Why Is My Pressure Washer Leaking Water From The Bottom? 5 Surprising Reasons!

Are you looking for why is my pressure washer leaking water from the bottom? If you noticed that the water is leaking directly from the pressure washer pump and the pump has no visible defects (including a break), the internal piston seals are most likely damaged or cracked.

A leaky pump indicates that one or maybe more piston seals have cracked or deteriorated, allowing water to move.

Yes, my friends, it’s all true about it. Keep in mind that any leak from your electric power washer also causes a severe injury to yourself. That’s why it is crucial to inspect the issue, to fix this problem. So if you are interested in t5his article and want to learn in detail why a pressure washer leaks the water, continue reading this article at the end. Below we have mentioned the causes and the remedy to fix this issue. Let’s have a deep look at it!


What Causes Pressure Washer Leaking Water From The Bottom?

Stop thinking more why is my pressure washer leaking water from the bottom? Below we have mentioned all the possible reasons due to which this problem. Let’s start the party!


#1. A damaged inlet seal

The purpose of the inlet seals is to keep the water intake inlet sealed. If a hose is connected, it is tightened further into the inlet coupler, securing the hose and preventing water from leaking out. That link (as well as the seal within it) may break or crack over the period. If the liquid is leaking out from the link between the inlet and hoses of the power washer, the sealing and perhaps the connection just on the inlet have probably been damaged and must be changed. It will be pretty simple to repair and replace the gasket or relationship.


#2. Piston seal

The internal piston seals are often severely damaged if your power washer starts losing water straight from the pump because there is no obvious breakage (including a crack). To pull water out from intake, push it outside the outlet. The pump contains pistons that provide pressure. Such pistons should remain sealed for the pumps to pressurize the water appropriately. A leaking pump means one or all piston seals have broken or degraded, causing water to flow out. 

If that’s the situation, detach the pump from its casing and inspect the o-rings or pistons covering the pistons. If some o-rings are broken, old, or even out of line, replace or repair them when they’re in good shape.

Here are the symptoms of bad piston rings.


#3. A cracked pump

If water is left inside a power washer’s pump and cools down, the pump may burst. The cold water spreads, damaging the pump’s seal and tendency to overfill the water. Your washer’s pump might have to be changed if it appears to be fractured. A cracked pump must be changed instead of wasting time on repairing the damaged pump. I guess it’s helpful to read about how to change pressure washer pump oil and what kind of oil for pressure washer pump.


#4. Damaged outlet

The outlet seal protects the connection between the pump and the high-pressure hose that distributes water to the trigger wand. Water will most likely leak directly from the hose connection if the outlet seal is compromised. The whole coupling should be replaced if the outlet coupling is damaged or cracked. If you notice that the collar is still working, the problem should be resolved by changing the o-ring within it. A new o-ring is a reasonably quick and low-cost fix.


#5. Faulty thermal release valve

One of the most common reasons for leaking water from the bottom of the pressure washer is the faulty thermal release valve, which prevents the solution within the pump at a moderate heating range to avoid overheating, which can be produced by the pump’s recirculating water. If the water is not released from the pressure washer, the water is recirculated inside the pump system to maintain pressure, which heats the water. Allowing the water inside the pump to grow hot can weaken the sealing within the pump, resulting in catastrophic injury. 

A thermal release valve is located in the pump system at the bottom of most power washers, and it is meant to evacuate water from the pump system when it becomes too hot. If the thermal release valves seal is weakened, moisture may escape continually, causing the pressure washer to reduce the water pressure jet. Because of the regular use of the thermal release valve, it may be broken down and cause the pressure washer to leak water from the bottom. When this issue occurs, it is time to replace it instead of repairing it.

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It’s A Wrap!

We were hoping that reading this article is just fun for you, and from this post, you all will learn why is my pressure washer leaking water from the bottom? Above we have mentioned all the possible reasons for this problem. By fixing these causes, you can quickly fix this problem at home. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end, and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you like this article. 

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