Why Is My Fridge Freezing? 6 Awesome Reasons!

You may ask yourself, why is my fridge freezing? There are six common reasons why, and one of the reasons is due to a high thermostat. Anyway, you’ll know more of these reasons as you delve deeper into this article.

The thing is that refrigerators have a freezer part where its temperature is lower than the temperature of your fridge. It is where you usually store frozen foods and ice.

why is my fridge freezing

Ever wonder one random morning all your vegetables are frozen, or the food you stored on the fridge is frozen. Even your drinks that are supposed to be just cold are all now freeze up. You might want to check on your fridge for there might be something wrong. Now, without further ado, let’s start!


Why Is Your Fridge Freezing?

Why is my fridge freezing? It will not just waste your money on groceries, but it could be a sign that your fridge might have a problem. There are different reasons why your fridge is freezing. Here are some reasons why:


#1. Thermostat is too high

One of the reasons maybe is you have turned your thermostat too high. You can quickly move the thermostat of your fridge. Therefore, there might be a chance you can accidentally turn it up. The thermostat setting on the temperature starts from 0 – 7, where number 7 is the coldest. To some, it is 0 – 8 or even up to 9, depending on the fridge type. Setting it to 4 can already make your fridge cool enough.

As time goes by, the numbers indicated on your thermostat may fade, and it will be hard to spot which number is. When it partially fades, get a sharpie or a permanent marker to rewrite the numbers. Rewriting the numbers will keep it readable, no matter how long.

Another is that you feel it wasn’t cold enough, so you turned it higher. After a couple of hours, its temperature will lower. Fridges get cool as long as you don’t keep them close. Also, the thermostat can make a difference in your electricity bill. The higher you put your thermostat setting, the higher percentage it will take on your account.

My friends, here’s how to test a refrigerator thermostat.


#2. Faulty thermostat

Since the thermostat is responsible for keeping the fridge to the desired coolness, having a faulty thermostat may cause it. When it gets broken, it may force it to keep working and make it colder and colder. No matter how low you adjust the thermostat, the coolness still keeps higher. You might want to call a professional service to fix your refrigerator’s thermostat.


#3. Bad gasket

You have a lousy gasket that can result in freezing your fridge. A gasket can be helpful by creating a compartment or a divider on your freezer and fridge. It is the rubber part on your fridge door.

A reason could be is that it is broken or not tight. To know if your fridge’s gasket is terrible, insert a piece of paper between the door. Try pulling it out, if you can pull it quickly, then your gasket might need to be replaced, or you could try cleaning it up and add a bit of petroleum jelly to do the trick.


#4. Dirty coils

The coils and heat exchangers are located on the backside of the refrigerator. They are assigned to allow the refrigerant fluid to do its task of heat exchange. When it gets cover with dust and too much dirt, it is forced to do more work to sustain the optimum temperature. With that, it can cause to over excellent and cause your fridge to freeze up.

Clean the coils regularly, at least twice a month, to prevent any future problems. Keeping it clean will also help you spot if there is a problem with it.


#5. Faulty damper

A damper is a small part that controls the flow of air of the fridge from the freezer found at the top or back part of the refrigerator. It triggers the thermostat to open and close depending on the temperature of the air in the fridge.

If it is faulty, it can cause excess air flows that will gradually decrease in temperature. When the damper doesn’t open, the cold air will not flow properly. Check if it is functioning correctly. If it’s broken, go to a nearby hardware store and buy a new damper part. You may replace it on your own, but if you are unsure how to replace it correctly, call a professional service to fix your refrigerator.


#6. Freezer door not sealed well

If the freezer door doesn’t close well, the airflow from the freezer might go through the refrigerator and freeze up your other foods. There are one-door refrigerators that have a small compartment for the freezer part. If the door is not close well, then it will end up freezing the whole refrigerator.

Take some time to fix it to prevent wasting a lot of money on your groceries.



We are now done answering why is my fridge freezing? There are many reasons your fridge is freezing up too much when it’s supposed to keep it cold. Its leading cause is your refrigerator is broken.

It may be just a tiny part, but it can affect the whole functioning system of the fridge. Fixing it on your own can be a great way to prevent spending a lot of money. However, if you don’t have a lot of knowledge to fix your refrigerator, calling a professional person to fix it is better to avoid further problems.

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