Why Is My Pressure Washer Not Building Pressure? 7 Surprising Reasons!

Why is my pressure washer not building pressure? It is because of problems like dirt in its pump, air in its system, worn pump, hot water in the cold water type of pump, engine problems, seized pressure pump, pressure regulator issues, and unloader valve issues; these are problems you might encounter with using the pressure washer.

Indeed, the pressure washer pump may not produce pressure but only erratic pressure. Plus, it may lose its pressure or create a low volume of water as anything seems possible. So try to check out its parts and if problems still exist, read the manual that will serve as a guide.

Why is my pressure washer not building pressure


Why Is Your Pressure Washer Not Building Pressure?

I know you want to know the answer to your question: why is my pressure washer not building pressure? Below is the answer and the right solution that concerns why the pressure washer does not build enough pressure.


#1. Air in its system

Low pressure, vibration, and shuddering are the causes of air in its system. The problem is due to the water pickup and the pressure washer pump. Vacuum on its suction side occurs, which becomes an issue with the pressure washer sucking water. Check hose and fittings for some possible damages. Better yet, replace them when you see problems or leaks.


#2. Worn pump

It is never an issue if you do not often use the pressure washer that much. But, premature wear occurs because of the wrong oil or lubricant, not doing an oil change, operating the washer without water, and getting the water to reach the pump housing. In the case of a worn pump, pump replacement from a qualified technician is the answer.


#3. Engine problems

The problem is with the pressure washer engine if the engine does not throttle up. Or, you operate the pressure washer with no high-pressure type of hose attached to it. It is the governor that responds to the loads applied. Once you pull this with an increase in water pressure, the problem is now with its governor. The problem is the engine that runs without increasing water flow or water pressure at the pump. You may also want to read about why wont my pressure washer start


#4. Hot water in the cold water type of pump

Some pressure washers only use cold water. When used for other purposes, it may be damaged or not work at all. If you still insist on using it on hot water, it will not produce any pressure or just lower pressure. No sporadic vibrations or water flow will occur from it.


#5. Pressure regulator issues

The regulator works well to redirect the flow of water and maintain the pressure. However, it will not flow back the water to its pump. As you install the regulator and the pressure washer loses its water pressure, adjust its regulator then. Thus, water flow is allowed through it. Replace it if possible, or it may lose its ability to maintain water under such pressure.


#6. Unloader valve issues

The primary function of the unloader valve is to push the water flow through the pump if the water does not expel from its nozzle. Therefore, the unloader valve is helpful to increase or decrease water pressure from its nozzle. For some loss of pressure, check the nozzles on its trigger wand if they are worn. Replace them before the unloader valve is adjusted. If certain adjustments do not fix the issue, the unloader valve needs some replacement or repair.


#7. Seized pressure pump

A seized pressure pump is one reason for damaged insides. This problem comes after you operate the pump with no oil. You did not change the oil as required. Better to change its oil if you can solve the problem. If you want, seek help from a technician. Also, read about what kind of oil for pressure washer pump


Signs That A Pressure Washer Pump Is Damaged

Several signs can signal if it is a damaged pressure washer pump. The common symptoms include pulsating output type of pressure, leak, & low pressure in its output. The leak is the number one cause of damaged or worn pump seals. If there is pulsating pressure, it is a sign of no adequate water in its pump.


Chances To Fix Pressure Washer Pump

The pump is irreplaceable even if you wish to use any pump. It just does not fit. Better yet, determine if the pressure washer has a triplex pump or axial pump. The axial cam pump is just less costly. It also brings about PSI that handles most of the homeowner jobs. The problem is that they do not last that long. Read about how to start a pressure washer.


Life Expectancy Of Pressure Washer Pump

The pressure washer pump has an expected life expectancy of about sixty to one hundred hours. But a higher quality pressure washer can go as five hundred hours for the pump life expectancy. But, the average household makes use of a water pressure washer for fifty hours a year.


It’s A Wrap!

There are lots of reasons why is my pressure washer not building pressure. And you often normally encounter them, as mentioned, like the dirt in the pump. Or, it could be due to an engine not being able to throttle up. But if you troubleshoot them already, you have to continue to search for the core problem. Better to manage it accordingly with the suggested tips above!

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