Why Is It Called A Loveseat? Here Are Some Fun Facts

A loveseat is basically a type of two-seater couch with different proportions, but why is it called a loveseat? The main difference between the two is that a loveseat allows two people or couples to sit at a closer distance. Hence, its name. 


why is it called a loveseat

In the early to late 18th century, prudence and decency was a big deal, especially for non-married couples. However, this couch became a subtle opportunity for courting couples to sit and talk together in public without society seeing them as indecent. 


However, before it eventually turned into a comfortable seating area made for two, it was intentionally made for women. Let’s take a look at what really transpired that led us to the luxurious couch we now know today. 



This fantastic type of furniture first arose in the late 17th century and was initially intended as a couch for women wearing huge dresses with hoops, layers, underskirt, and petticoats. Fashion at that time was quite bulky, and women had trouble sitting in regular-sized seats.


As a result, people came up with something to accommodate their peculiar sense of fashion back in the day. However, the first version of these so-called loveseats was far from what we know of them today.


In fact, it started as a simple and plain wooden seat that is slightly larger than a regular-sized chair. It was neither cushioned nor upholstered for comfortable accommodation. Luckily, the women had enough acres of heavy fabric in their clothing to sit at ease. 


As we know, women’s clothing shrank as time progressed towards the 18th and 19th centuries. What used to be heavy, multi-layered, and bulky pieces of clothing became tight-fitting gowns. As a result, the seats became much more accommodating towards two people. 


The term “loveseat” came about as the couch allowed courting couples enough space to sit closer together without compromising their decency. Since the social norms back in the day pined for propriety and prudence, the loveseat became a fantastic setting for couples.


Evolution of loveseats

After its discovery, these small sofas became a symbol of elitism in Britain. During the Victorian era, you would most likely see them in the homes of those belonging to the middle and upper class.


But as the Industrial Revolution took place in the late 19th century, people gained new wealth, bringing these types of sofas down to the homes of the working class. It worked out well since they were sofas that brought comfort and style without taking up too much space.


After a while, loveseats began to feature tons of different styles and design adaptations. Some of these include dark wood, gothic themes, intricate carvings, romantic decorations, and many more. 


The romantic incarnation of antique seatings became prominent and one of the most advertised during the 1940s. People used them to add a sense of glamour to many living rooms and hallways in Britain’s wealthiest inhabitants. 


Modern loveseats

As the 21st century brings back the demand for extravagance and luxury, loveseats have again become a prominent piece of furniture in most homes. However, some people still wonder, “why is it called a loveseat?” at least now, you have your answer.


In modern and spacious room designs, a loveseat usually comes in a three-piece sofa set complete with larger and smaller sofa sizes. It became a piece of popular furniture to design high-rise flats and small properties. 


However, you can also position them in large bedrooms for an extra seating option. Some people like to have them in conservatories where they spend a lot of time with family and friends. But one of the most classic and traditional methods is to place them in the living room.


Because many people have learned to appreciate its minimalistic design, many manufacturers produced loveseats in different shapes and designs, making it a piece of ideal statement furniture in any room or a cozy addition for a tricky corner. 


Why should I get a loveseat?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you live in a spacious home with enough space to cater to L-shaped sofas and other kinds of seating. Even if we previously mentioned that it suits small spaces well, a loveseat can make a great addition to any corner of the room. 


It adds warmth and coziness to the environment. You have to pay attention to its height, depth, and color. Make sure that it suits your color scheme well so that it blends with the existing furniture.


If you are styling a small apartment, it’s best to fashion your other furniture based on the existing loveseat. Getting yourself a loveseat is a pretty functional way to add seating without compromising your floor space. 


Don’t worry about comfort, because unlike its initial state wherein it was just a plain wooden chair, loveseats have actually evolved into unique upholstered pieces. They are very comfortable and would make an excellent centerpiece for your small living rooms.



Overall, a loveseat is called a loveseat because of its unique design that allows couples to sit nearby without seeming indecent in any way. After its rich background in the 17th century, it has become a prominent element in modern homes.


You can style it with throw pillows and re-upholster its cushions to give it a new look. After going through multiple innovations, at least you no longer have to wonder why it is called a loveseat in the first place.