Why Is My Fridge Leaking Water On The Floor? 3 Surprising Reasons!

Then question is: why is my fridge leaking water on the floor? Stop wondering and start reading this article. Moisture created by melted frost or ice as a response to defrosting is collected in a drain inside the fridge.

Clogs are common in the defrost drain pipe. It’s usually due to the bits of food that have been contained within it. This hose would not take water away, which melted from the ice inside the freezer if it became clogged. Water leaks onto the fridge floor as a result of all this.

why is my fridge leaking water on the floor

Allowing water to accumulate in the unit will result in a pricey mess. Flushing out all the drain is the most effective approach to avoid this. Water leaking is not a good thing, and it also makes the floor slippery and unclean. Continue to read this article to fix the water leaking.


Reasons Why My Fridge Leaking Water On The Floor

The majority of individuals assume that your fridge is in excellent working order. We expect it to maintain items at the appropriate temperature or operate correctly. It might be aggravating to notice a puddle beneath the fridge. Here are some of the reasons that help you know why is my fridge leaking water on the floor.


#1. Waterline is blocked

A water connection to the fridge is found on several fridge types and delivers water and ice. Water may seep underneath the fridge if this water pipe becomes clogged. A plugged water pipe might also prohibit the ice maker from producing enough ice. You may find that the water dispenser isn’t operating correctly if you’ve clogged water pipes.


#2. Defrost drain blocked

A most probable reason for the fridge leaking water is indeed a plugged defrost drain. Its defrost drain keeps the fridge from getting too cold. The refrigerator defrosts automatically and drips liquid into a pan. Grains or even other material might jam the defrost drain on occasion. Clogs can cause ice accumulation.


#3. The unequal fridge

The fridge doesn’t need to be perfectly level. In reality, for the coolant to circulate correctly, the front of the fridge must be lifted somewhat higher. Moisture may build and generate puddles beneath the fridge if the coolant cannot flow perfectly. Issues with an out-of-balance refrigerator are much more likely to happen whenever the fridge is purchased initially or after being moved.


Tips To Fix Fridge Leaking Water On The Floor

You can’t overlook a leaking fridge since any possible water damage will charge you extra in floor restoration and other expenses. Fortunately, detecting a leaky refrigerator is simple if you know to look. The solution might be as easy as adjusting the level of a fridge or unclogging congested pipes. All you need to know is how to get to those lines. To understand how and where to fix a leaking fridge, start with understanding the most prevalent reasons.


#1.Examine the water supply connection

Defective water supply pipes and input valves cause refrigerator leaks. If the water dispenser isn’t creating enough ice or isn’t flowing correctly, examine the water supply line. Disconnect the fridge and locate a location to store any perishable items before continuing. Remove the fridge from the walls, then look for the plastic line connecting the ice machine and water filter. Repair the hose if water is dripping from it, as this is the leaker. Switch off the power source when changing the hose if you’re doing it alone.


#2. Inspect if the fridge is balanced

Another easy remedy is to make sure the fridge is balanced. If somehow the fridge isn’t level, water might run out of the drain pan. It can be leveled by tilting it to the rear and balancing it from side to side. Ensure the bubbles are in the center at a level. Lifting or raising the adjustable screws could also level your fridge. You’ll have to remove the front cover shield to get to the screws.


#3. Examine the drain pan for any breakage.

Because water that dissipates typically in the pan slides through a gap, a cracked drain pan can occasionally create leaks. This drain pan sits beneath the fridge and generally contains some water, don’t be concerned if there is any when you remove it.


#4. Examine the defrost drain

A defrost drain is usually found at the rear of a fridge and, therefore, can quickly become clogged if the refrigerator is overstuffed. When the drain becomes clogged, the coils must work harder, contributing to moisture. This moisture would condense on the floor, forming a puddle. Rearrange the fridge so that the drain that’s no longer clogged. Then, to eliminate any obstructions, run warm water into the drain.


#5.Examine the ice maker

If the entrance tube to an ice maker gets blocked, it might cause a leaking fridge. When uninstalling the ice maker, ensure sure the fridge is unplugged. Unbolt the fasteners, then unhook the wire connection to examine it. Use a hair drier to remove any ice within the input tube when it no longer drips water. You may also be interested to know about ice maker troubleshooting problems and solutions.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned why is my fridge leaking water on the floor. A leaking fridge causes a lot of trouble for you, and it’s better to examine the reasons mentioned above and fix them to use your fridge correctly. You may also want to read about how much does a fridge cost to run and why fridge is not cooling.

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