Why Is My Fridge So Loud? 5 Terrible Reasons!

The fridge should be making a sound when working, but if it’s quite disruptive, you would ask, “why is my fridge so loud?” It is normal for the fridge to make a humming sound. This is coming from the air that the system produces and circulates.

You should only hear its noise if you are near your appliance. For newer models, they are even made quieter.

why is my fridge so loud

So if your fridge is disruptively noisy or if it makes abnormal noises, then, of course, you would want to know its cause, and you might find the answer in this post. So, why is your fridge so loud?


Common Reasons Why Is My Fridge So Loud

Knowing the possible cause behind the noise of your fridge that does not seem usual help find ways on how to solve this issue.

So, why is my fridge so loud? Below are the common reasons that can make your fridge produce a loud noise.


Reason #1. Not level

The fridge will produce a clunking sound if it isn’t level. In general, the fridge legs are designed to be adjusted, which may sometimes fall out of their adjustment.

In such a case, it will move slightly as the fridge runs which will cause some noise. You can use a level check if this is indeed the case with your fridge. If it is, just adjust its legs until they level out correctly.


Reason #2. Motor issues

A fridge is made up of various motors, which may not go quietly when working. In some cases, those motors can manifest loud grinding or humming noises. The issue is discerning which among those motors malfunction.

You should check both the evaporator fan and condenser fan motors. Not only that, but you need to inspect bearings and the fan blades as well. That is because those components may also be the culprit behind the noise.

Among other issues, this one is the easiest to fix. Perhaps, you put solid items such as glass jars in your fridge and they are pressed onto the walls, they can create a clattering sound due to the vibration emitted as the fridge works.

You can rearrange your fridge to check first before you call in a repair technician. When doing so, you need to ensure that all the solid items are moved away from your refrigerator’s wall. You can also do the same with the items on its door racks, which less likely causes the noise.


Reason #3. Blockage or damage in its fan blade

Listen to your fridge closely to deduce the source of the noise. If it seems to come from the vent, the issue can be in the motor or fan. You can confirm this through a physical checkup. It will require you to disassemble the fridge and inspect its fan.

Often, the fan is dirty or bent, so the fan blade will have to be replaced. But if no physical issues are found on its blade, then the noise is probably coming from its motor.


Reason #4. Issues on its condenser coil

The condenser coil situated at the back portion of the fridge has metal tubes that are helping in the refrigerant circulation to dissipate heat and cool the fridge. But if you haven’t moved your fridge lately, it is unlikely that this is the cause of the noise.

Conversely, if moved your fridge recently, then the coil may be bent. Since they are bent to be touching each other, the noise will be produced.

It will sound like a distinct metallic noise coming from the back of the fridge. Before you begin to touch anything, ensure to inspect that area first.

If the condenser coil is damaged, then the refrigerant may be leaking. Remember that this issue is not something that you can fix yourself. Bending back the tubes can damage it even more. The whole coil needs to be replaced instead.

However, this can be expensive. If your appliance is more than 10 years already, it would be ideal for replacing the unit instead.


Reason #5. Damper issues

Essentially, the damper is the one that opens and closes in the middle of the fresh food and freezer compartment. The fridge does not produce cold air, rather it pumps it towards the freezer.

When the damper opens, the cool air will go to the fresh food compartment. Since it is a moving component, it may become dirty or worn out over time. This will cause squealing, creaking, or groaning sounds every time it closes opens.

You can check the damper when checking the fans as they are close to each other. Inspect whether it does not look right or if it is rusty. If so, then it is likely the culprit behind the loud noise.


It’s A Wrap!

Why is my fridge so loud? Now you realize that there could be various reasons that can lead to the annoyingly loud noise of the fridge, which is out of normal. Aside from the things mentioned above, there could be other reasons for this. The bottom line here is to find the culprit for you to know what to do about it.

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