Why Is My Crochet Blanket Not Straight

If you often wonder why is my crochet blanket not straight, you might be overlooking your stitches. It can mean an incorrect number of stitches per row or a mistake in the first stitch’s placement. All of the questions and frustrations like why my crochet blanket curving or why my crochet blanket wavy are still common issues, don’t beat yourself up. 

We will explain below how seemingly simple mistakes can affect your blanket’s finish. You can also read our guide on fixing uneven crochet blankets after this article. 

Why Is My Crochet Blanket Not Straight


Why Is My Crochet Blanket Not Straight: This Is The Mistake To Avoid

An uneven, wavy, or curving crochet blanket typically is a result of errors in stitches. In particular, you might not be counting the stitches you work into a row. So the best way to solve a crochet blanket that won’t get straight is by simply counting your stitches to check if you have the correct number for each row. 

Another mistake regarding stitches is when you put the first stitch in the wrong place. Always check the placement because even having it at the turning chain’s base will cause an uneven blanket. Some people also tend to skip the last stitch accidentally, so use a stitch marker to maintain a straight blanket.


Why Is My Crochet Blanket Crooked?


Wrong stitch placements

If you count the stitches and use a stitch marker, you should easily avoid ending up with an uneven or wavy blanket. However, if you notice that the crochet blanket is quite crooked, then you might have two stitches in the same place. If not, you likely placed a stitch in the space between a stitch and another one from the row below.


Gaps on the edge stitches

Not all crooked crochet blankets are immediately apparent, but you will notice a gap on the side between each edge stitch. This is due to not having the first stitch of the row since a turning chain takes its place. You can make an extended chain that will cancel the gap because it will be thicker and taller. 


Inconsistent tension

Uneven tension creates uneven blankets. You should maintain the same tension throughout the crochet blanket because a deviancy will lead to jagged edges even on a single row. Some stitches will end up looking too loose or too tight, so adjust accordingly. 


Why Is My Crochet Blanket Getting Smaller?


Wrong number of stitches

Checking your stitches when working on a crochet blanket not only guarantees that it will finish with straight edges. You will also get the right size that you’re expecting for the blanket. If you think about it, missing even just one stitch in a row will make the crochet smaller.


Erratic stitches and tension

Practice checking and counting your stitches for every row, so you don’t have to undo your work when it ends up small or uneven. Additionally, be consistent in the stitch sizes and tension to avoid changes in the final size. And finally, remember that skipping the first stitch because the turning chain takes its place is not applicable for single crochet. 


How To Crochet Smooth Edges

Remembering crocheting mistakes and how to avoid them should ensure that your blanket’s edge is smooth and straight. However, you can also crochet a straight edge using a chainless starting stitch to replace the turning chain. This simple technique is applicable if the blanket pattern requires not counting the turning chain as a stitch or you have worked the first stitch of the row in the same stitch where the chain comes from.


How Do You Finish The Edge Of A Crochet Blanket?

There are many crochet stitch options for edging and finishing a crochet blanket. If you are still learning how to finish the edges of a crochet blanket or put a border on a crochet blanket, we recommend using single crochet stitches. You can also make a simple straight border using chain stitches or slip stitches, depending on your desired look and functionality for the edge. 


How Do You Keep A Crochet Chain Straight?

Do you ever get frustrated with crocheting and think, how do I stop my crochet chain from twisting? Some patterns require a very long chain but you must repeat it if the chain gets twisted. The good news is you can stop the twisting immediately by securing the first chain

Make at least ten chains and remove the working loop from the hook. Insert the hook in the very first chain before inserting it again into the working loop. Crochet as you would usually, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the chain twisting because the first chain is secured to the hook. 



There are many ways to fix an uneven crochet blanket. But first, you must answer the question, why is my crochet blanket not straight. A quick recap of this guide is the number and placement of stitches are the culprits for wavy and uneven crochet blankets. 

What is the main takeaway? Checking your stitches will save you the trouble of redoing the blanket. If you avoid any issue with stitches, you can ensure that the blanket will be even and finish in the expected size.