Why Dryer Smells Bad When Running? 3 Best Reasons!

Are you wondering why dryer smells bad when running? It is because of several reasons like a lint buildup in an exhausting vent, smelly clothing, or pests that infiltrate into this part. Such a smelly dryer is not just unpleasant, but it likewise transfers odor to clean clothes.

The lint that builds up limits the airflow and promotes mold growth. A thorough cleaning helps remove dirt buildup while it solves the issue, so follow some troubleshooting tips that eliminate, identify, and avoid odor in a dryer that smells bad.

why dryer smells bad when running

In this case, pinpointing a dryer’s scent is a mystery, but only understanding the common causes will lead you toward specific solutions. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Reasons Why Your Dryer Smells Bad When Running

Below are the reasons why dryer smells bad when running:


#1. Lint buildup in an exhaust vent

Never skip the yearly cleaning in a dryer vent, or lint might build up in an exhaust vent as it also limits the airflow. With poor circulation, the development of mildew and mold kicks in with the dryer not drying up so well because of insufficient airflow.


#2. Pest infiltration

Do you wonder why a dryer smells like something has died inside it? It’s because animals get inside the exhaust vent using an outside vent opening that creates a nest in its housing.


#3. Smelly clothing

Sweaty items or clothes with a smelly stain are not always clean inside a washer. That means they emit their odor in the dryer, which makes it smell terrible as it is running because the heated airflow is the carrier of the smell.


Other Smells In A Dryer And Their Causes

Nothing can compare to the feeling of changing into cleaner clothes and reaching out to bed using fresh sheets. But, it’s a severe concern when clothes smell like a sheet or gasoline. Lots of people would put their blame on the washer for their stinky clothes. Below are other smells in a dryer and their causes.


#1. Burnt rubber

Burnt rubber is due to two causes: the care instructions are essential. It’s easy to throw your clothes inside, thinking everything is alright. Nonetheless, one of the loaded items is synthetic fabric material as it cannot tolerate a high temperature, similar to other fabrics. Just hang it dry or lower the temperature in a dryer following the care instructions, and you’re good to go. The dryer also omits a burnt smell like rubber because of the wire short.

So, inspect the power cord in a dryer for any possible defect. An exposed or frayed wire can leave a rubber surrounding it. The power cord needs another replacement, so be extra careful as you do it. Avoid electrical shock as you turn the dryer off while you are doing this.


#2. Mildew

After opening a dryer’s door, a moist and moldy smell immediately kicks in. The thing is, there are few fixes when handling this issue. The smell is usually due to wet clothes left inside the dryer for quite some time before starting it. The key here is to keep the device moving so that it takes only a few seconds to power it on again. However, it can cause headaches remedying a smelly dryer. If you don’t leave wet clothes inside a dryer for some time, ensure no lint builds up and has gone moldy. 

Pull the lint screen out and eliminate any lint visible around. Wipe the screen using a dry towel, remove the lint, and use a vacuum hose when you vacuum a lint trap. One more professional suggestion is to do quick fixes to wet the towels using white vinegar. Run the device using a towel there as this odor reduces, making an easy and safe solution. Wash them right after not to get them stuck like vinegar.


#3. Something is burning

A funky smell that comes in a dryer can be pretty dangerous. If the smell of burning is from a dryer, address the problem immediately. Let a professional fix the issue, or it can result in a house fire. Call the experts to stop the dryer use until the hazardous smell is determined.


#4. Gas smell

Whydryer smells bad when running is because of a gas leak, a smell that can cause a panic attack. But more than that, it can be due to a filter or vent issue. No matter the problem, call on expert technicians if you suddenly smell gas or smoke from the appliance. The igniter gets worse if you smell gas in the clothes.

The issue can be an exhausting system breach or a dirty filter. When you smell a similar kerosene smell when the device is not running, it could be the gas valve is not shutting off. Turn the gas off in your home and seek the most appropriate services possible. You may also be interested to know about smell gas by the dryer but there is no leak in the line.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn why dryer smells bad when running; that could be a gas, something is burning, mildew, pest infiltration, lint buildup, and smelly clothing. But the help of a professional is immense in assessing the issue. Schedule an appointment right away to solve the problem at hand. Read related articles; know what is thermal fuse on a dryer is and what size gas line for dryer.

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