Why Doesnt My Dryer Spin? 10 Surprising Reasons!

Why doesnt my dryer spin? There are many reasons why your dryer doesn’t spin, such as an unplugged dryer, circuit breaker turned off, thermal fused tipped, door switch not working, and broken drive belt.

The problem also arises due to faulty drum rollers, deteriorated drum bearings, and defective motors. There are most straightforward fixes and solutions to keep in mind that help if you seek appliance assistance.

Why doesnt my dryer spin

Nonetheless, never attempt to fix anything involving a high electric voltage and a flammable gas, mainly if there is no proper training and there is so much more to learn, so best to dig into this article further!


Reasons Why The Dryer Is Not Spinning

Below are several reasons why doesnt my dryer spin:


#1. Unplugged dryer

The appliance or the dryer stops working because it is unplugged; that sounds simple so ensure to check the plug or cord when it comes loose and plugs it in.


#2. Circuit breaker is turned off

If you plug the dryer, but it does not spin after you push it to start is one cause why a dryer does not spin. Check the box in a circuit breaker to confirm if the breaker is turned on, and set it again if you think it is not.


#3. Something has caused the thermal fuse to trip

The dryer may not spin because it gets too hot to trip the fuse already, a feat intended in causing a fire. Resetting the fuse is possible; however, it needs replacement. Before you do so, know why it ended up tripping as a sign of a fire hazard in a dryer. It is essential to hire a repair professional to monitor it and understand the underlying reason for the problem.


#4. Broken drive belt

The dryer does not spin because of the broken drive belt, while this issue is discovered after you open the door and reach in. Afterward, turn the vast and circular tumbler, including the drum. When you turn it out quickly, it could be the belt already and probably snapped that requires replacement.


#5. Door switch is not working

Check the plastic peg if it does not tumble in a door switch. The peg enables the dryer to start after shutting the door if it works. A bent peg somehow requires you to straighten it, and the peg that looks fine, but the device does not start as you shut it off requires switch replacement.


#6. Roller axles are worn out

Check to monitor the roller axles after removing the back and the lid. The roller axles are roller shafts known to wobble upon spinning the drum rollers.


#7. Broken motor

A dryer will only work if the working motor does not turn as expected. It’s when the engine might be strained, overloaded, and worn out. A drum bearing supports the rear part and as you remove the dryer belt, use your hand to rotate its drum. Replace the drum bearing if it seizes up entirely or scrapes or squeaks upon turning it. It could be that it gets worn or broken and strains the motor.


#8. Worn out drum rollers

The drum rollers are worn out if the tiny wheels hold them when it gets stuck. So, check to see if these parts malfunction while opening the door and look closely at its back wall. Install a new set of drum rollers; if a gap is noticed between the wall and the drum finds it out, get the dryer unplugged while the dryer lid is unscrewed. Get the belt removed from the dryer and turn the drum using your hand. If the rollers are stuck or are not turned freely, best to replace them. And if the rollers spin freely, it means to say they are likely okay.


#9. Broken dryer puller assembly

The drive belt is held tight by a dryer pulley assembly against the motor and drum. But then, a damaged pulley assembly is the cause why the drive belt slips out of place, although it is not damaged. So, replace the complex component by asking for help from a repair expert. You may also be interested to know about common dryer problems and solutions.


#10. Broken door latch

Why doesn’t my dryer spin? The dryer does not spin as it could not sense the door closing. The drum and the heating element, therefore, do not engage correctly. Good thing that door latches can be available, affordable, and accessible when replaced.


Seek Help Today!

If the device does not spin despite doing the troubleshooting, better to seek help from a repair expert. For sure, issues still occur relevant to other dryer parts or electrical components. Let an expert safely diagnose and repair the problems, only the courteous and qualified one to get it back spinning again.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn why doesnt my dryer spin? Many issues like a broken door latch, worn-out drum rollers, broken dryer puller assembly, worn-out roller axles, broken drive belt, and unplugged dryer cause it. But the last resort would be to hire a repair help that would solve the issue immediately. Read related articles; know  how to stack a dryer on top of a washing machine and how to move washer and dryer hookups.

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