Why Is My Portable Heater Blowing Cold Air? 6 Surprising Reasons!

Are you wondering why is my portable heater blowing cold air? Well, wonder no more; you come to the right place because we’re here to help you out. Clogged air intake, blocked air outlets, thermostat setting, loose wiring, and broken heating elements are the common causes of this prole. 

Room heaters are essential gadgets since they retain heat and make us comfy throughout the cold season. Such devices should run well during the winter season and should not cause any issues if kept clean.

But, sometimes you might detect a problem, one of which is the portable heater is blowing cold air. However, there are some causes why the electric heater isn’t working, ut you can fix them easily and quickly at home. You may not have to engage an expert to complete the task. There might be several causes for this, listed below, and possible quick fixes. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Why Is Portable Heater Blowing Cold Air?

It is pretty common for heaters to break down. However, a heater that isn’t working and a heater that is truly pumping frigid air on a winter day are two distinct realities. Situations get critical when it relates to electric heaters that blow cold air. It seems as if the heater has just one task and failed miserably. Here’s why is my portable heater blowing cold air along with solutions.


#1. No time to heat up

Ensure that cold air moves as soon as the heater is switched on. When air conditioners or heaters are switched on, they naturally push out room temperature air as the air flows from the ducts and into the environment. As a result, cold air may emerge from the heater shortly after being switched on. Just you have to perform is wait for the systems to heat up. This should inevitably start to blast warm air outside.  As a result, don’t assume things. Allow enough time for the heater to warm it up, and the issue will be resolved.


#2. Thermostat setting issues

If you’re still getting cold air from your portable heater, the problem may be with the thermostat. Why? You are free to inquire. To begin with, the thermostat might be adjusted to various temperatures, which would explain your shaking. Or you may have unintentionally activated the fan that is programmed to run continually. Whenever the heater is switched off, the thermostat can emit cold air.

If that’s not the situation, inspect the batteries since dead batteries might cause the thermostat to function erroneously. So do not be alarmed, friend. Thermostat problems are rather frequent, and they are relatively simple to resolve. However, make sure to stick to the thumb rule. Adjust the thermostat to a higher temperature than your house’s existing temperature.


#3. Failed heating sensor

Your electric heater’s heat sensor ensures that it provides heat. It is, thus, the heart and soul of the overall heating unit. The heat sensor, for example, switches off the blower fan after your heater successfully warmed your house to the temperature set by the thermostat. If the heater heat sensor fails, the blower fan will not switch off, allowing the heater to keep to blast chilly air. Take a look at the temperature of your thermostat and the temperature of the air around you. If the temperatures vary, you’ll have to change the sensor. With the aid of an HVAC specialist, you can replace it. You may also be interested to know about the common space heater issue.


#4. Broken heating element

Over time, the heating element may deteriorate, especially if used often at an elevated temperature. However, damage should not pose an issue within an acceptable warranty term. Portable electric heaters have a warranty of up to two years. Falling the portable heater might result in the heating coil being damaged. A forceful hit might dislodge it. You can hear things knocking about within when the machine is lightly shaken. You can’t repair this on your own.


#5. Problem with heater

The basics of operation for an electric heater are the same as for any other equipment. An overheated heater can compare to how your smartphone’s battery might warm up and cause phone troubles. It’s good to check if your heater is operating correctly if it suddenly stops blowing hot air after a brief period or begins emitting cold air. Engineers embedded automated limit switches which turn the heat-generating heater off to safeguard the heater from completely failing. If your heater doesn’t seem to be producing any heat, it’s preferable to get it maintained by specialists, particularly if changing the filters hasn’t helped.


#6. Faulty ductwork

There is no need to disassemble your heater to fix this problem. Leaky ducts may be endangered your home’s heating system. Whether or not the heater is switched on, cold air from the vents will automatically keep the room cooler. The only way to address this is to make sure your ducts have no holes.


It’s A Wrap!

After reading this article, we hope you all will learn why is my portable heater blowing cold air. Above we have discussed all the possible reasons for this problem. Read them carefully to understand everything. You may also want to read about how to choose a space heater and what is the best space heater in a large room. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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