer of the Puffy mattress is a two-inch gel-infused memory foam, while the third layer is a two-inch cooling foam. These are not traditional memory foams that transfer heat to the sleeper. But if you notice that your foam bed is not up to Puffy’s promise of cool sleep, learn how to take advantage of the Puffy mattress warranty.


Room temperature

After confirming that the Puffy mattress should not feel hot because of its cooling layers that draw heat away from the sleeper, the next factor to check is the room itself. Even if your bed is designed to be breathable and cool, you still want to keep your room at a comfortable temperature. The best temperature for sleep is between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit, so maintain your bedroom within this range. 

You can improve the temperature in your room by maintaining good ventilation and air circulation. For example, try opening the windows, place a circulating fan pointed to the bed, or turn on the AC during the summer months, primarily if your area is known for sweltering summers. Consider placing a thermostat in the room as well to monitor the indoor conditions much more straightforwardly. 

What if you decided to relocate? We have also written a guide on how to repack the Puffy mattress, so feel free to read that before your moving date.


Body temperature

If the room condition is not to blame for your hot Puffy mattress, then perhaps you need to monitor and cool your body instead. For example, take a shower before you go to bed to help lower your body temperature and make you feel much cooler for sleep. As a bonus, a quick shower will promote relaxation while also helping you keep a clean bed since your body is free of dirt and oils. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to wear comfortable clothing made of breathable and lightweight materials such as cotton. Some people feel much hotter than others, so you must adjust and do practices to lower your body temperature. And finally, avoid heavy meals before bedtime because metabolism can raise your body temperature. 


My Puffy mattress sits in a box-like frame, why is it so hot?

The Puffy mattress is compatible with all sleeping surfaces, ranging from box springs, slatted frames, platform bases to adjustable bases. But if you place your Puffy mattress on a frame that’s supposed to promote better air circulation and it still feels hot, consider the room temperature or your body condition. Puffy already designed their bed to promote a cool sleeping surface, so you must monitor the room temperature or if it’s you who feels hot. 


Is The Puffy Mattress Cooling?

If you learn more about what a Puffy mattress is, you’ll find out that one of the company’s goals when creating this product is to promote a cool sleep. And the brand managed to achieve this with their bed because they use gel-infused memory foam and cooling foam layers for the mattress construction. But if you want the ultimate temperature-regulated sleeping experience, Puffy also has the hybrid Puffy Royal.


Puffy Royal

The Puffy Royal is a hybrid mattress with exclusive features that ensure a cool sleeping surface. For starters, its top layer is a one and half-inch material infused with cooling beads. Additionally, it has two inches of humidity-resistant layer called the Climate Comfort foam. 

And perhaps the most significant cooling feature of the Puffy Royal is the Cloud Air Technology foam. Not only does it control heat absorption and airflow, but it also sculpts the user’s body for cool support. 


Does A Mattress Cover Make The Bed Hotter?

The mattress cover can make the bed feel hotter, especially if it’s not soft and breathable. Opt for lightweight and cool materials such as cotton instead. Puffy also has a bamboo mattress protector that they designed to promote breathability for the bed.



Did this article give you the answer you need? To recap why is my Puffy mattress so hot, we found out that the bed is not to blame. Puffy designed their mattress to feel cool by using cooling layers. 

Therefore, you must check the room conditions themselves because it might be the one feeling hot. If not, you may need to lower your body temperature by taking a shower, wearing comfortable clothes, and not eating before bed. Overall, we hope this was a helpful read, but feel free to leave us any questions below. 

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