Why Is My Dryer Humming? 6 Best Reasons!

Are you wondering why is my dryer humming? Well, wonder no more. We are here to help you out. If you notice that your dryer is humming and not spinning, the drive belt is often possibly broken. When a dryer doesn’t spin, it usually creates a humming noise as it attempts to spin the dryer drum, but it won’t spin due to a drive belt problem. 

Gliders, dryer rollers, Idler pulley, a malfunctioning motor, or a support bearing are all causal factors of a drum laboring to spin or failing to spin.

why is my dryer humming

Whereas most dryers are straightforward to use, issues including the humming of your dryer and not spinning will force users to try to figure out what’s wrong. Below we have mentioned all the possible reasons and the remedy to fix this issue. So keep reading to figure out how to mend your dryer and solve the problem. Let’s begin!


Reasons Why Dryer Is Humming?

Because of the extensive use of the dryer, sometimes the dryer is not working correctly, and it creates lots of problems during spinning. The humming of the dryer is the most common problem. But stop thinking more about why is my dryer humming. Below we have mentioned a few suggestions that will assist you in solving this problem. 


#1. Foreign objects

Check for foreign things that may be obstructing the drum from rotating when a dryer won’t spin or produce a buzzing noise. First, turn the dryer off, disconnect it, and check it carefully using a flashlight. 

Items like pennies or rings sometimes drop from our wallets and become trapped in between the drum and the dryer casing, so keep an eye on the margins between the dryer housing and drum. This will prevent the dryer from spinning and automatically your dryer starts humming. 

If the thing is visible, try to get rid of it. You may accomplish it with a pair of needle-nose pliers. There are several more options to explore if you don’t observe any foreign things.


#2. Broken drive belt

One of the most common issues of the humming of your dryer is the worn or broken drive belt. A driving belt in most dryers usually turns the dryer drum. The drum will not spin if this belt fractures or breaks in any other way, and the dryer will produce a variety of strange noises, including humming, due to which it is unable to work. However, before the dryer can return to regular operation, you must repair a damaged belt. But instead of repairing the belt, it’s better to replace it. For repair help or guidance, contact a local service expert or the dryer’s manufacturer.

You may also be interested to know about how to install a belt on a Maytag dryer and how to replace a belt on a GE dryer.


#3. Faulty dryer motor

Another common reason for the humming of a dryer is a faulty dryer motor. Whenever the dryer motor burns out, a dryer may hum but not work. Before checking the dryer motor, make sure you have disconnected your dryer from the wall socket and turned off the main power supply. After that, remove the dryer belt, inspect the blower fan for any blockages, and physically rotate the motor shaft; this is usually a job best left to a professional. The motor will need to be changed if there are no blockages in the blower fan, and the motor shaft will not move manually. After replacing the motor, please turn on your dryer to check whether it hums or not. 


#4. Damaged drum glides or slides 

The front of the drum is supported by plastic glides, sometimes known as slides, in sure dryers. The slides can wear down with age, putting strain just on the dryer motor, limiting the drum’s capacity to revolve, and causing your dryer to hum only. If the slides are significantly damaged, the engine may halt and not revolve the drum. By replacing the dryer’s front panel, you can inspect the glides for excessive wear. Because glides typically come as a pair, you could always replace all of them if one is damaged.


#5. Damaged idler pulley

Last but not least, the dryer roller and pulleys are the other cause of the humming of your dryer. Most dryers include some pulley, or little rollers, that maintain the drum and spin it. Your dryer rollers may likely be broken out if the engine and belt are both working correctly, but the dryer is still humming and not spinning. This seems to be, once again, a job best left to the pros. If the idler pulley that maintains drive belt tension is worn down, it might generate noise and inhibit correct spinning. This will also need to be replaced by a professional. 


#6. Damaged drum bearing

A bearing on the rear of sure dryers supports the dryer drum. The drum support’s bearing is positioned in the middle. The drum will start humming if the bearing is broken out. Replace the bearing if it is damaged.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that from this article, you all will learn why is my dryer humming. Above, we have discussed the six most common reasons this occurs. By solving these causes, you all fix this problem. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end, also. Don’t forget to share this post if you like! Read related articles; know dryer make a noise when tumbling and why your dryer is making a clicking noise.

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