Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud? 3 Shocking Reasons!

There might be a time when you wondered, “why is my air conditioner so loud?” Your air conditioner is a complex piece of innovation built with various parts working together to function. That is why you can’t avoid but to hear loud noises from your aircon.

But if the sound is a bit alarming, you should turn off your aircon for a while and contact your technician. However, some problems don’t necessarily mean you need help from a professional.

why is my air conditioner so loud

You can inspect first your air conditioner before you decide to call for help. It could save you money, and you could identify if you can fix your air conditioner on your own or not.

Regardless, this article will help you identify where the noise is coming from your air conditioner. So, read on.

Why Is Your Air Conditioner So Loud?

To answer the question “why is my air conditioner so loud?” is to identify where the noise is. This one is important because it would determine which part to fix and how critical the state of your air conditioner is.

But before you do so, make sure you have some basic knowledge of how air conditioners work and their part. So, here is a guide to help you out:

Source #1. Fan motor

Is the fan motor making a squeaking sound? It might come from the inside or outside part of the split AC unit. No matter where it is, they both have a fan a motor to work.

So, it is still the same no matter which portion is making the noise. But before you do any maintenance, put your HVAC circuit breaker to the OFF position located in the CB panel, disconnect, and shut off your AC with the thermostat.

Now, to see if the fan motor needs fixing, it opens your air conditioner from the outside casing to see all the internal parts of your air conditioner. There you will see the fan that sits right in front of the coils. If you believe that the fan motor is indeed the problem, remove all the debris found in the unit using proper tools and examine the fan blades.

Identify any dents, damages, or dings, anything that needs fixing. Sometimes, the fan blades are not damaged and only are dusty and dirty.

But it is usually why your air conditioner makes a squeaky sound, because of the dirt that settled on your fan blades which causes the imbalance, thus the loud and bothersome noise.

The imbalance causes the fan blades to scrape their fan cage or casing, making sure to clean them. However, if you do find damages, it would be best to replace the fan blades with new ones.

On the other hand, if fan blades are not the problem, then the loud noise might be caused by loose bolts, or the bearings of your air conditioner need lubrication. But suppose your AC still makes noises despite doing everything mentioned above.

In that case, that is the time to call a professional, especially if it starts to make grinding noises as it indicates bearing failure. Don’t try to fix that one. Instead, leave the job to your HVAC technician.

Source #2. Exterior condensing unit (packaged unit)

If your air conditioner makes a rattling sound, that usually means that something is loose inside the unit. If the rattling noise is from your condensing unit (which is found outdoors) or the packed unit, then follow these steps:

  • Please turn OFF the AC unit, CB and disconnect with its thermostat
  • Inspect the panels from the inside out. Always remember that when you work with an AC unit, the tightening of the panels starts from the inside
  • If you find that one of them is loose, tighten them

Source #3. AC ducts

To examine the rattling AC ducts, you will need a professional if you are inexperienced. AC ducts are usually found in the attic, so if you want to inspect first before calling an HVAC contractor, make sure o step on the wooden pieces or support joints, which are between insulation to avoid further damage.

Now, look for ducts with loose joints and secure them with duct screws and HVAC tape if you found one. The rattling sound indicates leaks, so that is what the HVAC tape is for; to seal any leaks. But if the rattling sound does not go away or you are hesitant to go and fix it yourself, call your local contractor or technician for your AC.

What does the sound have to do with my AC problem?

Have you noticed that we mentioned specific sounds while discussing which part is usually the noise source? You see, you must identify what kind of sound your AC is making to determine what the problem is. So, here is a guide for you to understand.


To conclude this article, “why is my air conditioner so loud,” use your ears and listen first to what kind of sound it makes.

Your AC is loud because there might be damage in its panels, the fan needs cleaning, the bolts need to be tightened, and more reasons for making a noise.

If you found the sound very harsh to your ears, it would be best to call a professional, especially if you have little to no knowledge of fixing an air conditioner. Regardless, if you find this interesting, this article might also be helpful to you. Thanks for your time!

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