Why Hair Dryers Stop Working? 4 Surprising Issues!

Do you know why hair dryers stop working? Your problem might be caused by excessive heating. If you use your hairdryer for just 7-10 min, it will turn off on its own.

Whenever this occurs, you must disconnect the gadget and turn the heat down over 2-5 minutes, ideally in a cool area. The dryer may be used generally once it has cooled down.

why hair dryers stop working

After plugging in the hairdryer again, the start button may have to be pressed. Well, my friends, it’s all true. But that is not enough. We have mentioned all the reasons due to which the dryer stopped working and also its solution. So, if you want to learn more, stay with us at the end!


Why Your Hair Dryers Stop Working?

Did your hairdryer not work correctly, and do you want to know why hair dryers stop working? Don’t be panic, like other electrical appliances, and hairdryer also show some issues.  Here in this article, we have written four common problems and also its solution. So, whenever your hairdryer stops working,  apply these methods mentioned below to solve the issue.


#1. Heat issue

Hairdryers apply heat to your hair to make it easier to style. It saves a lot of time compared to blow-drying the hair simply. You may, however, run into issues with heating components over the process. Most hair dryers have a cold option, and it often only blows hot air, which is quite inconvenient. To resolve this problem, make very sure the cold switch is turned off. Inspect to see whether this is adjusted to your desired preference. If indeed the issue remains after you’ve double-checked the settings, take it to the cosmetic shop to get it adequately addressed. If the hairdryer is yet under guarantee and is pretty new, they can get it replaced or repaired without any charges. 


#2. Noise problem

Latest hair dryers include electrically heated plates and tiny blowers, driven by a global engine that spins at incredible velocities to dry your hair as efficiently and effectively as appropriate. The disadvantage here is that the high torque that produces a sound like a plane runs within your restroom. If you want to get the best hair drier on the market, experts on this website recommend choosing a blow dryer with nano ionic hybrid tech.

Every type does have its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so consider your alternatives carefully and determine what best suits your needs.

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to buy a new hairdryer, try to dry your curly hair in a larger room or use a diffuser on the current hair dryer to eliminate noise. The higher the temperature setting, though, the hairdryer produces a more harsh sound. For smoother hair and a more amicable blowout process, leave it at the lowest temperature when you’re not in a rush.


#3. Thermal cutoff

A thermally cutoff is a function of a hairdryer that protects you by keeping this from overheating and turning off the heat source if needed. You will probably have a malfunctioning thermal cutoff if your hairdryer becomes hot when you’re just using it. By removing your hair dryer’s casing and obtaining access to its wiring component, you may quickly clean or examine the heat cut off when you have basic repair and maintenance abilities. Therefore, rather than tossing it out, bring it to the nearest repair company and get it mended. Know what causes thermal cutoff in dryer.


#4. Burnt switch

One of the most common issues with hairdryers is in switches. This should occasionally fail to switch in or out. To fix this problem, simply hold off/on the control for a prolonged period. Ensure it’s connected to a source of power. If the switches or toggle has gotten faulty or simply requires more incentive to change, this could help.  After that, inspect its electrical cord for any broken or damaged connections. However, if you can’t hold among configurations, it might be due to a coating of glue and grease all over the buttons.

Thoroughly clean using pressurized gas and test the system again. If the problem persists, you may just have the change the switchboard or switch. If none of these measures work, or if you don’t understand how and when to change the switchboard or make reasonable technical repairs on the power source with your own, you should have it examined by a professional repair service. When you put away your broken hairdryer, consider recovering it with a quick and straightforward repair technique.

If the simple repair techniques don’t solve the problem, you may have to take it to a nearby repair shop or purchase a better one. It’s advisable to get expert help immediately as a problem emerges to minimize it becoming worse.


It’s A Wrap!

Thank you, friend, for reading this article at the end. We were happy that you all would learn about why hair dryers stop working. Here are four common problems due to which hairdryer not work correctly; by reading and understanding the solution of these problems, you make your hairdryer able to use, as it worked before. It may also be a good idea to read about how to dry hair without a hair dryer and how to use hair dryer for lice.

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