Why Is It Called A Murphy Bed? Interesting Facts To Read!

You might have a murphy bed at home, and you are curious to know about “why is it called a murphy bed?”

Do you want to know more about your murphy bed?

why is it called a murphy bed

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If dogs are a man’s best friend, so is a bed.

Because it provides us comfort, makes us feel safe, and it’s pretty much the place you wish to stay on even for a week.

You might have bad days and tiring days where all you want to do is lay down on a very comfortable bed.

But then, not all beds are similar, and not all beds just beds without any reason.

Some beds like murphy beds are interesting.

They do have a history behind them not a lot of people might know.

And now we are going to discuss things about it further and where and when did it originate.


All About Murphy Beds; What Are They?

If you are wondering about the murphy bed, well, you are not alone.

There are a lot of people who are also curious.

Before we jump on its history, let us first know and clarify what a murphy bed is.

If you have a small space where you have rented and cannot fit a bed and other furniture, this bed is the answer.

To maximize your space, a murphy bed is the best choice.

In addition, it is a bed that you can fold when you are no longer sleeping.

It can be mounted on a wall or a closing cabinet.

So that’s how this bed works.

You can save so much space with this one, and it is a practical thing to invest in, especially when you are just renting.

That way you will not need a huge space and pay a considerable amount of rent.


Why do you call it a murphy bed?

And now we will be jumping on answering the question.

Why is it called a murphy bed?

This bed was invented and discovered in the 19th century.

It was named after William Lawrence Murphy, the inventor of it.

When Murphy was young back then, he had a common problem that most people had.

He stayed in a studio apartment, which can only be said as an all-over house for one person.

It has the living room in it and the bed where he was sleeping during nighttime.

Murphy was mortified by the idea of women not being allowed to go inside a man’s room.

How could he invite the girl he was dating if that happens?

So he came to think of an idea where he can hide it.

And that’s where hiding the bed in his closet came into his mind.

With that, he can accept his visitor in his room.

After a few years later, in 1900, the woman mentioned became his wife.

The same year he was married, he then launched a company.

The company’s name is Murphy Bed Company.

That is because the company has been so popular, but this idea went overboard.

The murphy beds were replaced in the modern days by what we call pull–out beds.


Is a murphy bed built-in?

You might wonder, based on the history, if a murphy bed produced like regular beds.

You can buy them from stores and assemble them at home.

Actually, from the idea of hiding a bed in a closet, there is no such thing as store-bought murphy beds.

It is usually mounted on walls or in closets.

You can buy the mattress, but you cannot buy the whole murphy bed.

You can buy only the parts of your bed.

And you would need someone to install it for you.

It should be planned and placed on the right track.

Maybe you can seek ideas and designs on how you want your murphy bed to look.

It can be a wall with decorations or one that can be pulled out and pushed back like a typical wall.

You can have the back of it painted as what the color of your wall is.

That way, no one could notice it.

When your visitors pay to visit, let them wonder how you got to have such good space and a great room despite the small size.

It is the easiest way to not cram on fixing things if someone unexpected came to pass by.

You will flip your bed or fold it to mount on your wall and closet, and then it is all fixed.

This bed is one of the most convenient, space-friendly, and creative that you can have in your home.

Well, this does not only apply to small spaces households.

That can also be built in your vans.

You can make a spacious bed and cabinet inside a van when you want to travel or live inside one.

That way, you will save space and be more comfortable when you sleep.



And for today’s topic, “why is it called a murphy bed?” we have answered it.

We hope that we have somehow helped to fill in your curiosity and finally answered your question.

Let us continue to exchange ideas and learn daily.

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