Why Is My Maytag Washer Leaking? 7 Surprising Causes And Their Solutions!

Why is my Maytag washer leaking? There are seven causes which we will be discussing as you delve into this article. Not just that, we’ll understand how we can solve this problem in a breeze. 

You go to wash your clothes, you turn your washer on, only to find out that your Maytag washer is leaking. The very first question that occurs to you is “WHY.” You are questioning why your Maytag washer is leaking? This article will answer all your queries by providing you with all the causes of washer leaking and possible solutions.

Why is my Maytag washer leaking

A washing machine is a widely used appliance. Anyone in the home can face trouble in its working. Leaking of the washer is not something serious. You cannot repair the defective part; you can only replace it.

By replacing the troubling part, the washer will start working perfectly without any leakage from any side. The respective area of leakage helps you determine the possible cause of the leaking. The leaking can be external or internal, depending on the ruptured part. If the reason for leakage is worn-out hoses or overloading, then the leakage will be shallow. This irregular leaking will also affect the quality of your floor. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Why Is Your Maytag Washer Leaking: Causes And Solutions

Why is my Maytag washer leaking? There are many reasons cause the leaking of your Maytag washer. These problems with their solutions are discussed below:


Cause #1. Bad tub seal

To check whether your washer has a lousy tub seal, separate the control panel from the washer first. Now, you can easily see the tub seal of your washer. Next, run the water and find the leaking area, observing where the water goes through the tub. If the tub seal leaks, the washer needs a new one. This defective seal can cause an overflow of water in the tub. Replace the old tub seal as soon as possible. 


Cause #2. Imbalance surface

If you place your washer on an unstable surface and run it, you may see water spilling out of the washing machine. When the floor is not leveled, the machine will face unsteady movements. These jerky movements throw the water out of the washer. To fix this issue, buy a small designed leveler, place the washing machine on it and enjoy a good washing day.


Cause #3. Overloading the washer

One of the primary causes of Maytag washer leaking is overloading the washer. When you stuff more than the usual amount of clothes on the washer, the washer gets overloaded. As a result, the water present inside the tub starts bouncing, and some of it will fall on your floor. In another case, this overburdening will not let the lid of the washer close. To avoid such situations, try to distribute clothes usually and equally around the agitator. Then, wash the rest of the clothes in the next round.


Cause #4. Defective drain pump

The drain pump is used to help water outflow through the drain hose. If the drain pump or its bearings are damaged, they will cause irregular water leakage. To stop leakage from the washer, replace the drain pump. The drain pump is the part you can not repair; replacing it is the best step. Also read about how to clean washer drain hoses.


Cause #5. Damaged washer hoses

If you see moisture or bubbles on your washer hose, it may be due to a ruptured hose. Ruptured hoses cause leakage of the washer from the washer. A suitable quality hose lasts for five years only. You may not notice the disfigurement until the hose is damaged to the point where it can not be fixed but replaced. Rubber hoses are more likely to get defective than steel ones. That is why you should switch to steel hoses as soon as possible. 


Cause #6. Improper functioning of water level switch

The water level switch is located on a Maytag washing machine. It instructs the machine about the amount of water required to wash clothes and stop after it reaches the needed level. When you turn your washer on, the water starts coming automatically; the water level switch instructions to fill the tub with water. But in case of malfunctioning of this sensor, the water outflows. As a result, the water drips on the floor and damages the floor. You may also be interested to know about how to level a washer.


Case #7. A problem with the door of the Maytag washer

You close the washer door after putting everything inside, you think the door is perfectly closed, but the latch of the door fails to hold the door tightly. When you turn on the washer, the door will open, pushing everything out of the washer and onto the floor. This will create a lot of mess. Do not worry; you can quickly and easily solve this issue by tightening the loose screws and hinges on the door.


It’s A Wrap!

If you are using a Maytag washer, you may face any of the above-discussed problems at any unpredictable time. Then, instead of worrying about why my Maytag washer is leaking, you should focus on the causes and solutions of leakage. Sometimes, these minor problems need a little repairing, and one can easily do that home. Do not go for professional service. Instead, read this article. It will help you identify and solve the problem at hand, and you can enjoy washing clothes in a leakage-free washer. Hopefully, we have answered your question: why is my Maytag washer leaking? Read related articles; know how do I reset my Maytag washer and ways to clear a clogged waste pipe.

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