Why Is It Called A Twin Bed? 2 Awesome Facts & More!

Do you wonder why is it called a twin bed?

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why is it called a twin bed

For a quick answer, a twin bed is the smallest bed that you can find in the market other than a toddler bed.

Its dimension measures 75 inches by 39 inches, length and width respectively.

The majority of the adults wouldn’t feel comfortable if they sleep on this bed.

In general, students and teenagers used this type of bed.


Are Twin Beds A Pair Of Two Beds?

Even if bed sizes have greatly changed since the early years.

But the name has stayed the same and the term “twin” does not make sense anymore.

Now to help you understand why is it called a twin bed, let’s get back to the earliest years of the 20th century.

During those times, the width of a single bed is equal to the width of the shoulders of an average person.

The width of a twin bed is wider for about half the single bed, and a double bed is equal to two single beds.

While a queen size bed at that time the combination of a twin and a single bed.

The combination of three single beds or two twin beds.

As of the present, a single bed is only used on RVs or on small homes with limited space.

The bed that is referred to as the “twin bed” before is currently the standard-sized bed used by a single user.


Are Twin And Single Beds The Same?

Yes, those two beds are the same. They both measured 39 inches by 75 inches.

The combination of two XL twin beds can make a king-size bed.

In the United States, a single bed is similar to a twin bed. This type of bed is the standard size made for one person.

But for some reason, most people thought that the twin bed is larger than the single bed.

This is however not the case because the sizes of the two is just the same.

You should also not confuse the twin bed with the XL twin because they are not the same.

The latter is made longer for about 5 inches.

Some people can sleep much better if nobody is sharing the bed with them.

For instance, some couples prefer to stay in the same room but not in the same bed, so they will opt to use get two twin beds.

This is also commonly furnished in a bedroom where the siblings have to share.

Furthermore, it is also common in hotel rooms that can accommodate multiple occupants known as triple or double rooms.


Why It Is Called A Twin Bed

To help you know a twin bed better, below are some facts related to this particular bed.


#1. It is child-friendly

A twin bed is ideal for children that are already big enough to sleep in a crib.

If you put this bed in a small space, it can function as a bunk bed.

Even the twin XL bed is ideal for the kids.

But since it measures 5 inches longer than a twin bed, it will also work for adults who are living in a limited space.

This is usually used among college dormitories.


#2. The sizes of beds are not the same

The name twin bed originated in the United States.

A bed of the same size was called a single bed in the United Kingdom.

But the variances in the terminologies are not limited to those two.

The American beds are available in king size, queen size, full size, and twin size.

Whereas, UK beds have king, super king, double, and single size beds.

Twin and single bed are the same, then full and double bed are also the same.


Advantages Of Getting A Twin Bed

As mentioned earlier, a twin bed is ideal for tiny spaces or if you intend to put multiple beds in a single room.

This type of bed is a lot more affordable to buy.

It is also ideal for kids since they can easily make the bed given its small size.

However, this bed may not be suitable for older kids or adults because they may not fit in it.

In such a case, they can try opting for an XL twin bed.


Dimensions Of A Twin Bed

If you want to get a twin bed yet you are not sure about its dimensions, don’t worry because we will be tackling that in this section.

So the overall dimensions of a twin bed measure 39 inches wide and 75 inches long.

Given that measurements, they can easily fit even in your tiniest room.

Its narrow size is also the reason why it is commonly used for guest rooms and kid’s rooms.

More so, twin beds are usually designed with a trundle below for extra sleeping space. They can even be utilized for bunk beds.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know why is it called a twin bed even if it does not come in pair.

It’s just one of those names we get used to that does not really mean how it’s supposed to mean.