Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air? 6 Amazing Reasons!

We purchase an air conditioning unit for its sole purpose, to cool down our room but was there a time when you asked yourself, “why is my air conditioner blowing hot air?” Because if you did, then there is a problem with your AC unit.

During summer, we beat the heat by going to the beach, eat a juicy and refreshing slice of watermelon, or stay indoors and turn your AC on to its highest setting. And during these times, it is the busiest for HVAC technicians as people often call for their air conditioner unit is malfunctioning.

why is my air conditioner blowing hot air

Usually, most homeowners complain that their air conditioner is blowing hot air, which is common during hot days.

So, if you are experiencing this, don’t worry because you can resolve it. In addition, you can troubleshoot your AC unit if that happens. But it would be best to know why AC units tend to blow hot air, and here is why keep on reading.


My AC unit Is Blowing Hot Air; Why Is That?

Here is a list of reasons for your question “why is my air conditioner blowing hot air?”


Reason #1.  The evaporator coils are dirty

The most common reason why your AC unit heats up is that the evaporator coils or the air filters are full of dirt and dust.

We usually clean our AC air filters, which we should do regularly. Still, we often forget that the important parts inside of the unit can also be accumulated with dust and dirt.

And that might be the reason why your air conditioner is blowing warm air. The dust and dirt could block the airflow when left for an extended period, and the evaporator coils would not do their job. So, make sure to clean your AC filter and coils regularly. You can do it yourself or call a professional.


Reason #2. The evaporator coils are frozen

This one is connected to dirty air filters. You see, if an AC filter is filled with dust, it blocks the airflow inside your unit, which disturbs the processes that happen inside, and that could lead to your evaporator coils becoming frozen.

An evaporator coil becomes frozen because of the blocked airflow. As a result, the coil will not evaporate the condensate air from the cooling process, which will keep on getting cold until the unit will be frozen. That means the evaporator coil will not absorb the heat, making the AC unit blow the hot air out.


Reason #3. There might be issues with the wiring

Another cause of your AC malfunctioning is damaged wiring in the indoor or outdoor AC unit. The wiring might have been frayed or cut. Or might be chewed on by pesky mice that have entered the unit. This one could gravely damage your air conditioner and affect its performance.

To prevent this from happening, you could use electrical tape to seal the wires if it’s not coated, but it would be best to call an HVAC technician as soon as possible.


Reason #4. The compressor is damaged

Now, take note of this one. The compressor is the heart of your AC unit. Once it’s damaged, the condenser unit will shut down and will stop working. It’s responsible for absorbing the heat by pressuring the refrigerants, and the compressor releases the hot air outside.

If your AC is blowing hot air, then that is a sign that there could be something wrong with the compressor.

This problem requires a professional to handle the crucial part, so make an appointment with your AC technician and never fix it yourself unless you have the knowledge, tools, and protective equipment to fix one.


Reason #5. Your AC unit is on heat mode

Now this one is an apparent reason why your AC is blowing hot air. But, unfortunately, you might have mistaken the heat mode for a cooler setting. If your thermostat is on a “cool” setting, try switching it to “auto” to let the unit blow cool air when it’s ready to.

It would be best to set your AC to 78 degrees Fahrenheit when your home and increase it to 10 degrees if you go out so you can let the unit rest. If you happen to have a wireless unit, check the thermostat’s batteries as they might need replacement.


Reason #6. Faulty condenser coils

And if everything you did does not work, check the condenser coils found on the outdoor unit. Like the evaporator coils, the unit’s function will also be affected if the airflow is disrupted. So, do an inspection and check if there is damage or if it needs cleaning.



And that is all for “why is my air conditioner blowing hot air?” Again, this problem commonly happens when the unit is dirty or used often, especially during hot days.

So, to prevent this from happening, it would be best to call a professional to check your unit before hot days arrive. Anyway, if you’re also experiencing the same problem with your car air conditioner, know why is your car air conditioner not blowing cold air. We hope that this article answered your questions. Thanks for stopping by!

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